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  1. Hey guys..any deals on PSN Plus 1 year Sub (US account)?
  2. Ordered a Mixer Grinder on Amazon..it’s shipped from MH.. Any suggestions
  3. Even I heard it from near Bommanahalli..
  4. I was mostly a lurker in our forums.. But, good to see some posts from the old guys @rAgHaV..played MW2 with this guy. How are you guys holding up?
  5. The comments in the first page to this. Lmao.
  6. The box beside the screen is a PS4 dev kit. Used it personally some years back.
  7. @NitroNeo I bought 2 X 1 year subscription for Xbox live, stacked them up and used the 1$ offer to make it 3 years ultimate pass(have 1 year gold running already). I had to use VPN to set the region to a different country as there was no offer at that time. Got the codes like 15-20 mins later. I posted the same offer in our deals thread too.
  8. I usually use PSN+ on US account (at 40$ most of the time) which I use for playing all the games. I use Indian account only to buy games digitally.
  9. R a g h u

    God of War

    Got the plat. I loved the game. It was nicely setup for God of War 5.
  10. R a g h u

    Destiny 2

    I bought the ultimate edition or whatever it is for 8k at launch digitally. Played the base game a lot until I got bored and left. Never launched the game after that. What all DLCs were included in the ultimate edition and what should be bought again to start playing again?
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