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  1. Man it is all that and more. It is our live action super-thing. The creativity, the framing, the score, the performances, the movements and the moments are extra-ordinary. If Kabir Singh does not have love struggles, you get Animal. It is felt, not understood. It's an experience. For me, Ranbir was always a good actor, but never exceptional. Animal is the role he's been waiting for. With this, he stands above all. I didn't like Kabir Singh really at all, but Mr. Vanga is in a league. And deserves my: Animal is a goddamn masterpiece and I feel it even more so now that the day 1 euphoria with hooting and claps in the theatre is over. It is too long to be watched in its entirety repeatedly but an Animal BD will have a remanent place in my collection. Right alongside the other greats.
  2. Go watch Animal. One of the finest things to come out of India. It’s our Kill Bill. It’s our Scarface. It’s our Gadar. It is Magnificent. It is Animal.
  3. Anyone from here who’s going to be at the stadium on 19th?
  4. Only for RM, and some discount on lockers. The requirement is quite minor though so not a bad option.
  5. "Thoda der ke liye wahaan goti mooh mein tha" India needs to be at their absolute best. They were sloppy in the field. Australia already (13th over) have saved about 25 runs. Though I do feel we're winning this one on 19th. Believe On a related note, anyone have tickets for the final I can take off your hands? Hook a brother up.
  6. ^Yes, it is a theatre-worthy production. The Killer is like a grounded, more intense, and a serious-er version of John Wick. It's got Fincher's signature cinematography, with good sequence music. Fassbender is probably there in every single scene and has done quite well. Watch it on the biggest screen you have, in a dark room. A good one time watch, albeit weaker than his other movies.
  7. Just to offer my contrarian opinion here, I know no one asked, but why involve apple here when you know you’ve received something not upto the mark from the seller? This cycle enables the seller to sell more counterfeit things, unsuspecting people to fall for them, and for apple to become wary of, and create hoops to offer service to legit buyers . Plus if you do this, and apple does offer a replacement, your warranty still ends in March 2024 which is just 4 months away. I’d recommend to get Amazon to issue a replacement with an apology, get the real thing, and purchase AppleCare+ (from apple) that extends warranty to three years.
  8. Made me smile. There's no better compliment than when people think you're doing well because of an unfair advantage. I like it. We've always wanted a bowling attack like this. Des-fkn-troyers. Sunday's match will be so good. SA are playing a bit like England from 2019. Hooligans PS: if anyone can get tickets for the final, please idhar dhakka do. Looking for 5.
  9. Just get a Baratza Sette. It’ll open up so many coffee options for you, plus it’ll serve you for years to come. Then, order fresh beans. My favourite are KCRoasters and I’ve tried them all. This is as much a trial and error hobby as any. You may prefer another roaster. Then, try any method that catches your fancy, and see if you like the coffee. I’ve been lucky to realise my most preferred coffee is the cold brew. Good luck. Good, fresh, flavourful coffee is one of those joys of life. Enjoy. 😊
  10. You’ve been there a while, haven’t you? Moshi moshi. Better yet, ask here. Another thing: hotels will give you everything, including night wear and all the toiletries. I mean all. Apparently this practice came about as Japanese businessmen used to need to spend the night in a hotel after a long day at work and didn’t want to go home that late and leave early again for work. Aye why you say so, san? Half the country is blossoming then. @KunjanPSD April would be better. Make reservations now. The number of tourists that place gets in CB season is incredible.
  11. One of the best trips for me. The entire country is must see/experience. The latitude variation is interesting and the vibe greatly differs. It is the prettiest, most beautiful, cleanest, safest, kindest, and friendliest place I have experienced. And I have been around. Get ready to walk your a*s off. Also best toilets and landscaping on earth. 1. Tokyo for, well, Tokyo. 5 days minimum if you want to appreciate the city. It's like the city rapidly raced ahead of the world in the 80's, and you'll see a place that was futuristic from an 80's point of view. The neon lit high-rises right next to local streets with one-room bars/eateries with the most delicious food. All the figurines/anime/manga/electronics. Cat café. Owl café. Hedgehog café. Parks. Fashion. Arcades. It is huge. Definitely recommend the Mario kart on Tokyo streets. Also TeamLAB. Definitely TeamLAB. So much shopping. 2. Kyoto for old Japan charm. Romance. Cultural centre. Old, retired capital. B-e-a-utiful.. Ninja classes. Cultural shows. Bamboo forest. Fushimi-Inari Shrine. A traditional Japanese Kaiseki at Higashiyama. 3 days. 3. Osaka: Japan's kitchen. All the food. So much food. So good food. Try everything. Japan is probably the only place on earth that has such a strong sense of general hygiene emanating through every fibre of its being, enough to derive the confidence of serving raw beef. Raw beef! Deelyshious. 🤤 Any ingredient will be the freshest, tastiest ingredient you'll have. It'll feel like a slightly run-down, seedier version of Tokyo. Nightlife. Arcades. More figurines. Kaiseki. Parks. 3-4 days. 4. Plum wine. Daifuku. Mochi ice cream. Kobe beef. Ramen. Sushi. Yuh-mmmy. 5. Watch James May - Our Man in Japan on Prime for more suggestions. Check if they have any festivals around your dates and plan accordingly. An unltd. Shinkansen pass means getting around a 200km radius becomes a day trip. 6. Shinkansen (bullet train) pass to get around between cities. Buy a pre-paid pass from one of the travel agents here. You can't buy the pass at tourist prices from within Japan. They've recently raised prices I believe, so check online. 7. Enjoy. Appreciate the little things. Japanese aesthetics in simply placing natural stones as sculptures. Made Ghost of Tsushima so much more fun for me. And if you thought that game was pretty, wait till you get there. We were there during Cherry Blossom season and the place was lit. It was majestic. Autumn/fall should be pretty too. My next trip would be in this season. Also, I must stop putting off writing a travelogue for this amazing place. We're planning a trip for mom around new years. Is it recommended for (slightly) elderly? How much walking do you need? Would you recommend HK & Macau for her over something like Singapore?
