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  1. Yea AB absolutely deserved it. Gayle also to an extent. He's pissed RCB dint take him back 3/4 years back. TBH he was done by then .
  2. RCB retired no 17 jersey for ABD. Great respect shown by the franchise. AB totally deserves it. Pity he couldn't retire here in Bangalore
  3. Super Knock from KL. Hope he continues same form..
  4. That boundary in the last over was so good. Such precise timing and placement. Absolutely brilliant.
  5. Anyone following WIPL ? High Scoring matches are fun. RCB being RCB also
  6. No need to restrict players from other formats. There are lot of people scoring runs in 1st class. Sarfaraz for one. Baba Aprajith also has been very consistent. Reward players who have played long innings in ranjhi rather than giving opportunities to white ball players
  7. It was such an awful shot. Its ridiculous comparing him to Sachin in tests. Sachin would have applied himself on this wicket and wouldn't have gone for that shot. We need develop more test batsmen. No need for players to paly all formats. Pujara batted so well. Just needed 1 more person to score with him.
  8. This pitch required lot of application and patience. Which all our batsman lack. Same pitch and bowlers, Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly n Laxman would have scored lot more.
  9. Axar Patel has probably been our best batsman this series. YTF is he batting below Bharat n Ashwin ? Bharat just doesn't look like he can score. Even 1st innings Axar was playing well and ran out of partners
  10. Virat FFS Playing so well. Utter lack of discipline. Just need to play straight on this pitch, no matter what.
  11. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/australia-tour-of-india-2004-05-61430/india-vs-australia-4th-test-64102/full-scorecard Now to repeat this scoreboard. 250 and we can win here imo.
  12. We were under pressure and it showed. Aussies dint play cross batted shots at all. Just straight. Jadeja bowling noballs dint help either. At 14/2 Aussies could have crumbled under pressure.
  13. Yea Hoping for same. But usually the pitch loses a bit of sting and settles down.
  14. This is fked up pitch. We are 2 - 0 up. Y make pitch like this. Making their bowlers also look unplayable as well.
  15. Rohit making sure we don't miss Rahul. What a horrendous innings.
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