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  1. This has been on my steam wish list for a while. Only interested in the Single player campaign, and with Halo 3 being added to the collection - debating whether to buy or wait.
  2. often used to buy as a gift for kids instead of giving them the CC details. I blame v-bucks
  3. I dig the Ikea display case. Have two of them for my amiibo collection
  4. this gen cloud powah, next gen will be all about TF powah
  5. Keano

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    glad i preordered before the price changes in AR
  6. your lucky pokemon have been doing well since the time I adpoted them:hug:
  7. Keano

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    preordered and hyped being on Steam AR makes it an easy day1 buy ~$8 USD
  8. you realize Alabama != rest of the US right? It is like assuming all of India is filled with radical mobs that wont allow friends of opposite gender to go out in public It is always the extreme cases that gets reported and shared often. Everyone I interacted with in all the states I have been to were really nice. I have not been to many Red states though
  9. I know Pox parties are a thing in few communities but trying similar sh*t with COVID-19
  10. Keano

    Steam deals

    for some reason - I have 20K steam event points, do they expire at end of summer sale? any good sh*t to buy with them?
  11. that one dungeon that has cursed, rotten and fetid debuffs was not fun
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