  12. Khufiya on Netflix was a good watch. Decently well made, with Vishal Bharadwaj touches all over. Recommended.
  13. The hottest, prettiest girls outside of Russia. Enjoy, Mr. Dante
  14. Kantara had an intriguing trailer, praises in forums, and an above average rating. Which made me want to watch it. It is probably the first movie of south make I've consciously watched. The movie has some merits. It is not pretty but has beauty in quite a few shots. The music is catchy, and fits. The setting, like the trailer suggested, was intriguing. The mythical elements are quite well done, and did not seem derivative of other works, at least to my recollection. So there's originality, which is a major plus. However. I couldn't stand the movie. One, I couldn't watch it in its native language because I wasn't able to keep up with subtitles, let alone catch the A/V elements. And I am not a slow reader. The words were just zipping along man. The whole of the movie is like that. Abrupt scene->abrupt scene->abrupt scene ->abruptsong-> vaouuuuuu //. In physiological terms, it felt like there was no facilitative connective tissue, like tendons or ligaments. It was.. jarring. Like a picture collage, an edit that had been spliced together without concern for any kind of flow, or cinematic engagement. Many times there were abrupt changes within the same sequence! Eg: girl hates boy ->boy gets girl job -> girl smiles -> cooks for guy -> guy smiles -> love song ->boy cuts tree ->vaouuuuu //. Things seem to just happen, and keep on happening. Is this ADHD style of movie making a virtue of movies from that region, or was it particular to this one? Otherwise too, most of the screenplay is quite wasteful in terms of progression. The entirety of the script could have been done within 30 mins or less. I won't comment on the performances, as I couldn't follow the native language, but the lead (who is also the writer and director) was exceptional. Overall, it wasn't for me, and I might be an idiot, but the smart people who I watched it with seemed to share my opinion. 5/10
  15. Jurassic Park is one of the best movies ever made. It is just incredible how well it holds up after three (!) decades. The sound design, the immersion, the menace, the feel of a bad day gone worse due to Murphy’s law in full bloom are simply unparalleled in a cinematic work. None of the other monster movies that have come since are in the same universe of quality and attention to detail. Truly a masterpiece.
  16. Yeah. Thanks guys. Read people's experience on Reddit and it's not great for replacing a good screen. Re: blurry in corners. Would like to by one though. Any demo units here?
  17. Guys, quick question, for gaming, and gaming on the PS5 only, would a PSVR2 make a decent replacement for an OLED TV? The question is mostly in terms of visual fidelity and feel.
  18. Yeah, this game is really good. It's got so many little Japanese cultural touches, like the gong sound and title before every mission starts, the lack of music most of the time, the slowness, and of course the super pretty landscape. It's so zen like, just roaming the island, trotting along, plus the sword combat is quite satisfying. I've spent over 10 hours already and I have barely done any story so far. Lord Shimura's been enjoying the Khan's hospitality all this while It genuinely does feel like a Japanese work of art, specially in the slowness and the ease of it. The two things I think should've been better are the voice acting, specially the Japanese voice acting, and the transitions between user control and cutscenes. It's so jarring to experience it like this now. Honestly, I'm having a better time playing this than Ragnarök. GG, Sucker Punch.
  19. Made in Heaven S2 was quite disappointing. The weddings, setting, location, camera-work are better, in some cases a lot better, compared to S1, and overall its a lot prettier. Those are all the good parts. Everything else was mediocre to downright silly. Plus there's so much "rights" issues that you'd think the show was on Netflix. It's also a lot more tame, and I suspect Amazon had some directive for that. All their content is butchered silly. A first disappointment from Zoya, in all her works, for me.
  20. Started it, and genuinely liking it. Game is so pretty, and Japanese landscaping is *chef's kiss*. I've tried Katana classes and the way he "unlocks" the katana from its saya (sheath), the simple, almost covert click is so bang on. Some of the kills feel quite satisfying. On the other hand, The game could've flowed better between sequences. Blacking out before a simple conversation is so PS3. Excited to go further.
  21. (Everyone who has a Magnus) has to pay. We’re good abhi 😁
  22. Let’s do it. Aug 7/8. Someone vouch for a place
  23. That was a good dance off. Unfolding like Spartacus' entrance in the arena, the new boy slaying the unbeatable Theokoles. Neither player sustained a high level at the same time for very long, though from set two to the fifth game of set three were magic. We knew that at his absolute peak, Alcaraz had the tools and skill to best Djokovic. What we saw in the first set is what Djokovic does so well, not let the other player play his game. But he didn't count on Alcaraz bouncing back stronger like that. I believe the tie-break and the following set, specially that brutal fifth game took a lot out of Djokovic. Alcaraz did not let up. The biggest factor then, really was that Djokovic simply didn't expect Alcaraz to play that well. As Uncle Chael says, the toughest time you have is when the fight is harder than you expected it to be. Djokovic would expect the fight now. Don't count him out.
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