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  1. Back in the days, Gamerscore > Trophies 😂. I do agree that Xbox should come up with something similar to platinum trophy.
  2. Haha..I just love IVG. All the useless posts and that useless discussions on same old topics, I still love IVG. I have been around here for over a decade. I knew some of them when we played together, some of them, when I bought something from them. Don’t really want anyone to get banned and leave IVG.
  3. I played Quake 3 Arena demo from a CD that was filled with freeware that we get when we buy Computers@home magazine. That’s in 2000 I think. Unreal Tournament demo was included in the next months edition. Shadow man, SWAT were included too. I would buy Quake or UT eyes closed just for nostalgia. Edit: For console. Not a PC gamer.
  4. Please release/unban @AnK and @radicaldude and @hopeif possible. The forum is so quiet and boring the last few days.
  5. I already see myself buying the Battle Pass
  6. Finished DS3 couple of weeks back and they release a patch
  7. Can anyone suggest a monitor that could go well with my 13inch Macbook Pro please? Usage will be for Unity and regular office work (as extended screen for viewing sheets).
  8. Please tag me if there is a sale on Miles Morales Ultimate/Standard Edition on Amazon. Thanks
  9. Used it 3-4 times during the last week for cleaning and mopping. It does a good job at both. I bought the OZMO mopping accessory also for better mopping than the default one. It scans and maps the whole flat on first use. After the map is created you can customise the areas that need to be cleaned in a certain sequence or only choose to mop a certain bad area. Am happy with the product so far. I hope it doesn’t develop some problem soon. Can take a video and post if you need more info.
  10. I hope we don't get pwned while checking if we got pwned.
  11. Arriving on Saturday. Will post impressions after using it.
  12. If I want to start playing again, what all should I install from the game pass? Haven’t followed up with the DLC news after finishing the base version of D2.
  13. Okay. Any specific model to look out for?
  14. A friend needs help in buying a tv under 55k. Usage will be for normal DTH (mostly Nat Geo, Discovery). Please suggest.
  15. Picked my PS5 from @HarishProGamer yesterday. Will set it up in a bit.
  16. Am back in Bangalore now. Yep, Harish is giving me one. Don't know the status yet.
  17. So deliveries from Amazon happening in Bangalore?
  18. Is GoT's price still showing as 1999 for anyone? It shows as 2845 for me.
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