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  1. so what do you think are the minor graphical upgrades? in current gen/next gen details matters a lot no matter how small they might be... how hard they need to work on it is up to the developers.
  2. new ideas takes time to implement... but if you want cod type games to come out every year then yeah this is fine...
  3. I hope its not like the monitor they released during the ps3 era..
  4. Its quite understood... jab game deliver karne me itna time leliya toh dlc me time toh lagega hi...
  5. Marketing... and you have no idea what a marketing team can come up with
  6. oh man!! thats why i said cant wait to see classical Bethesda level bugs on this game... imagine going to a planet to see all heads like that and thinking are they some kind of a alien or is that a bug
  7. so they are charging me 32$ to convert to extra for 291 days i have left on my ps plus sub... tempted but dont know should i go for it or not seeing that i dont have that much time to play games these days... and next time i have to give them 99$
  8. so hellblade 2 is cancelled i think.... its not there even in 2023 calender
  9. KrIzAliD


    it does look a lot like NMS... but RPG element is where Bethesda excel at so I have high hopes and also cant wait to see the legendary Bethesda bugs on this one the amount of time NMS took to where it is at right now... I don't think this will be coming out before November 2023 and I expect a lot of bugs as well at launch
  10. I don't care about gameplay... just get it out... this holidays
  11. for once Microsoft have a good show and where the fk is hellblade 2... they are showing that game since for ever....
  12. yeah even the gun they showed in the gameplay looks the same
  13. 70$ for this and they are charging 100$ for firefly edition Man!! sony are some greedy fkers!
  14. Tabhi toh... at some parts it even looks worse than 2019
  15. did they really change the engine? I cant see the difference. need to see gameplay!!
  16. dude that whole sequence in just 10 mins into the show is just and that dig at the Snyder cut
  17. The boys Season 3 episode 1 only 12 min in and WTF!!!
  18. I dont have a pc and i still cant and wont go for xss since that console cant do 4k and i have already invested in a 4k monitor and just for gamepass i would rather save and get a 3080 pc instead of series x.
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