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  1. Excellent win. What an innings from Blackwood. Deserved a century, got out in a very bad way. The way they held their nerve after losing 4 batsmen in less than 40 runs was awesome..
  2. WTF I'm so glad i have not seen this in Bangalore. All restaurants are literally empty They should write it now.
  3. PS2 gen is incomparable. That gen had games on literally everything. Even compared to Ps3 gen, this gen seeing lot of genres dying.
  4. Unbelievable . Not sure whats the idea behind this ? So, they'll ditch the Ao Tennis franchise. + 1 Vt4 on PC. TS4 on PS3. Top Spin 4 is the best tennis game i have ever played. The career mode is simply brilliant. Virtua Tennis is more arcadish and Top Spin 4 is more of a simulation. Its a pity this gen lot of genres are dead
  5. Its in my download list.. Planing to play it with a friend next week..
  6. I'm thinking that numbers will go down, purely based on the behaviour of the people over the last week or so. Chikpet, JC Road & SP Road ( 3 major business/ shopping centres ) completely shut down. Malleswaram n Gand Bazaar also under minute lockdown. I visited Koramangala on monday. The place is deserted. Hardly anything is open and people are just not moving around at all. Even Jayanagar had shops open, but the crowd was so less. People have become more aware and scared. So i'm hoping we will keep things under control. But i do agree, Borders should be closed for a few days.
  7. Still confident, the cases will reduce after a week or 2. or atleast, i dont think it'll spiral out of control
  8. Question: Does it work without credit card asociated to a psn account? Answer: no i try it didn't work EA
  9. https://www.amazon.com/EA-Access-12-Month-Subscription/dp/B07Z9WKBNN/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ea+access&qid=1594130205&sr=8-2 If i buy this, will i still need a CC ?
  10. Already have funds in US Store. Need CC to buy though..
  11. I'm buying from US account. Unable to add Indian CC or even my paypal account.. I gave up buying the subscription now. Irony..
  12. I'm trying to buy EA Access for an year. I have around 100 $ in my account. But it asks for CC to buy subscription :Doh: Is it not possible to buy using the money i have in my wallet ?
  13. ha ha.. Haven't come to that level. My friends luckily happen to live in walkable distance. Even if there's a lockdown, we can still meet up.
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