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  1. Bruhhhh Now I want to play this again. The Baba Yaga of Seattle, I will bring death. Oh yeaaah. CC YUNO post this pehle
  2. Add a scope and shoot that head boi edit: also loved, loved silencer-shooting their face when they’re wall decor. Jump me? Oh hell no.
  3. Stalkers are just f’n annoying. Loved hitting them with an up-crafted melee weapon. Takes their head right off their body with a very satisfying sound.
  4. LOL. When someone spares your, your lovers’, and her child’s life there is no revenge left. Just gratitude.
  5. Just finished. Finally. There’s a lot of fat in this game. A lot of bloat. It’s a fantastic experience, but there’s so much that the game could’ve done without. Fav sequences: Enjoy the full credits. The music is sublime. Especially this; sung by Joel and Ellie.
  6. So he got a grid penalty in qualifying and a five second penalty in the race, and still was within a tenth of a sec from the podium. Mercedes and LH are boss people.
  7. Definitely a couple of syringes in her backpack
  8. This game is a non-stop assault on the senses. There's no sense of achievement, no sense of accomplishment, no feeling of a breather. It's hate, survival, danger, anger, and monstrosity rolled into 2 discs. It is tiring. It is painful. I friggin love it.
  9. No way is Nolan letting his film hit digital first. He even wanted us to watch this trailer in theatres
  10. Incredible patience, and the silencer make me feel like a true guerrilla. Silencer headshots are so goddamn satisfying. The poor dogs just.. stay there whimpering and staring at nothing near their dead walkers.
  11. Boom! That'll be something. How soon?
  12. I remember the two moments that made the Last of Us a permanent resident in my memory: first encounter with the clickers in that pitch black room, and the main theme. The main theme, to this day, remains one of the tracks I use to audition speakers. The ronroco thrums and that sandy background chhan-chhan are, together, emotive melody. The first game made me want to get the CE for part two. And this was delivered yesterday. I am blown away. The quality, and the size of the packaging and statue is staggering. It is bad-a*s. Top cover off Greetings That hollowed box is very sturdy Statue packaging Top view This thing is giant! All of them Size comparison Look at the texture on the guitar The steelbook finish is really quite cool. It looks like hand-painted artwork on metal canvas Bruh You know a team that cares about what they're doing was behind this, because this much attention to quality in detail wouldn't exist otherwise. Here's hoping the game doesn't suck too bad
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