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  1. Keano

    Destiny 2

    I hit max light cap on all three characters two weeks back and I am taking a break from the game. Will only complete exotic quests and time gated title quests this season. Pulse rifles are my favorite weapon types in the game and I keep getting them every raid lol. The first one I ever got ended up being a god roll and I love it.
  2. played on PS4 for 20 or so hours before moving on to other games, will pick it up on PC during next steam sale. Any major changes between PS4 and PC RDR2?
  3. ?? it comes down to preference, not exclusives. kapp
  4. I stayed at Zion NP and visited Bryce Canyon NP as it was a short drive from Zion. Stayed in Vegas, LA few days each. Met family in SFO and drove back to my home after that. it is +/- 30 cents to that.
  5. I barely went around the states on the east coast(only been to Detroit and New Jersey). Visiting East coast states for a road trip depends on what time of the year you are planning to visit. IMO, It might be rough to do a road trip on the east coast states during the next two-three months. I agree with your friend's take on NYC. Since you are planning to go to Las Vegas - I suggest this. We did this with a friend of mine in 2015. Grand Canyon National park is a four hour drive from LV, so you can do that too I guess. This is something we did last winter and was a fun trip.
  6. Keano

    Steam deals

    Thank you @Joe Cool - am now set for the next one year at the least
  7. Keano

    Steam deals

    is it an option to pickup something like this and redeem it in my Argentina steam account using a VPN? Will steam automatically convert USD to ARS Peso?
  8. Keano

    Steam deals

    Will I be able to get a steam wallet card for Argentina?
  9. Keano

    Steam deals

    It is not letting me use any of my credit cards to add funds. It lets me buy games with the money in the steam wallet that I added 12 months back.
  10. Keano

    Steam deals

    @Joe Cool is it impossible now to buy games off steam Argentina?
  11. Thank you very much @santanu18 I will try them some time over the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  12. two of my gifts were delivered few more are on the way but are behind schedule
  13. I believe he was in AW. Agree that all the games in the series after BO1 have been mediocre at best.
  14. Best game of the decade? Breath of the Wild, Overwatch is a close second Worst game of the decade? Advanced Warfare/Infinite Warfare LUL Biggest disappointment of the decade? Resident Evil 6 Game that changed gaming of the decade? Fortnite Game that you played the most? Destiny Soundtrack of the decade? Doom 2016 Story of the decade? TLoU Game that you will continue to play during next decade? Destiny 2, Overwatch 2
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