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  1. Ishan Kishan is next in line. Samson made it to Ind A team recently and he's not picked consistently. Ishan even captained India Green or red r some team..
  2. He seems to be making a decent name for himself. Lot of people speak highly of him. Ishan Kishan is also doing a great job. If Pant continues to fail, its better to look for options.
  3. Y did England not play Sam Curran earlier ?? Forget his batting. He is a good bowler in England conditions.
  4. https://paytm.com/events/bengaluru/cricket/paytm-series-3rd-t20i-india-v-south-africa-bengaluru/198572 Says sold out or currently unable to process..
  5. Rahul should have been let go, long time back. He should play some first class and regain his form. Lets see what Rohit does, this series will be a good indicator.. We'll be playing at home this year. Wont be facing the moving ball..
  6. Fk. Never realised till you said it now
  7. ill let you know, if i can get a few
  8. How many do u want ? ill see if i can get it..
  9. The expensive ones will be available 5k / 10k ones..
  10. Dont bother, its fkin sham. They give away very less tickets. For Ind v Aus match. The tickets went on sale at 10 am. We wanted 4 tickets. Me n my friend kept trying from 9 50. We got it at 10 am or 9 59 am. It was sold out Tickets will go on sale on PayTm btw
  11. Regarding spoiler Second option. The Vest
  12. They won Rashid Khan Captain 11 wickets 75 runs
  13. Sad for Afg. They deserve to win. Dont think play will happen
  14. They will lose. Unless Roy gets a quick fire 100 or something..
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