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  1. @ Rs 299 only Smitch Wi-Fi White Ambience (2700-6500k) - (10W) B22 Base Smart Bulb http://fkrt.it/smJUr6uuuN
  2. If not plan to overclock then In this budget get 3700x + Asrock b450steel legend + RTX super 2070 gigabyte 4 year one warranty one. Get x570 gigabyte mobo if plan to overclock. If Intel fan then 10th gen incoming, you should get specs by next month but it won't hold a candle to ryzen 3rd gen for eg. I have ryzen 3600 4Ghz all core OC at a power consumption of 46 watts max and it beats Intel 8700 non k which consumes 113 watts when at 100% rendering load, Ryzen 3600 is 10% faster in multi while matching in single thread. Anyone recommending Intel rn deserves a smack
  3. Best balanced build config right now: Ryzen 3600 B450 Msi tomahawk max or Asrock b450 steel legend RTX 2060 ~ 27K new or aim for higher 2060 super for pro workloads. RAM 2x corsair 3200
  4. G33kgamer

    Gaming PCs

    Congrats, good selection of components. There are minor voltage issues currently, should be solved with bios and windows updates, follow amd reddit. If the voltage issues are fixed you wouldn't need after market cooler unless you are overclocking, the single core boost 4.2 should be equivalent to intel 4.6 GHz anyways. For cooler this one should be alright Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo CPU.
  5. And IVG was on a dedicated server, not a shared host. I bet that choking would be because of the HDD in the dedicated server in those days. So, do you think that we would get similar choking in NVME SSDs? But, I understand your choice, if separate DB server is needed we won't save much.
  6. Vultr is not shared hosting, it is KVM based cloud server just like AWS and its tier scalable like AWS. https://www.vpsbenchmarks.com/compare/ec2_vs_vultr : Refer: ops/hour
  7. Please check https://www.vultr.com/products/high-frequency-compute/ $24 plan would be enough. Geekbench : 11149 | Should be good for 100K monthly visits. t2 micro Geekbench: 3216 https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/790238 Even the next plan @ $48, geekbench: 15390 will be massively cheaper than current EWS $100. Vultr has free Plesk upto 3 domains, we can use that so the server will be easy to maintain security wise.
  8. Could you provide details of current EC2 instance along with how many vcpu and how much memory is currently assigned.
  9. @HundredProofSam Ditch AWS, go with Vultr. It will run @ max $20 plan and even less. It has integrated one click backup and snapshots. AWS requires config and is not good, so much overcharge. I can provide free assistance if needed.
  10. If needs are basic then go for Intel 8100 (last gen i5 equivalent) with this board https://mdcomputers.in/gigabyte-h310m-h-rev-1-0.html with 750ti as gpu, a Ryzen 1200 ~6k + 4K A series motherboard will be more than fine if in extreme budget.
  11. If you can, wait for i5 9400 launch in ~september, new series will have hardware level spectre fixes. Current Intel gen is doomed and will get slower overtime due to software based bug fixes.
  12. Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro 1 TB (Black) Deal only at ₹33,700 http://fkrt.it/EZS3Y2NNNN
  13. A better build for your requirement 2200g(quad core with GPU) + 4GB RAM + A series Mobo = 16K
  14. That is meh, Search phicen wonder woman Tekken 7 collectors on other hand is really awesome.
  15. LG G6 (Astro Black, FullVision) - No cost EMI Flagship at Rs 32,990 http://amzn.to/2zwVwIr
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