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  1. Keano

    Destiny 2

    did not know this, ill try it sometime this weekend. EDIT: thanks @CarbonCore worked like a charm
  2. Keano

    Destiny 2

    Bold part - the wait continues PSA for everyone going for 960 light. DO NOT complete pinnacle activities next week till thursday. The pinnacle +2 change only starts working after the hotfix on thursday and not after weekly reset.
  3. Keano

    Destiny 2

    i am at 79% on the medals, i only see progress go up by 1% in a regular crucible and ill not farm anymore this week. With IB coming back next week, ill get Randy's as I complete IB bounties.
  4. Keano

    Destiny 2

    if you are on PC, I suggest buying Shadowkeep and Forsaken(currently at 40% off) DLCs. I have my steam region set to Argentina, so got both for $6.54 and $2.82 USD
  5. Keano

    Destiny 2

    got my randy's scout kills step done yesterday
  6. Keano

    Destiny 2

    what light level is everyone here? any of you guys able to complete the 100K nightfall challenge?
  7. Keano

    Gears 5

    holy sh*t, that choice in the final act
  8. Keano

    The Surge 2

    did you pick up the game? @Joe Cool I have my hands full with borderlands, overwatch right now. I am debating if i should put everything aside and buy this(I really liked Surge 1)or to wait for a sale on this and Code Vein.
  9. Keano

    Borderlands 3

    I am planning to get this on PC. I read that there were options for Borderlands 2 but needs some tedious steps. Got two copies on voidu for $48 each. POS Voidu is now refusing to fulfill my order and is delaying the keys. Horrible first time experience with Voidu I cant talk for others, but i always struggled playing games on splitscreen on same screen even if it is on a giant screen TV. I get distracted easily.
  10. Keano

    Borderlands 3

    if i buy a copy - can me and a buddy play on two different screens instead of split screen?
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  12. Keano

    The Surge 2

    me want invite
  13. Awesome collection, ill post mine sometime soon. I've been collecting jerseys of players that I like for almost 13 years.
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