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  1. Well. Never getting those 10 braincells back that I lost trying to watch this garbage.
  2. This has to be the most shameless AAA rip off I have ever seen. Even new Tomb Raider at least tried to do some stuff that was no Uncharted.
  3. Not everyone who dislikes your favorite game/series/console/exclusive is doing it for publicity.
  4. Digital. I stopped buying discs completely. I had like 8-10 PS4 games on disc. My kid f**ked them all up lol.
  5. I know. Its shocking that lingerie and pillow fights are not a part of a post apocalyptic setting. That would have been non political and not having an agenda. Anything else though, SJW politics reeeeeeee.
  6. I think I might get this. Havent played a jrpg since intensely disliking blue dragoon like 10 years ago.
  7. 99% of them are incels that are salty cause they can't jerk off to hot lesbians. Apparently realistic looking people wearing normal clothes is a "political agenda".
  8. Aftrunner

    Apex Legends

    ^^I cant aim with the R99 worth a sh*t. Same with Wingman. I do like the RE45 a lot, I wish it was more viable.
  9. Bruh why is the PS community on this game so f**king toxic? Every game I play has someone team killing on purpose. Vote kicks for not getting 1vX clutches. Greifing because they didn't get their pperatore. Etcetc. I tried it on ps4 a few months back and it was just as bad then. I figured it was a free weekend on something. Apparently not. People on PC are so much nicer comparatively.
  10. Aftrunner

    Apex Legends

    Personal preference - God tier R301 Triple take with choke Flatline Prowler Decent tier - Spitfire Longbow dmr Alright I guess this will have to do tier - Wingman R99 Alternator RE45 Sentinel sh*t tier - Evo 8 Mastiff No thanks I would rather just punch people tier - P2020 Mozambique
  11. I hope they arent afraid to touch up some gameplay elements. The World tendency needs a overhaul. Drop items for weapon upgrades (especially bladestones were a f**king PITA). Tower of Latria needs to look less like 1 room copy pasted 20 times.
  12. Aftrunner

    Hitman 3

  13. DLC that was probably being made for the PS4. Watch the same people that are posting HYPE in this thread tell you how its lame that Halo is coming on both Xbox one and Xbox whateverthef**kitscalled.
  14. I still need to go through the second season of Dark. I really liked the first season but then a lot of other stuff got released which took my attention.
  15. Those "mixed" reviews from Kotaku and EG make the game sound much more interesting than the pointless "10/10 Citizen kane of gaming" stuff. Gonna wait till release and read user impressions before buying. Should be done with LoU 1 by then I think.
  16. How could I forget Ratchet and Clank. The game is a multi million seller. Because it gets bundled with every PS5 sold for like 4 years. Its PS's version of Viva Pinata or Fable. Only people that give a sh*t are fanboys who need to make a list.
  17. Suddenly the MS disaster doesnt look like such a shitshow anymore does it. Barely anything in there looks next gen and the only big first party game they could bring to it was Horizon sequel. Should a called it PS5 indie showcase.
  18. Bruh why do all the presenters look so cgi lol.
  19. Aftrunner


    I have it on the PS4 (gave it a few hours, didnt quite grab me) but a PC port might be the thing to get me to dip in and give it a proper shot.
  20. Aftrunner


    Played a couple of games, its definitely fun. It also dumps you in game with almost no explanation of what your hero powers are. I couldnt even find descriptions in game. The menu UI is kinda messy that way, not easy to navigate. Gameplay is very decent though. I can see this being in my MP rotation.
  21. Dude. I really want that GameGear Micro. The GBA micro is probably my favorite handheld of all time.
  22. Ohh I keep forgetting this thread exists. Reading Stalin Paradoxes of power. Its really fantastic in bursts. But it also drags down a lot in political minutiae too often. Halfway through. Would recommend if you find that time period interesting.
  23. what the *bleep* lol. God bless fortnite. Keep buying those skins kids. Daddy needs more free games.
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