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  1. How? It constantly showed unavailable to me in wish list.
  2. I was waiting too. The wish list didn’t open up. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Does it work as well? Head tracking etc? If Sony’s audio is really that much better I might just go for them. edit: I’d still wait for the AirPods Pro 2 to see what apple does with this gauntlet. Hopefully by bypassing bt, the switching etc will be seamless. Or maybe switching won’t even be needed.
  4. The only true lingering complaint I receive while using my AirPods Pro is that they suck for conversation for the other person. Semi-constant feedback that they pick up environment noise and amplify it much more than my voice. Which is weird coz you’d think the noise cancellation would work over phone channels too. A cursory online search shows that this is a common complaint. I’ve had mine replaced once too just for this but it keeps cropping up now and then. For me the pros actually shine with the iPad and spatial audio. Just so good.
  5. Lol. Looks like 20 is the theoretical upper limit for the number of majors a guy can win
  6. Can someone please tell me how do i add this to wishlist? There's no result for the console on amazon.
  7. I did not find a noticeable difference in sound though I didn’t really compare them back to back. My issue is different. The pros refuse to stay in my ears with default silicone tips. Plus silicone just feels… slick, but not in a good way. The foam tips keep the AirPods in place. Everything else like better feel, isolation, and comfort, is just benefits. They’re $25 new, so pricing is in line.
  8. https://www.headphonezone.in/products/comply-foam-tips-for-airpods-pro
  9. I’ve been using foam tips on my AirPods Pro for about a year. They don’t last as long but are so far superior to silicone, specially in feel and stay-in ability, that I wouldn’t even consider regular silicone tips as an option. Which reminds me, I need to order another set.
  10. Another unequivocal vote for Don’t Look Up. Funny, clever, sharp, pointed, and proper fun. McKay with another ace. Sit tight, and assess.
  11. “The web address you entered is not functioning on our site”
  12. How do you add to wish list? Searching for ps5 does not show the console.
  13. The fallout is real, clear, and present. Personal experience aside, know quite a few people who are showing hypogonadic symptoms and mood altercations/depressive behaviour. Have advised them to seek out medical and professional help but mostly they prefer to chug along, hoping things will get better, or are simply reluctant. A couple I know have resurfaced allergies. They are getting better, but the recovery is slow. And I don’t care who you are, living with issues daily is debilitating.
  14. Watched it in a packed IMAx last night. The show ended at 3 Anyway, thoughts: Strange is a little bit of a bitch. Decided to do the spell, then let a kid tell him what to do, then messed up the spell, then blamed the kid. What a biatch. Speaking of crying, that’s most of what Garfield does in the movie. Why is he crying all the damn time? That face he makes when he catches MJ made me spit my drink out That power station sequence (first electro-sandman encounter) and ‘spider-men assemble’ were genuinely well done. So pretty. Also, that forgetting spell, does it create an alternate reality? Coz it will not be too difficult to find a video, picture etc in some server somewhere to bring back reality. Soon as May said those magic words, I knew she was going to drop. Too bad. Tomei so damn cute. This is a popcorn flick, but even then, good actors really make a difference. Holland is ace. Also, who called Garfield “a kid”?
  15. NWH was good. It was a bit draggy in parts and none of the supervillains were truly threatening. It’s a fun movie night out and reminds you how great cinema experience can be with a packed theatre. Some of the sequences were genuinely creative. One in particular with spider-man swinging in a side-scroller perspective was just so pretty. However, it’s not the best superhero or comic book movie. It’s not even the best spider-man movie. That bar was raised far beyond by into the spider-verse. 7.5/10
  16. All this Arab money coming in has consequences. This and UFC. They’re playing a reality show on the world
  17. Something which couldn't have been predicted, because the crash happened close to the end, which couldn't be prepared for. Sorry, I don't follow your point.
  18. It was still the safety car at that opportune moment, that allowed the last lap to happen. Or am I missing something? Edit: in other words, what could Mercedes have done to be better prepared for the safety car?
  19. https://www.team-bhp.com/advice/how-buy-used-car-india-0#p1
  20. @NitroNeo thanks, but not what I’m asking. I’ve never paired the tsky remote with anything. The Tata sky remote works on Tata sky for everything including volume for every other TV. That’s how I’d like it too. But, with the frame, the volume output does not change through Tata sky even though the display shows the STB’s volume slider moving while using tsky remote. Only way to change volume output is to use the tv’s own remote, which changes the tv volume through TV’s UI. So at this time we are stuck with using two remotes instead of just one for viewing. How I’d like it to be and how it was with the earlier tv: switch on tv and then use Tata sky remote to control channels and volume. The volume output is controlled by tsky UI and not tv’s UI. TV’s own volume could be controlled by the Tv remote separately, in addition to tsky. With the frame, the volume is controlled only by the TV’s own remote with TV’s own UI. The tsky volume control and UI is wholly ineffective.
  21. I’d prefer using one remote for channels and volume. The tv remote can’t do channels. Weird that tsky volume control does not work when it does with every other tv. edit: there is no max output etc. The tsky volume slider shows up on display when we use the tsky volume buttons but the volume does not change. The only thing that works is the mute button. Only the tv volume changes using its own remote. Any other frame or Samsung “smart tv” users facing this @dante77 @Bhpian Bali edit 2: I thought it was HDMI-CEC related and the tsky volume control did work immediately after I turned it off but then stopped working again.
  22. Guys why does The Frame not respond to Tata Sky’s volume control? Right now we have to use two remotes, the sky’s for channels and frame’s for volume. For tv and external speakers, both.
  23. “I’m only they when I’m alone”
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