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  1. Same... i got the game from them on the release date itself... Gameloot
  2. ps5 pro will launch with wolverine game most likely....
  3. karthik ko kya ho gaya hai ...
  4. are we getting that Ragnarok controller here? is it coming? any info on this?
  5. nah jim itna time nahi lagayega pc pe lane me
  6. Playing this on ultrawide monitor on PC will be a BLAST!!
  7. Saw Thor and OH MY GOD!! This movie and SHE-HULK is just puke worthy content!
  8. App Cricket ke liye chaiye bhai... I haven't watched it yet will watch it tomorrow
  9. Baskin robbins hai fir toh yeh tv shows ka
  10. no matter what ever they changed in this remake... too me it will never justify the 70$ price tag will play it when it comes to Extra Langar
  11. and guess what..... this is that movie poster and you are watching it...
  12. dude when ever he post.. i feel like he just want so show his signature
  13. are bhai signature chota karne ka kya loge?
  14. Thanks guys will check these out....
  15. so i got that 6months free for Apple TV+ and already completed Severance and Ted lasso both season(season 2 was a let down) what other good shows they have?? also what you guys will recommend??
  16. so played a little bit... yesterday night.... Engine is same as what they used in the remastered games earlier and shooting is sh*t... its good that their is aim assist story wise I haven't progress much so cant say... writing in the opening mission is similar to earlier saints
  17. so laser is a must? for 4k? because the only laser Imax in mumbai is literally 50 km from my house plus the mumbai traffic
  18. any idea when the rest of the colors will be available? and thanks for the reply bro...
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