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  1. Thanks KC.. No hopes this year. 5th place most likely lol
  2. Cant believe MI bottling this after such an insane spell from Bumrah..
  3. Kudos to Pujara, Went to county and is raking up multiple centuries. Literally scored a 100 in every match.
  4. World Class death bowling yesterday Overs 16, 17 & 18 was so good. Match was sealed by then.
  5. They can field 5 bowlers. They dont have anyone who can do well at the death.
  6. KKR are doing unnecessary changes. Dont understand reason for benching Cummins. Narines opens in 1 game, plays lower down in 1 game and plays middle order sometimes. Doesn't score anywhere. Too many unnecessary changes i think
  7. Pure Afghan power last night What hitting... Umran Malik is so brutal. Pure Pace. Has to be nutured well. Can be lethal for us.
  8. Already won 5 this season
  9. He got hit on his face in his follow through in Ranjhi match. Had to undergo surgery.
  10. That was sh*t behavior tbh. No ball or not a no ball, coming onto the field and disrupting the game is just pathetic.
  11. Vintage MS. Was awesome to watch him finish the match. Both teams are sh*t. CSK dropped so many catches. Made a mess of the run chase. MI are playing worse than RCB's worse season i guess
  12. Jordan Always believed in him. CSK were smart not to bowl him against RCB, else would have lost that match as well
  13. Stupid not to open with Ferguson as well. Giving debutant the ball against n form Butler is just cruel.
  14. Yea.. My ninja edit dint work Got confused to Yash Dhull. He's in Delhi team i guess
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