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AngerSmash's Feedback

  1. VelivolusDas left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Virtua Tennis 4
    Superb packing... Ultra-prompt shipping.... One of my smoothest IVG deals....!

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  2. punkRAgHaV left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Fifa Soccer(vita)
    Very nice guy , Packaging was really nice..recommended. ..10/10

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  3. animesh left Positive feedback for a topic   

    EA Active 2(PS3)
    great experience.... hope to deal with you again.

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  4. beb0p left Positive feedback for a topic   

    PS3 Games
    Good deal. Nice packaging. Recommended!

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  5. squeezer left Positive feedback for a topic   

    PS3 Games
    Trusted :)

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  6. RiCkY left Positive feedback for a topic   

    PS3 Games
    Awesome Seller, Awesome Packaging, Recommended!!!

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  7. GoobyPlz left Positive feedback   

    Game as GOOD as NEW.. Nice Packing.. Will deal again..

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  8. Sharath N left Positive feedback   

    Disc is kickass condition..took some time to ship but thats negligble..great buy!

    AngerSmash was The Buyer

  9. KrIzAliD left Positive feedback   

    a trust worthy friend :chair: got the game in perfect condition

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  10. SHUT. . UPPP left Positive feedback   

    very nice guy to deal with. recommended :)

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  11. Don CORLEONE left Positive feedback   

    Disc kept in very good condition,nice guy to deal with.

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  12. Toocool left Positive feedback   

    Game was in perfect condition.. Would love to deal anytime..

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  13. ps4geek left Positive feedback   

    Superb Guy ! Recommended ! Made my Weekend :)

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  14. Toocool left Positive feedback   

    Very nice guy.. Trustworthy.. Deal without fear..1

    AngerSmash was The Buyer

  15. Tinbin007 left Positive feedback   

    Another guy completely trusthwordthy whom i know on this forum ... shipped the game without asking for moeny and never asked again about the money to be trasnfered immediately .... keep it up bro ... Soon u'll become IVG SANTA 2 ..HIGHLY RECOMMEDED.

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  16. drtanu left Positive feedback   

    excellant seller

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  17. Tinbin007 left Positive feedback   

    excellent guy to deal , very very patient and shipped the game immediately without asking for payment ..... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ... wud love to deal again A+++

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  18. TouchyFever left Positive feedback   

    Nice Guy, Prompt Shipment, Excellent Condition

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  19. rAgHaV left Positive feedback   

    good buyer.. prompt payment.. :)

    AngerSmash was The Buyer

  20. pArth left Positive feedback   

    great buyer ..recommended

    AngerSmash was The Buyer

  21. a5hr1th left Positive feedback   

    Really nice guy to deal with, instant gratification for me :D 10/10

    AngerSmash was The Buyer

  22. mango_man left Positive feedback   

    deal done

    AngerSmash was The Buyer

  23. kaiserbreath left Positive feedback   

    Rock solid packing,awesome dealer, highly recommended

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  24. junior left Positive feedback   

    10/10 very good packing :) .....recommended

    AngerSmash was The Seller

  25. Skywalker left Positive feedback   

    10/10 gr8 dude . True to his words and very honest, patient n cooperative.Game in SUPER condition :)

    AngerSmash was The Seller

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