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  1. Absolutely love the show every character is a delight to watch. Maybe we will see more of Tart in Richmond vs ManCity
  2. EA and respawn welcomes gamers to 2006 _\m/
  3. So many people are going to bring home the wrong version on the game
  4. Day 1 buy. Cyberpunk 2077, spiderman miles morales, dirt 5. Cod maybe. All set.
  5. Looks like you want a Playstation 1 this christmas ?
  6. Sakai is the best armor for combat. Just clear mongol camps for iron. There is plenty. You can even buy iron from trappers
  7. I was a hardcore gamer during ps360 gen. Had both consoles and played almost every new game that came out. Dialled back a bit on gaming this gen as life happened and I am so very glad I got the ps4. Besides cod, fifa and a couple of multiplats here and there, most of my gaming time has been ps4 exclusives. These games kept me coming back to gaming. I am sure I would have left gaming if I had gotten the xbox one. Cant wait for PS5 Its already looking like a great gen even if we just get the sequels of exclusives
  8. pArth

    Gotham Knights

    Smells like GaaS
  9. Sounds cool. Will try this + grounded mode.
  10. I thought Spiderman Ps4 already had puddles
  11. TLoU2 Story made you think days after finishing the game. This game has a good but pretty straightforward story.
  12. You wont need to do those runs for the platinum even after the update. I dont think any game has ever changed the platinum requirements post release.
  13. I dont think its even possible
  14. Lol. But sales are also because its spiderman, not only because its a good game. I loved the game but I dont think its in the same league as uc/Tlou, gow, hzd and now got
  15. Finished the game last week. Also Platinumed What a journey it was Loved every bit of it. The swordplay and and combat animations are so slick and satisfying. The best thing about this game is the world. I have seen worlds with more realistic details and textures for Eg RDR but this is most certainly the most beautiful place I have ever been in a video game. This would have been my GOTY if not for TLOU2. Sony is doing a great job with its first party studios and I am really excited to see what these studios have in store for next gen. Sony is really pushing the boundaries of tech and art with each new game. With this game, Sucker Punch has joined the big boys club along with ND, SSM and GG.
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