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  1. new COD cycle always starts in late April right? with some game reveal trailer in May, gameplay reveal in June(E3) and MP reveal in July.
  2. Keano

    Elden Ring

    Was playing with Golden Halberd two handed last few days and finally I can single hand it Barricade shield is easy mode
  3. the drive through testing center near my place has 50+ cars lined up every single time I went past it the last three days . I got a notification on my phone that I may have been exposed to COVID-19 last week. No symptoms so far and the tests came negative for everyone in the family.
  4. nice job MS adding those codes at the end of game pass ad, got pulled into an off hours work call
  5. Keano

    Halo Infinite

    do I need to know any back story to enjoy the campaign?
  6. I have been avoiding this game because of many reviews mentioning repetitive gameplay and combat not being challenging. I loved Origins and Odyssey - should I consider picking this?
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