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  1. Absolutely love the show every character is a delight to watch. Maybe we will see more of Tart in Richmond vs ManCity
  2. EA and respawn welcomes gamers to 2006 _\m/
  3. So many people are going to bring home the wrong version on the game
  4. Day 1 buy. Cyberpunk 2077, spiderman miles morales, dirt 5. Cod maybe. All set.
  5. Looks like you want a Playstation 1 this christmas 😛
  6. Sakai is the best armor for combat. Just clear mongol camps for iron. There is plenty. You can even buy iron from trappers
  7. I was a hardcore gamer during ps360 gen. Had both consoles and played almost every new game that came out. Dialled back a bit on gaming this gen as life happened and I am so very glad I got the ps4. Besides cod, fifa and a couple of multiplats here and there, most of my gaming time has been ps4 exclusives. These games kept me coming back to gaming. I am sure I would have left gaming if I had gotten the xbox one. Cant wait for PS5 Its already looking like a great gen even if we just get the sequels of exclusives
  8. pArth

    Gotham Knights

    Smells like GaaS
  9. Sounds cool. Will try this + grounded mode.
  10. I thought Spiderman Ps4 already had puddles
  11. TLoU2 Story made you think days after finishing the game. This game has a good but pretty straightforward story.
  12. pArth

    Fall Guys

    This cactus outfit is legendary level lol. Got the legendary outfits trophy, I already had legendary skin and pattern.
  13. pArth

    Fall Guys

    Got 2 crowns today. I am level 24 and still haven’t won Hex-a-gone. Also, hate that fruit level.
  14. You wont need to do those runs for the platinum even after the update. I dont think any game has ever changed the platinum requirements post release.
  15. I dont think its even possible
  16. Lol. But sales are also because its spiderman, not only because its a good game. I loved the game but I dont think its in the same league as uc/Tlou, gow, hzd and now got
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