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  1. Is GoT's price still showing as 1999 for anyone? It shows as 2845 for me.
  2. Been refreshing the link..I don't see it. Can you give link please?
  3. I couldn't bag one Please let me know if anyone wants to cancel/re-route one to me. Thanks.
  4. Console was up. My friend used the app and snagged one.
  5. Am still at my home town in Andhra currently. Not sure if the reliance digital in my small town will get any PS5 units. You can add New Games & Gadgets also to that list I guess. Will call him up in a bit and update here if he will be allocated some.
  6. I am at my home town in Andhra when I placed the order. Pics in a bit
  7. Estimated delivery is 28th. Surprised they delivered it early. This was the piece @WhatsInTheName cancelled and I picked up. It's a sealed one. My estimated delivery date was 28th too. Was surprised to see out for delivery message when I woke up. Got a call around 8:30 from the delivery person that he will come in 30 mins.
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