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  1. Going through that phase now. Do not feel like playing any games besides overwatch at the moment. Even OW is kind of annoying with all Hanzo and Brigitte spam everywhere
  2. cheers, will pick it up during a sale. I love souls-like RPGs. The whole combat system of Persona games from the content I saw on youtube seems intimidating. As long as the game explains its mechanics properly and doesn't rush, I don't think I'd have issues learning them.
  3. Would you recommend Persona5 to someone that has not played any jrpgs?
  4. Keano

    Pokémon Go

    Friends, Trading, and Gifting coming to Pokémon GO!
  5. when a meme trailer makes it to top 20 but not your AAA exclusives
  6. Keano

    Pokémon Go

    Started playing again on a new account. Anyone else on the forums still play this? Was Level 31/32 before I stopped playing on my first account. Got mad at how f**ked up the servers were at the time and they did f**kall to improve the game and still took $ from players. Contacted apple support and they gave a refund for all the $ i invested in storage upgrades
  7. Keano

    The Last of Us 2

    No need to, he doesn't comprehend like the rest of us
  8. Watched this yesterday, great movie.
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