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  1. Bruhhhh Now I want to play this again. The Baba Yaga of Seattle, I will bring death. Oh yeaaah. CC YUNO post this pehle
  2. Add a scope and shoot that head boi edit: also loved, loved silencer-shooting their face when they’re wall decor. Jump me? Oh hell no.
  3. Stalkers are just f’n annoying. Loved hitting them with an up-crafted melee weapon. Takes their head right off their body with a very satisfying sound.
  4. LOL. When someone spares your, your lovers’, and her child’s life there is no revenge left. Just gratitude.
  5. Just finished. Finally. There’s a lot of fat in this game. A lot of bloat. It’s a fantastic experience, but there’s so much that the game could’ve done without. Fav sequences: Enjoy the full credits. The music is sublime. Especially this; sung by Joel and Ellie.
  6. So he got a grid penalty in qualifying and a five second penalty in the race, and still was within a tenth of a sec from the podium. Mercedes and LH are boss people.
  7. Definitely a couple of syringes in her backpack
  8. This game is a non-stop assault on the senses. There's no sense of achievement, no sense of accomplishment, no feeling of a breather. It's hate, survival, danger, anger, and monstrosity rolled into 2 discs. It is tiring. It is painful. I friggin love it.
  9. No way is Nolan letting his film hit digital first. He even wanted us to watch this trailer in theatres
  10. Incredible patience, and the silencer make me feel like a true guerrilla. Silencer headshots are so goddamn satisfying. The poor dogs just.. stay there whimpering and staring at nothing near their dead walkers.
  11. Boom! That'll be something. How soon?
  12. I remember the two moments that made the Last of Us a permanent resident in my memory: first encounter with the clickers in that pitch black room, and the main theme. The main theme, to this day, remains one of the tracks I use to audition speakers. The ronroco thrums and that sandy background chhan-chhan are, together, emotive melody. The first game made me want to get the CE for part two. And this was delivered yesterday. I am blown away. The quality, and the size of the packaging and statue is staggering. It is bad-a*s. Top cover off Greetings That hollowed box is very sturdy Statue packaging Top view This thing is giant! All of them Size comparison Look at the texture on the guitar The steelbook finish is really quite cool. It looks like hand-painted artwork on metal canvas Bruh You know a team that cares about what they're doing was behind this, because this much attention to quality in detail wouldn't exist otherwise. Here's hoping the game doesn't suck too bad
  13. By this point I'm almost sure these remaster/remake comparison sequences fog up the older version Absolutely loved playing this but my PS3 died before I was maybe halfway through the game. Don't remember much of it though. I guess I was doing a magic build? I still have the LE. One of the very few PS3 game discs I still have.
  14. If it can play PS4 game media, I'm in. Day 1. Or, as usual, 2nd year after launch. Good idea having two identical models, separated by a disc drive. Keeps the channel partners from being grumpy, and confirm demand trends. The disc one is going to be expensive. Not worried about the games. It's playstation. There's no reason for me to think they won't bring it. However, they absolutely need to have one-second-continue from standby like the Switch. I'm done with boot-up screens for consoles and games. That sh*t should've been past tense from PS3. Also, can some one from the admin team wake the f**k up and repair this franken-forum? A lot of us care for it, and keep coming back. We've grown up with it, like Playstation. I don't know what the reason is, but I'm sure it's fixable.
