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  1. Pant's keeping not being good has no excuses at all. Its very poor. Shaw picked in place of injured Dhawan. Shaw is highly talented, but i think Mayank deserved the 1st crack at the spot.
  2. Check PM. PS . IF you want RCB v CSK tickets, u need to buy lot early. That match gets sold out very quickly.
  3. Excellent win. Doing with a batsman short Was flawless victory. Bowling was sooo good as well. Irony Bumrah cud'nt get wickets, bowled beautifully. Stadium was pretty packed for Indian innings. Was a much better crowd than India v SA T20 match.
  4. Pandya will be back from IPL. Pandya in place of Iyer / Jadeja depending on the conditions. The way Iyer is playing, can play Dube in place of Iyer. Power hitter + a bowling option.
  5. Excellent win. What a knock by Rahul Excellent knock. So many yorkers at the end. So good to watch. Yorkers at pace.. Brilliant. Also is it just me, or does anyone else think Rahul has kept better than Pant. No byes, no missed catches or stumpings. Felt he was really good.
  6. Fked up Team selection Kohli is awesome at no 3. We finally found someone decent at no 4 in Shreyas Iyer. Again to accommodate Dhawan, whole batting line up was fked up. Dhawan completely killed the game in first 10 overs. Hardly got any runs. His lack of runs, forced Rohit also to get out. Shami n Shardul both are not good for white ball. Jadeja cant pick wickets in white ball. We need to back Kulcha and play Saini in place of Shardul.
  7. I have Gold, Dineout Gourmet Pass and EasyDiner's premium pack. Gold is by far the best. In Bangalore there are plenty of places which offer gold. Gourmet Pass is useless for me, has hardly any restaurants i visit. Easydiner also has very few options.
  8. I read this yesterday. Its disgraceful. Wont go long with this attitude..
  9. You dont need plus to play F2P games.
  10. If this happens, we'll screw em more in SENA than at home with our pacers. Probably will injure few of em as well
  11. Same logic should apply when we lose overseas. We were not good enough. The SENA teams are not good, as they are winning at home..
  12. Precisely I wanted to rise the same point. I thought they meant, they need competitive cricket. But our guys beleive winning at home is sh*t and winning overseas is the real deal. But the same yardstick is not applied to other teams. We are going to NZ in feb, the same team who got thr arse handed to them in AUS.
  13. Yea Gotta know. Still stupid. This will get a lot of viewership and is actually good for cricket..
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