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  1. Dominic Cork crying on international TV now Perfect way to do it in lords.
  2. Deepthi Sharma Broke England waiting for spirit of cricket merchants crying 😂
  3. Such sh*t death bowling Horrible to catching to accompany it..
  4. Doesn't matter lol. He wont even play for India again after this match. Bumrah most likely will play next match
  5. They had no option apparently. Shami got tested with covid at last minute. Bumrah not fully fit yet. Siraj is in UK & Prasidh is injured. Shardul is playing Irani trophy or something. Umesh was in Bangalore NCA doing his rehab, got into the team by fortune Not sure y Deepak Chahar dint play though..
  6. I tried the demo of kakarot. Felt okayish. I went back to playing Xenoverse 2. You think i should buy Kakarot ? its mostly available at discounted price.
  7. Rohit Virat Sky Pant Hardik DK Axar Harshal Bhuvi Bumrah Chahal This will be my xi. Axar at 7 & Harshal at 8 will be handy. Both can swing their bat and get some runs.
  8. Best part for me was when Shadab pushed the ball to 6 with great effort But SL t20 team is really good. They have very good bowling unit and some really good hitters as well. Fielding was so good from SL today, best i have seen from any team in recent times.
  9. If both Bumrah & Harshal is out of WC, its gonna be really hard for us to win. Big grounds in aus will suit Harshal. wont be easy to hit 6s of him. