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  1. Y is Hardik not playing ? He was not even in England. How can he be unfit ?
  2. Y is Hardik not playing ? He was not even in England. How can he be unfit ?
  3. I think all these are just speculations. n Virat's request to have 1 more vice captain make sense. If he'll be captain till 2023 WC, then Rohit can never be captain. Better to get new VC now and Virat resigns after 2023 WC and plays as a player like how MS did. That'll be the right approach. I dont buy into all these rumors tbh. There's a rumor some senior player was unhappy with Kohli during Eng series ? Rahane an pujara not scoring runs at all. Rohit is cementing his place in tests. Who has the merit to talk against Virat in test team. Makes so sense. Can only be Ashwin, if its true.
  4. Kumble will not accept it. Everyone is just posting their own stories now. Its portrayed as if India hardly won under Virat's captaincy.
  5. I think ICMR were planning to do this. 1 dose of covishield and 1 dose of covaxin.
  6. Official now England also will be cancelling their tour next month apparently.
  7. I travelled to Mumbai 2 weeks back. RT PCR is mandatory. But there was absolutely no checking anywhere, I had both my vaccine and rt pcr certificate. But i was not checked. However when i returned to Karnataka they stopped us in the border and checked our certificates
  8. Pant cant become captain right now. Has a long time to go. Lets see how he performs. He has hardly put up any match winning innings in T20s
  9. Rumors coming in that Virat will quit white ball captaincy after T20 WC to focus on test captaincy & batting.. Welcome change, will take burden off him as well. But we need to start grooming our next captain. Rohit also will not be around after 3/4 years
  10. I highly doubt if it'll be a one off game looking at how Spiderman is going..
  11. Wolverine will be violent. But hopefully they wont go with realistic violence. I'd prefer it to be cartoonish
  12. Well 7 players from England ODI team also tested positive before Eng v Pak and England changed the whole team. Would be stupid to blame our team tbh. ECB should have enforced strict bio bubbles tbh.
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