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  1. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Well we tried. Was too hard to lose
  2. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Really ? 3 years in a row, number 1 test team in the world. Wonder how dhoni is able to take decisions. Telepathy ? Virat's weak link is his selection. To give credit to Dhoni either you a have to be naive or a blind MS supporter
  3. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Mayank Agarwal seems solid against spin. Great skill to have for an opener.
  4. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    True. But Pant will replace MS eventually, just matter of time. Rayudu just being salty, got so many chances, ruined it himself. Now making an arse out of himself, posting sh*t like this..
  5. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Did you watch him keep against Australia ? we lost a match because of him only.. Pant has been poor in ODI's and not much performance in T20 as well. Will be a huge gamble to take him to the WC
  6. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Akshdeepnath is UP t20 team captain. WK batsman.
  7. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Wow Akshdeep denying 2nd run and gettinf AB out Epic :wallbash:
  8. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    After the Champions Trophy, we tried quite a few people [at No.4]. We gave a few more chances to Rayudu. What Vijay Shankar brings is three dimensional. We are looking at him at no. 4 to begin with." - MSK Prasad "To begin with, KL Rahul will be reserve opener. If need arises the team management will take a call on him playing in the middle-order" - MSK Prasad
  9. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Shankar will play. Shankar is not a good bowler. Shouldn't be backup for Pandya. My team will be same as yours. May be Shankar for Karthik depending on conditions, as he can chip in 3/4 overs.
  10. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Good team. Karthik deserved to be there. Rahul is back up for the top 3 i suppose. Shankar at 4 and Hardik at 7 with 4 bowlers will be the likely lineup.
  11. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    IPL is so huge. Its truly the best cricket event after the world cup. I was in Sri Lanka this last week. Ipl is everywhere. Airports, pubs, cafes, hotel lobbies, restuarants, everywhere it was streamed. People actually do watch it with interest. Obviously Not as much as they do here, but has a solid viewership. Was pleasantly surprised, considered not 1 sri lankan is playing now.
  12. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    His domestic record is very mediocre. Only shines in IPL. Plus apparently has some attitude problems. He fought with his state team / captain and everyone. Made a huge fuss.
  13. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Really ? He's not a great captain, but not giving credit is foolish. Dhoni had similar team ? What did he do overseas ? Virat built the whole pace attack. Got in Bumrah in all formats. Picked the 2 wrist spinners who might well be the decisive factor in this WC. 3 years straight we got the ICC Test Mace.
  14. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Delhi Incredibly stupid batting How the fk can you lose from that position.
  15. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Royal f**k Up by DC Rabada :majesty: that yorker was like a rocket. :panic: Excellent knock from Shaw. DC’s inexperience showing.. what a great match. Only negative about the match was Manjrekar’s fk all comentary