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  1. I dont think it is his first time pulling sh*t like this
  2. been ignoring it because i know my luck is generally sh*t
  3. literally me and the 3080 for the last 9 months
  4. for some reason, I only see Default and night mode options. I was using Villain earlier today. edit: It is available again now.
  5. Keano

    Babylon's Fall

    1:05 - what the f**k is that VO?
  6. two days late but funny how Cristiano ruined Coca Cola's week with one swipe
  7. Started watching Haikyu again, this time with Mrs.
  8. Keano

    Halo Infinite

    That is a fair way to do cross play. Let players choose faster matchmaking or competitive matches at highest level.
  9. You of all people complaining on this topic
  10. Keano

    Halo Infinite

    Then what’s the point of cross play. For console players to match with pc players using controllers?
  11. Keano

    Halo Infinite

    Glad they have plans to allow players to complete season content event even after season end. A lot of gaas games have been operating with this fomo logic to keep an active player base. Got tired of it few months into lockdown.
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