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    Elden Ring

    How does the invite for the network test work? Did they send a code or is it tied to the email used for registration? If it’s a code and anyone who got one are not using it, please give it to me 😊
  2. R a g h u

    Elden Ring

    Did not get selected
  3. I would have joined. But currently at my hometown in Andhra. Next time.
  4. I am planning to buy a gaming laptop or get a desktop built. I haven't played any games on PC since 2006-2007. The current laptop I have is an Acer Predator Helios 300 with i5 and 1050Ti. I use it for playing Dota 2 occasionally. Looking for suggestions from the experts here with the pro's and con's of buying a gaming laptop vs having a desktop. Always wanted a dual monitor setup with a high end setup. I looked at some of the laptops in the Legion 5 series with 3060 and 3070 cards ranging from 1.5 to 1.7 lacs. How much would I have to shell out for a PC with 3080? Usage will be getting back into PC gaming (not 100% sure as am playing on console for over a decade :D).
  5. Off topic.. Ank is back into top contributors after Radical got unbanned . No offence to anyone.
  6. I have the same feeling. Hope it doesn't happen. Our guys look so tired.
  7. I already have game pass on my Xbox. There is an offer of 489 for the first 8 months for new users. Will create a new account and use that offer.
  8. Will it run on i5, 8 GB Ram, 1050 ti? Also, cheapest way to play it?
  9. This thread is back to what it is supposed to be. Everyone till now were like the console wars are over, let's all discuss games from now. Welcome back @radicaldude
  10. i bought a Samsung QLED (49 inch, Curved) along with the One X when it released. Did not have to worry about the One Connect box or the cable till now. Like someone mentioned, it’s a huge comfort than trying to search for the ports behind the TV.
  11. They have done everything except playing with the aggression we see in an IND v PAK match .Have to give it to Pak also, they looked more hungry than our guys to end this World Cup streak.
  12. Can someone share the Amazon bot please? Need to give it to a friend.
  13. Thanks for the inputs 😊 My budget is 1 lakh . I am looking towards a refrigerator with water and ice dispenser. I zeroed in on a LG one. Will go and check the local stores during the weekend. I actually want to exchange my current one also.
  14. I am planning to buy a side by side refrigerator. Should I go out and try in local stores or get it during the sale?
  15. My first Flight. The first thing I checked was the Battle Pass. Not lucrative at all. I hope their live ops guys re-look into it.
  16. The timings are really bad for IST But the goosebumps I got after launching the app (that music).. . Will hopefully try to play tomorrow.
  17. IST - 24th Sep 10:30 PM - 25th Sep 02:30 AM 25th Sep 05:30 AM - 25th Sep 09:30 AM
  18. Got the invite . Please add me up.
  19. What happened is, I get disconnected but will still be in the match while others just stay frozen and the controller just continues to vibrate. I can free roam and go into inaccessible areas and fall out of the map and then the App shut down. This is a bug in a bug scenario. But that’s the reason they run beta. It’s not a demo.
  20. I played few games on PS5. Some of them were flawless..but I did face similar issues. Those are mostly network related.
  21. Like @PhantomShade mentioned, I will still buy if there is a collectors edition with decent physical goodies just because it’s Halo.
  22. People who didn't use it obviously didn't know how convenient it is to just be wireless if you invest in 4 batteries.
  23. December is too long a wait.
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