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  1. Ordered a Mixer Grinder on Amazon..it’s shipped from MH.. Any suggestions
  2. Even I heard it from near Bommanahalli..
  3. I was mostly a lurker in our forums.. But, good to see some posts from the old guys @rAgHaV..played MW2 with this guy. How are you guys holding up?
  4. The comments in the first page to this. Lmao.
  5. The box beside the screen is a PS4 dev kit. Used it personally some years back.
  6. @NitroNeo I bought 2 X 1 year subscription for Xbox live, stacked them up and used the 1$ offer to make it 3 years ultimate pass(have 1 year gold running already). I had to use VPN to set the region to a different country as there was no offer at that time. Got the codes like 15-20 mins later. I posted the same offer in our deals thread too.
  7. I usually use PSN+ on US account (at 40$ most of the time) which I use for playing all the games. I use Indian account only to buy games digitally.
  8. R a g h u

    God of War

    Got the plat. I loved the game. It was nicely setup for God of War 5.
  9. R a g h u

    Destiny 2

    I bought the ultimate edition or whatever it is for 8k at launch digitally. Played the base game a lot until I got bored and left. Never launched the game after that. What all DLCs were included in the ultimate edition and what should be bought again to start playing again?
  10. Location is Bangalore. The Sony model I mentioned is available for 1 Lac through some deals and sources. Amazon showed 1.4 lac for the LG one. I remember reading that one of our guys getting LG OLED for 1.15 lacs from reliance store..
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