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    Apex Legends

    If you play a lot of it and buy the season pass you can get a bunch of really great skins for about 10 USD (which is what the battlepass costs). Otherwise its the same random loot box or overpriced crap that all F2P games do. Each skin ends up being 10-20 USD or so.
  2. Finished it. Dude, what f**king excellent writing. Legit some of the best storytelling and characters I have seen since like Planescape Torment. Better than the first game in every which way.
  3. Aftrunner

    Titanfall 2

    Holy f**k there are 10,000 people playing this one Steam. Is the multiplayer cross compatible between Steam and origin? I might reinstall if thats the case dude.
  4. Aftrunner

    Apex Legends

    I love that both Pathfinder and Wraith get hit with a nerf in like 2 months. They were both the two most annoying legends to fight. Bought the new Gibby skin, so badass -
  5. I am genuinely liking this more than I liked LOU1. The story in LOU was better but this one has MUCH better storytelling. I dont know what direction the TV show LOU will go but I hope its this rather than LOU 1. It is actually impressive how it manages to juggle like 5 big characters and keep all of them interesting. Most video games cant manage one. The environmental story telling is absolutely sublime as well. Often I will go around checking every room near me not because I want loot but because I want to find more "letters" from people that died or moved on. Such excellent writing. Shame the gameplay is still very meh, better than the last one I guess but that is not saying much. Fighting the infected is still a snoozefest. Its not scary, its not intense, it just feels like a chore. Stalkers were a good idea but it needed way more variety and a few good boss fights. It has neither. The devs have to have known this too because I think that is why 2/3 of the combat is vs people (which is significantly more fun). Also the upgrade skill tree is straight trash.
  6. I might be in the minority here but I am really enjoying (^^MID GAME MILD SPOILER) I still feel like all ND games this one is a little too bloated. All of their games would work much better for me if they were around the 8 hour mark with a lot less filler combat. But again, I am pretty sure I am in the minority with that opinion too. Side note - I forget which idiot was laughing at Rishi's review mentioning this game has a lot of UC in it but stuff like that is why you should wait till you play the game and not just get salty at anyone who doesnt worship it with a 10/10. There IS a LOT of UC in this game's DNA. Much more so than LOU1, which felt nothing like UC. So many set pieces and puzzles would feel right at home in the UC series. The combat feels like a heavily pared back version of UC too.
  7. Found Nathan Drake's ring lmao. Guess witty one liners dont work so well on the infected.
  8. From April bro. And this was to not cause mask hording (which happened anyway). Things have changed a lot since then. All medical advisory are recommending a mask now.
  9. This is overall though, right? I would imagine it would look quite different if it was just for the last 2 years.
  10. As bad as we are at dealing with this, at least we arent USA bad. How the f**k is wearing a mask a "political opinion". What a f**king dumbshit country.
  11. I wanted a new BF guess thats not happening for a while. Or maybe MS threw them a bunch of money for reveal on their show?
  12. That Apex news is great. I hope my season pass and unlocks carry over. If not, even cross play is worth it.
  13. LOL. I guess we are grinding Valorant tonight then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. So Tenet is out in less than a month. Theaters look like they are nowhere near to being open and even if they are, I dont think I wanna go watch a movie in a closed space with 200 people. That seems like a really bad idea. Should have released it digital. Bury the hatchet with Netflix and take their bazzilion dollars.
  15. WTF it shows me it unlocks in 8 hours or whatever. Is it earlier on Indian PSN?
  16. For some reason I legit thought it was already set for release in November. So I guess that announcement makes no difference to me.
  17. Shadow tactics is very very good. Best commandos game since commandos 3.
  18. Is desperados from the same devs that made Shadow tactics?
  19. So rumor is $400? sh*t dude, if that is true I might get that as a stop gap PC while I wait for 2022 for a proper upgrade lol.
  20. Without workshop, yeah thats a downer. But it will work fine with a controller. You dont need to worry about APM or timers or anything. It might be finicky placing a build down the exact way you want it to but its fairly doable.
  21. Honestly I will settle even if the major AAA titles are backwards compatible. I dont need 100% compatibility.
  22. If there is really a $100 price difference between digital and disc version then that's the version in would get. I haven't bought a disc game in years. All my existing stuff is digital anyway. Any word on backwards compatibility from both Sony and ms?
  23. Its just a free for all for celebs to keep their name in the news. Whatever it takes. LMAO. https://www.hindustantimes.com/bollywood/dharmendra-pens-condolences-for-pyaare-sushant-singh-rajput-this-beautiful-beloved-show-business-is-very-cruel/story-VA8VXCGuqr5KrPwU5tp0vM.html
  24. So are they actually doing an "E3 event" this month? People always bitched and moaned about E3 but it was nice having everything there in a space of 2-3 days. I dont even know what the *bleep* is happening with other games. Cyberpunk? Elden Ring? EA event/Battlefield/Dying light 2? Every game doing its own 1 hour show on a random day is a mess TBH. Hopefully we are back on schedule with E3 next year. This is just shambles.
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