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  1. Now its diyas for 9 minutes? @KnackChap You still defending this sh*t?
  2. Y'all ordering something or just cooking at home?
  3. Would be a shame to lose thousands of shitposts.
  4. Dude it spawned me in a "Room" which I cant get out of after I loaded my last save. Can I revert to an earlier checkpoint or something?
  5. Bruh whats the point of the bow when I get a silenced pistol alongside it? Like, here is the bow. Hard to aim, awful fire rate and I have to manually make arrows for it. And then there is the pistol, never runs out of ammo cause you can just pick it up for free, has perfect aim and excellent rate of fire.
  6. IVG recovered from COVID 19.
  7. Clearly a post without an agenda.
  8. Temple of Osiris is legit one of the best Croft games. Absolutely grab that if you havent already played it. Excellent controls, some really clever puzzles, good combat and it even looks great. Terrific all round package.
  9. Hopefully. Just a cancellation isnt enough either. It needs to be an enforced order to stop people.
  10. I am not saying you are wrong but is there a source that is a little more trustworthy? Someone who can at least afford their email domain and arent using Sarkardailynews@Gmail.Com. On a related note - https://www.indiatoday.in/india/video/defer-parliament-says-derek-o-brien-coronavirus-threat-exclusive-1657996-2020-03-20 Our government hard at work as usual.
  11. Also Yogi Adityanath - https://www.deccanherald.com/national/north-and-central/coronavirus-ayodhya-to-hold-ram-navami-mela-despite-covid-19-fears-814613.html
  12. Reading the absolute worst case scenarios to improve your Anxiety stats by +1. GG. WHO recommends you not using a mask unless you are in direct contact with someone who is infected. In some cases, masks are actually more harmful than helpful. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/when-and-how-to-use-masks
  13. Wait, there is now BC? I thought there was?
  14. Weird. I dont think I have run into any bugs. Which is good cause I am kinda sorta finding this just about ok but I swear if I run into a bug forcing me to redo a tough bossfight or escape sequence, I am just uninstalling.
  15. So SSD is this gen's "power of the cloud"?
  16. What actual leadership in crisis looks like. Your only hope is you live in a state where the CM gives a sh*t. Dont expect anything from national leadership.
  17. Literally none of that is actual concrete policy. None of it. Other countries leader are setting up basic income to support the unemployed, guaranteed healthcare, testing at home, freeze on eviction notices, guaranteed paid leave to the sick etc etc. We are being told to get on our balcony and clap. I cant even blame them really. Why make an effort when no one is gonna hold you accountable?
  18. Alright. So stand on my balcony and clap at 5PM. And dont go out this Sunday. It is genuinely hilarious that even when there are actual measure being taken by the government for this, the things they chose to talk about is stuff I would probably tell my 4 year old. I dont know what is worse. That they think their electorate is so f**king brain dead. Or that they are right.
  19. Goddamn! Why cant someone do this for Deus Ex.
  20. Can you guys please post some sources when you post this? There is too much fake stuff going around. Even when you post factual things (like this quoted image is actually correct) it just encourages others to just throw up a image they probably go from their whatsapp group or someshit. Here is a link for the above - https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/covid-19-no-foreign-flight-in-india-for-a-week-work-from-home-for-pvt-sector/story-inGTjeINJAjlSBEhRww1kN.html If you cant verify it on a reputable site, dont post it.
  21. So its not even as good as the next Xbox?
  22. The glue wont come off if you apply it well. It is rock solid but yeah, the downside of that is, it will f**k up your finishing when you do remove it. I hang a Hyper X Cloud 2 on it and that is a heavy headphone. No issues so far. Been well over a year.
  23. I use this https://www.amazon.in/CHRONEX-Acrylic-Headphone-Holder-Black/dp/B075F697HB/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=headphone+stand&qid=1584472143&sr=8-5 Currently I have it attached to my Cabinet. You can also hang it under your table if you want it out of the way. I tried a table standing headphone stand but it took too much space and would get knocked over frequently.
  24. Aftrunner

    Doom Eternal

    The Eurogamer review of it is f**king weird. They spend paragraphs (almost the first half of it) talking about the story or the lack there of. Who. Cares?
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