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  1. thank you and table updated. Wanted to make sure we go by whatever the current rule set is. In case of overall score being a tie after first two games - the one who scored most away goals goes through
  2. @rushaboswal @Assassins Creed - can either of you tell me give more details on the scores? 1-3 --> who is the away team?
  3. DeS iframes are very similar to DS1. Rolling at right frame to avoid damage still works. Sent from my Redmi Note 8 using Tapatalk
  4. iirc, Destiny 1 struggled to maintain the PvP balance because of SBMM and the also being restrictive with the geo locale range in which they were search for those similar skilled players. It resulted in long queues. They increased the range and then laggy matches. It is really tough to have a really good balance with SBMM. Overwatch is the most balanced ranked system I could think of that I played. The only problem OW has is smurfs(not alt accounts).
  5. sweaty as in everyone in the lobby is tryharding. To put it in OW perspective - Ranked matches are generally sweaty, while quick play is a much more relaxed experience. ELO system is used by many competitive MP games to match similar skilled players in competitive matches. I dont know how ELO is different from SBMM. If SBMM is implemented in quick play or non ranked playlists, tryhards wont be able to pub stomp often.
  6. signups are closed rn Avi, good seeing you after a while hope you are doing well bro
  7. its all good, not required. But would love to watch some games.
  8. I was worried if some Ultimate team or Custom squad was used if you recorded your game, upload it
  9. I love the toornament Widget add score and the bracket updates automatically
  10. thanks. I had no idea Juve are called Pimonte Calcio in FIFA 20
  11. Good job wrapping up the matches real quick Can you please post the scores of both matches. @Arthur Morgan confirm/post the scores.
  12. The tournament is live now. You can find the tournament bracket below. Spend some time to read the first two posts of this thread to understand the tournament rules, match format and the time frame within which you need to complete each round matches. Round 1 and Round 2 matches can be played now. Coordinate with your opponents to set a time for your match. If possible - try to save the whole match and upload it for others to watch If you have any questions, let us know.
  13. Keano

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Works the same way as if you are buying a physical game from an online retailer. In a preorder, you pay money upfront(some retailers charge at the time of the shipping) and some retailers ships the item a day/two before release date to ensure the game reaches you on day1.
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