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  1. silentassassin

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Even in Bangalore, very less shows. Only 1 theatre where i can go...
  2. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Warner is a huge addition to Aus team. Smith is not a great ODI player though. Still think our bowling will win us the cup.
  3. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    SA is not strong enough. There batting is very fragile. Aus will definitely step up and are looking a lot better than they were last year.
  4. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    All the pitches in WC will be flat af. Picking wickets in middle overs and death bowling will be very crucial. England seems to be peaking too early..
  5. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Hardik has 3 overs He bowls good slower ones. Both bravo n Watson are good against spin, idiotic decision to bowl krunal..
  6. silentassassin

    Cricket 19

    Want to see how different it is from Ashes 18. The batting was vastly improved in Ashes 18. Could find gaps and play with control. But that made batting easy as well, could score even with swing and spin around. Hopefully they make the ball swing and spin a lot more. DBC 17 pitches behaved differently, but Ashes there wasn't much difference in pitches. Hopefully these changes will be made
  7. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Shaw hasn't had a great season at all. 3/4 good innings thats it. Pant has time, he has use some brains to finish games. Today there was no need to take on Bhuvi in the 19th over. Specially after scoring a 6. Could have played that over for another 2/3 runs and won the game comfortably. Under pressure DK is much better. He's a proven finisher now.
  8. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Good to see Sundar n Heytmer perform. Both deserved few more games.
  9. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Stupidity frm SRH n Pandey. That runout was uncalled for. Nabi was striking well, should have given him strike instead of going for suicidal single. Last over should have been bowled by Bhuvi. He was excellent at the death.
  10. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Manish Pandey such a good batsman when in form. So composed as well. Pity cant deliver for India
  11. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    There's no group Its like a league. Each team will play all other 9 teams.
  12. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Better way to put it 35 - Ab n Virat rest 27 been like this from 3/4 seasons now. Even this season AB n Virat have contributed around 70% of team runs.
  13. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Yep. its pretty heavy as of now. Might ease out after couple of hours
  14. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    KKR only lost 9 in a row in 2009. They can repeat it this year again..
  15. silentassassin

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Nothing at all tbh. You just need to know, she's very powerful, most powerful of all the avengers. Thats about it. Captain Marvel is an origin story. So, u can watch it later after End game when u find time