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  1. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    my body and ingame currency are ready
  2. things have been relatively mild for us in Washington till now
  3. manipulation saw this guys story yesterday as it was in my YT recommendations, hits really hard.
  4. Keano

    Destiny 2 Beyond Light

    Upcoming raid make or break for D2?
  5. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    It is good to have both amber and Diluc in party. Amber has a passive that lets you glider longer distance, useful when exploring. Having two pyro characters gives +20% dps to Diluc [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    Squad at AR37. Cleared Abyss 8-3 yesterday but have to get few starts from floor 7 and 8. Will do them again when I hit rank 80 on Mona and Qiqi, they just dont have enough damage right now even at level 70 max talents. Ended up getting a lot of Xiangling dupes and has max constellation - so she is IN. I ran Diluc, Baraba, Kaeya and Amber team 1 - Diluc hard carries and gets all the resources from Barbara. Kaeya allows superconduct and Amber to get the extra 20% DPS bonus for two fire types. Mona, Qiqi, Xiangling, Fischl/Venti team 2 - Max talent Mona can carry as DPS but is far behind Diluc. Xiagling, Qiqi superconduct duo
  7. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    Invest every single resource into Diluc, hits like a truck and you will have zero regrets making him your main dps.
  8. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    I found the game to be boring when playing in coop It is fun working on getting all the elemental reactions by myself.
  9. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    must have realized how the game is going to print money for them and wanted to wallet rape all player bases
  10. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    can confirm you can catch crabs no pun intended Give it a try on the laptop, the download size is less than 10gigs iirc
  11. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    If you have a PC or a PS4 - give it a try on bigger screen. I have been playing on mobile when I am afk and it just doesn’t do justice to how beautiful and engaging the game is.
  12. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    Nothing wrong in his post. PRC has sh*t policies and is a known bully in Asia. Let’s keep politics off the thread. Won’t be surprised if they do what he said about them - harvesting player data for the government. I used a dummy email with minimal details.
  13. Keano

    Genshin Impact

    Not surprising, abiding by the government rules. Big news for anyone that is not aware that miHoYo is a Chinese based company.
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