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  1. I would be equally pissed if i would have invested in Series X
  2. I am guessing there is some sort of high quality of encoding that Apple is doing which no one else is doing Or they have given certain settings that they have to do while the show is in post processing. Almost all the visuals of Monarch series are as good as a wallpapers.
  3. Holy sh*t!! NEXT GEN BABY!! Its not demanding by any means its poorly optimized like the rest of the previous Bethesda games
  4. Typical of Bethesda, So ask them how many planets are there they will say 1000 but how many we can actually go to probably 20-30. Rest all are gas giant. People are going to be clueless, is that a bug or an alien? is that a planet or just a random generated color cloud disguise as a planet? Bethesda is a Funny Studio i tell you. Good one Ron!
  5. company has gone to sh*t since dan left the company... where the heck is RDR2 next gen port
  6. on mac almost 22k along with the bank discount and on mobile almost 12-13k along with the old broken mobile exchange
  7. Things purchased during past month or so... OnePlus 11 Marble Odyssey Edition M2 Pro Mac Mini (this thing is a beast) and Keychron K8 pro and many many thanks to @rushab oswal saved a lot on the mobile and mac mini
  8. if Flash is giving them such numbers, wonder what they are thinking for Blue beetle who the hell even green lit that
  9. Extraction 2 has some of the best camera work i have seen till date. What a movie!!! Enjoyed it a lot and might be watching it again. Highly recommended 8.5/10
  10. Quality check??? that too in hindi movies I had no doubts and know that Adipurush will be a complete sh*t show and honestly i have no idea why prabhas said yes to this
  11. Starfield looks good not gonna lie... as for the rest of the show pretty good compared to shitty show by sony... only thing going for xbox is the number of exclusive or their first party title only problem is most of the game showed was without release rate or release year which is very skeptical... considering this is xbox. so you cant really trust what is showed is actually going to come.
  12. this is just absurd... this was suppose to be their launch title and still no gameplay... and just to compare Scalebound shows a gameplay demo(which was a pretty cool demo ngl) and then it got cancelled...
  13. Ted lasso Finale.. brilliant episode and ending... ruined by the awful and worst use of green screen. What a season it has been. Love it!
  14. they will probably do one more after xbox has done theirs... may be in Aug or Sept just before the holiday season starts
  15. so this year only spiderman 2 and i think i will be buying mirage as well apart from that its a dry year for first party games. Also any news on Little devil inside? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FqsyNSYSKc is it cancelled or delayed?
  16. So much indie bhindi reminds me of xbox showcase What a Shitty Showcase. Snake eater reveal was a joke. Only Positive was Spiderman 2 and Phantom blade 0
  17. is that a serious question? if you are going for Fast X leave your brains at home
  18. google pixel is available on these stores?
  19. Does this have additional charges? actually i am still not sure my mind is going between oneplus 11R and google pixel 7a? which one should i go for? both are in the same price range. flip do have 4000 off on HDFC credit cards. which makes the phone 39999.
  20. Hi guys, so my phone fell and got cracked and now i am looking to buy a new phone.... want to buy the new pixel 7a but its Flipkart. What all things i need to check to buy the phone? Also is there a way to see whether the phone i received is the original one or not?
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