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  1. people munching popcorn triggered me so much when watching A Quiet Place
  2. Nioh2, Doom Eternal and Persona5 Royal .. great month Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Keano

    Persona 5

    Amazon delivered earlier than expected. This was at front door in the morning Now I get the hype behind the steelbook, looks great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I was excited to try the noise cancelling feature but ended up liking the ambient sound control options more. Great option to use when jogging/walking. Case is rather bulky but still fits neat in any of the straight jeans/pants. The sizeof the case has its advantages though as you can apparently get three full charges. Looks pretty sleek too considered getting a bidet installed but got lucky and was able to buy a TP megapack on Amazon Kroger, Meijer implies east coast .. stay safe bro. Lots of craziness over there.
  5. yes, Amazon has a banner saying some deliveries might be impacted but they are actually delivering most of the order on time or early. Some essentials(yes, toilet paper - Americans ) are sold out and are not available though. InstaCart seems to be choice for most of my friends are colleagues as they are doing a decent job of delivering essentials and groceries from the popular storefronts like Costco and Safeway. Because of our newborn baby late last year, we ended up buying a lot of hand sanitizer and wipes Good seeing you after a while Anil, stay safe!
  6. Keano

    Persona 5

    waiting on my physical copy and steelbook .. will be delivered sometime tomorrow
  7. Keano


    Mia Khalifa .. lower your hand
  8. Keano


    Just cancel EPL please
  9. Keano


    Just cancel EPL please
  10. Shinsekai: Into the Depths looks interesting, will pick it up during a sale.
  11. Keano

    Persona 5

    pre-ordered, first persona game
  12. Keano

    Nioh 2

    which one is the fourth one? The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama or The Mysterious One Night Castle - found both bosses relatively easy. There is a surprise mini boss in the The Hollow Fortress -
  13. yes, great console and has amazing games that will appeal both to you and your son.
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