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  1. I don’t think it’s that easy to grab one when ever you want right now 😐. Check the link posted above your post and try your luck.
  2. Happy Birthday Bro

  3. We are buying a new car and zeroed in on Alcazar. This was due to the features offered and the higher seating (for my parents) compared to the Verna we have. I got the VIN number but its only 11 characters instead of the 19 mentioned on tbhp forums. Can someone check the manufacturing details please? @AtheK
  4. I felt Forward unto dawn looked better compared to what was in the above video.
  5. R a g h u

    Elden Ring

    Can you upgrade to PS5 version after buying the PS4 version digitally?
  6. When is the next Battle Pass coming out? I will be done with this one this week if I complete the challenges.
  7. meckeys.com 12999/- . Got the Speed Silver switches.
  8. I messed up while doing the scam. I bought the 1 month + 7 months xbox live gold for 499 1st. Then started to redeem the 5 X 6 months codes I bought as gift. It didn't allow me to redeem my last code now. My XBL gold is set will Sep 2024 now. It's not showing the 50 RS option to convert to Ultimate. I guess I have to spend 699 and convert these 2 and half years to Ultimate.
  9. My Game pass expired couple of days back. It is showing me buy one month for 699 and get 7 months free offer. Can I do the gold conversion trick with this 699 sub?
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