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  1. Movie release date: December 24. First (Omicron) restriction/lockdown: Jan 2. :/ Personally too, I knew I wanted to watch this move but didn't go prophylactically.
  2. We watched it here too, the whole family together. Good, wholesome, inspiring. Typical Kabir Khan tropes are in full swing here, the whole moment with melodramatic overtures indicating significance, and there are many of them. Plus the music's really lacking. But this is a story that needed to be told. More so because of the state of India at the time, and the unlikelihood of that team getting anywhere. Kapil Dev is as inspiring a character as they come, and I'm glad the movie focussed more on that. Goes to show how one person with belief can be the driving force behind something great. (There's a reason why Dhoni's team won the cup, and not Kohli's, even though the team was way stronger on paper). Ranveer Singh is also a part of that "as good as they come" club. One of the finest actors in the world today, and he's done really well. A few feel-good cameos, and a feel-good narrative. This would've been a monster at the BO in normal times. This is the kind of movie where you'd want "extras" as they are in DVDs/BRs. OTTs are severely lacking in this aspect. This one was also weirdly only 1080p and the sound mixing was not upto the mark. Watched it on Netflix. --------------------- Also watched Deep Water on Prime. Affleck, De Armas, the director of Fatal Attraction & Indecent Proposal, and an A rating. A weird film, in a good way, with exceptional performances but a slow and dreadful end. The whole movie feels like it is building up to something, but, infact, not. It's more of a womp womp (sad trombone) ending. Avoid.
  3. Did it make you feel something? Then this artwork did its job. You can band it in a box called "entertainment". But I think the point the other guy was trying to make by saying that it was entertainment was that it would invoke a response. Like any meaningful creative thing should. I haven't watched it yet, but i will. ---------------------------------- Watched The Matrix Resurrections yesterday. Dune will have to wait. It's on next CC (after 83) The Matrix was, for a long while, my absolute favourite movie of all time. It brought forth with it new things in cinema and left its mark. The story, the world, the lore, and the set-pieces and action, and the way they were all tied together collectively blew our minds. I know i was sucked into that world, and spent many hours reading, and discussing about it. About The Matrix, and about The One. Then when i watched it again as a more mature human, i thought it was decent. Maybe it was the fatigue, or the age of the movie. Anyway. I think it was this expectation that held Resurrections back, because, removed from this precedent, R felt quite a decent thing. There were many things to like about it. I liked that it was kind of meta, and took its resurrection tongue-in-cheek, it was equal parts fresh, and equal parts throwback. It felt like they'd brought enough new things to the narrative to keep me interested. It also has a much lighter tone compared to the original's grave, world-ending vibe. I'd recommend the fans to watch it. I know i had to, because it was The Matrix, and i'm happy it was fun. For now, i can confidently say that i'd pick this over the other two R's: Reloaded & Resurrections. 7/10 ---------------------------------- Please DO NOT read further if you haven't watched it yet. Observations and discussions: You could see how dated the visual fidelity was of the '99 original when they mixed in some of the "memories". Why'd they have to make Trinity "super"? Woke-ness? The new Smith was cool. The new Architect was cool too, certainly seemed better at his job at knowing humans, and keeping them hooked to the Matrix. It felt like WB shoehorned the team into a budget, because some of the fight scenes and CGI weren't up to the mark. Even the bio-sky in io isn't really shown. Side note, the bio-hacking they are doing for io seemed quite logical. The DI's, not so much. Fight scenes seemed specially hampered by older actors. Even then, some of the gun fights were just stupid. Like SWAT team couldn't hit a target 20 feet in front with automatic weapons? I mean, sure, they couldn't because these guys could move, but they didn't show them moving in that way. They showed them moving regularly. Only MorpheuSmith was all over the walls, and he appeared funny doing that sh*t. It wasn't impressive like in the original. I also liked how it went WWZ at the end Yet, the last fight doesn't have a satisfying conclusion like Neo rupturing Smith as in the original. This one just.. hangs there. Even Trinity's fly-by wasn't shown properly, they just.. woosh off-screen. More budget constraints i suppose. This time, instead of the meaning, couldn't understand The Merovingian's words at all. Something needs to be done with audio mixing in dialog in Hollywood. This Nolan hangover has been overplayed. Watched on Apple TV; rented. Side note: Apple TV offers Indian rated cuts of the movies and that is absolute suck-a*s. I mean, they muted MILF
  4. Missed the race but caught the highlights. Good, good start. Ferrari fans have been utterly starved, so this was very welcome. Mercedes not at the top but kinda want them to up their game and make it a proper three way. Russell disappointed. Max did not. Those Lec and Max trades were incredible.
  5. Home viewing tonight: Dune or Matrix R? Also someone for the love of god explain what the hell is happening with 83 OTT release. Every week it’s coming “this week”
  6. How are these things being made and put out in this form? Hollywood is turning into a cesspool, at the bottom of which, things like No Time To Die deserve to rot. Ugh. What a waste of nearly three hours. These tentpoles have just become Rajni or Bhai movies with an exotic veneer. Craig looks so out of place with a much younger Seydoux. Everyone is constipated, and no one seems to be speaking clearly. The action is just about okay, the Aston placements totally overdone, along with the emo-ness of it all. I mean, was bond taking oestrogen shots, or did LeChiffre's ball smashing cut the test off, and we can see its effects now? The only good things about this movie were the cinematography, the WWII island architecture, and the underlying concept of nano-bots. Edit: and Ana De Armas. She brought a smile. Ugh. Just.. ugh. Cruise is the only hope we have left now.
