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  1. What a knock man wow Last 3 overs he scored 48 alone.. Brilliant
  2. Except Kohli everyone in RCB should be fired. Support Staff, management, CEO everyone. Also these kinda pitches are bull sh*t. 160-170 matches are the best. Bowlers are totally out of the game.
  3. RCB are so bad, we are like Namibia or papa new Guinea in world cup We dont even have team to compete. Last season our local players dint perform and this season overseas are not performing Faf, virat, maxwell, will jacks, cam green, rajat patidhar. 6 players who usually bat at top 4 positions. No spinners, all mediocre fast bowlers. Absolutely pathetic.
  4. 16 years Finally So so good....
  5. Innings defeat under 4 days will be perfect funeral for bazball.
  6. Actually its the pakis who fooled the world and made England delusional. They rolled out absolute roads and these guys were able to score at 5-6 rpo.
  7. Bazball is playing according to situation Playing slow when required, playing fast when required. You are lucky to be living in the era of bazball
  8. Good decision How stupid is Kishan, literally killed his career.
  9. Rohit indirectly took a dig on these guys in PC. He said they'll prefer people who have desire to play, he even mentioned IPL is great, but this is better.
  10. We must look to win every test as WTC final is on the line. Paddikal is opener. Not sure how he would fare in middle order.
  11. Actually if KL is not available, just play Axar. He has batted so well, better than most batsmen
  12. Such crap batting from Jadeja, sarfaraz & Patidhar. Completely went into shell. This should be Patidhar's last test for near future. Jurel Got us back in the game in 1st innings, Brilliant innings in the second. He got the scoreboard ticking with singles.
  13. Thought Jadeja should have bowled earlier than Siraj. But great spell from Siraj. Great lead. Pitch is deteriorating Batsmen shouldn't fk up now
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