  15. So where do I watch the good stuff in 4K? YouTube?
  16. Paatal Lok This show is incredible. The first line and the first scene set it up. The main character tells us about the three loks (swarg, dharti, and paatal) of India and when the constable tries to stop the drunk man beating his wife in a slum, the wife retaliates and tells the constable to FO. We do not understand them. We do not understand paatal. The show starts off as a mystery and investigative thriller, and turns beautifully into a glimpse of the two contrasting worlds. It is more about how and why it happened than what happened. It shows India. It shows the Indian-ness of India's gutters. Swarg: the shining, admired, beautiful, wanted, projective, rulers. Rulers who can annoyed equally about the grass in their lawns or the low TRP of their channels. The face. Their motivation is power. This is the world of men. Paatal: the ugly. The wretched. Unwanted. The underbelly. Their motivation is survival. This is the world of insects. Insects survive on the will of men. PL navigates this contrast exceptionally. Most scenes alternate in sequence between the two worlds. In one where children are getting high by smelling a dosed rag to be able to bear their life, the next is an ostentatious media awards night. These worlds co-exist, mostly intertwined, interdependent, like the human body. The face can't survive without the a**hole, and vice-versa. But nobody thinks about the a**hole, unless it stops handling sh*t like it was supposed to. This show is meant for us, of people of the normal world, who have a prime membership, and can read. The names of the episodes, some of which are in English, give this away. The show doesn't really spend any time showing Dharti Lok. It is not about us. The sets and locations appear unbelievably authentic. The pind felt like the pind. The village feels like the village. And the people appear as if they belong. That is hard to do on screen. All characters have detailed multiple elements that they have to juggle. All side characters, from the Europe toting East Delhi gay builder-developer to the regional political leader, to the thick lady constable are superb. Actors who have one scene are the characters. The performances are outstanding. If India had an Emmy's, this show's cast would take like all of them. With a show like this, it is extremely difficult to not fall into the social commentary pitfall. To not be preachy. To not be "Pseudo left-liberal type". This show mostly doesn't do that. It mostly doesn't drag. PL shows some of the most horrific things imaginable. But what made me like this show so much was the realisation that these things probably happen, and they probably happen nearby. In the edges of the bell curve. In adjacent loks. Not infrequently. I could realise this because of the way those things are presented. They don't feel embellished. They don't feel exaggerated. It made me feel thankful. It made me laugh, and punched me in the gut. Favourite scenes: Favourite line: Yeh system jo hai na Chaudhary, door se dekhne mein sada-gala kachre ka dher diktat hai, lekin andar ghus ke samjhoge na, well-oiled machinery hai. Har purzey ko malum hai usey kya karna hai. Favourite performance: Jaideep Alhawat (Haathi) Favourite character: Shaw-vitri When man love dog, he is good man. When dog love man, he is good man. 9/10
  17. Want to start reading it. Any recommendation for which version/author I should pick up? Only have a vague idea of the story, KvP etc.
  18. That was his move. He stopped short. RIP.
  19. Okay, so Joker was... conflicting. You can split it into two parts: the f**k-all, and then after. The movie got me hooked in the last 45 minutes, and I wanted it to go on and not end. It starts working when ARThur And then it offers true "agent of chaos" like joker vibe. There's good art in it, lucid visuals and funky music with Joaquin's craziness. If you don't let the first 80 or so minutes get on your nerves, the last 45 are so worth it.
  20. Bruh Better Call Saul has fire grilled long form Drama. "I'm talking scorched earth, mthrfkr". The actors have been phenomenal. The previous cast from BrBa was near top of the food chain already, but what a find and revelation Rhea Seehorn (Kim) and Tony Dalton (Lalo) are. They have upped the level a few notches, and added a dimension to the show and have made it their own. They have made Better Call Saul, in separate arcs, about Kim and Lalo. The camera work, production, locations, dialog, scenes, everything just works, and you feel it could not have worked better. They could not have made a better show. Because when all the above meets incredible, pitch perfect writing, magic happens. Better Call Saul is magic, and Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are magicians. I mean, even the intro credits of both BrBa and BCS are inspirational. They're perfect, in length and feel, appear at perfect times, have the colour of the show, moody music, serious for BrBa and goofy for BCS, and you never want to skip them once. BCS has not matched the absolute high of BrBa's season 4, but it is, and has been, a more interesting show throughout. Aside from the actors ageing since BrBa, and this is in a timeline before that show's, there's nothing you can think of on improving. They've tried to mask the age bit with dimly lit scenes and off-hand camera angles, and actually made it a feature in this show. The music and background added just fit like a loved ones' fingers in your hand. And speaking of loved ones, Kim and Jimmy's love story is the best love story portrayed on any media that I can think of. It's lovely, and palpably romantic. There isn't a better show out there today. Just look at the ingredients: two incredibly smart lawyers, who practice their craft in very different ways and who live together and share an incredible love for each other, in the middle of a revenge story involving drug trade and border trafficking, an unhinged man of exemplary intelligence and counter-intelligence precision, a truly street-smart and incredibly sharp mob-boss, espionage, moles, courtrooms and complicated law stuff, shootouts, guns, and explosions, underlying all of which is grippy, unyielding tension induced drama with dark humour, montages, and whack job side characters as spotters. And if all of this wasn't enough, the revenge is on the Hefe´of the Mexican motherf**king cartel. God fkn damn.
  21. As incoherent trash as this movie was, this made me want to watch the “Snyder Cut”.
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