  7. I'd like to voir dire you to the extent of your expertise in this case.
  8. Edit: the save button got pressed accidentally. The key ingredient is Leucine. A non-insulinogenic agent for muscle protein synthesis. Higher circulating levels of leucine within the body drive an anabolic environment. I'd suggest asking a sports nutritionist, one who is certified from a school that follows the tools and methods of science. The only one I know of here: K11. Or, for a short look-up, try examine.com. They list everything in a verified human study matrix.
  9. This forum has so many weird limitations lol
  10. The Batman It's like the execs saw the first half and ran with it, without bothering to see how it ends. It starts off so well, and had me genuinely interested in how things unfold. The build-ups, the music, the visuals, and art style are true, and well adapted to live action. The Gotham vibe is spot-on. Some scenes are like visual poetry in comic language. There also wasn't any overdone Snyder slo-mo, or Nolan-esque destruction of vocal frequency. They've also explored the detective side of the character more here. However, there's just so much overdone emo-ness, along with overarching orchestral music, specially in the last 40 minutes. Bruce Wayne/Batman is a tortured character for sure, but this was bonkers. The scenes between Alfred and Bruce were blackboard-screech annoying. Ugh. The biggest disappointment for me was Pattison. I expected him to bring a freshness to the role, whereas he's re-entered the Twilight lane here. Technically the film is top-notch. The visuals and audio fidelity are properly mixed, and tweaked that extra bit by the IMAX-perience. The blu-ray would be a good showcase for home hi-fi. In the end though, it's what the experience leaves you with. With Nolan's movies, I was blown away by the sheer brilliance of concept and execution and the many, many "holy sh*t that's cool" moments. Affleck's rage shone through in that scene where he saves the Other Martha. With this, I am left with the thought that perhaps this millennial Batman is too soft, too affected. He's not even a good combatant or strategist. It just isn't a very well made movie. 6/10
  11. As someone who plays handheld only, what’s the price delta if I wish an exchange? OG 2018 switch red and blue, perfectly working, no real signs of wear/use, except on the scratch guard, caused due to docking frequently.
  12. achilles


    Cannot put this game down. Thrice now I’ve balked at the clock. Yesterday I was at it till 5. AM. Busy giving gifts to Aphrodite
  13. Why stop there, use an actual dictionary esé. The sense of nostalgia. Okay okay, I kid I kid. This is where the limitations of the kindle actually work in its favour. I can read in peace, without distractions. It’s silent. It’s purposeful. It could be a lot better in many ways, but it works as a book reading device quite well. I get that. But the kindle doesn’t feel like a screen. I on the other had genuinely enjoy reading comics on the iPad. Physical is just added irritations for me, the biggest being needing an external light source and carrying the books. There is the missing touch and feel aspect though. But the content itself shines through. Good way to put it. Yeah. I get that. Different strokes.
  14. Built in dictionary Instant purchase and read No need for external light source Notes, highlights, bookmarks, synced across devices Share excerpts Use the phone app and continue as you were if you’ve forgotten your device Pocket-able, zero bulk carry along These, and more. I tried going back to physical. Left it within one night.
  15. The only hope I have for a quality series after Narcos Mexico also took a sh*t in 3.
  16. The opposite happened. Rafa outplayed, and outlasted Med, specially after the weather cooled down a bit. The way it started, with Nadal in his head like that, I was jittery and reminded of the '19 final with Novak. After he lost the close fought second, I thought it was over. I still hoped though, and wanted him to play at his level. At least make it a fight, I thought, secretly hoping for a Rocky IV. But I am beyond words on what happened after. It's not about 21, or GOAT, or other numbers like that. It was the fight, the heart, the grit, the endurance. "We must suffer". You could see how Nadal wasn't even celebrating his difficult points. He was conserving his energy, and I was wondering how long that would last. When it went 5-5 in the 5th, you'd think Nadal would lose it a bit, but he went on about it like it was business. That's when I felt it. Felt his belief emanate through. He won't back down. Yesterday, he was Rafa Balboa You can list out the most epic matches in tennis since Nadal has been on tour, and you can bet he would've been 50% responsible for all of them. 50%. Because you need a dance partner to make things memorable. And Med is a robotic computational killer of a player. Been his fan since USO '19, when he nearly pushed Rafa to the brink. He'll be back stronger because he has that mentality, and he'd be blazing hard courts for years to come. Just a brilliant, insane, incredible Sunday. Live sport! V.
  17. Enjoy it while it lasts. It gets old fast, and then the only time you’re at peak sub is when you’re entertaining friends.
  18. As much as I’d like and want it, Rafa is barely coping to 3 sets, and there’s a noticeable dip by the end of the second. And Meddy is smart. The only way I can see through is for Rafa to cause Med to have that rare brain fart that Novak caused in AO 21. He’d need to outsmart med. Rafa can’t outplay, or even equal-play him tomorrow. V.
  19. Akira is probably the most famous comic book bike there is. Any search online about this mentions it Where can I find more of these concepts/fanarts?
  20. Hey. Any comics or artworks you guys are aware of that show vehicles: bikes, cars, bicycles, etc in a new light? It can be anything like futuristic, punk, dystopian, funky etc. Looking for a project so any pointers will be helpful. Thanks!
  21. An electric car would work perfectly for this kind of usage. The Kona is worth checking out. Don’t sweat on wireless CarPlay/AA. There are adapters available for both and they work well.
  22. Which VPN you using? How do you get all devices (Apple TV etc) to route through it? Been happening all over tbh. The other day I thought of watching a clockwork orange and I could’ve sworn I had seen it on some service, probably Netflix earlier. Now? Nada. How much less would it cost Netflix to not offer content, albeit which would be less in demand, in certain regions? Would these be distribution costs (server, hosting etc) or licensing?
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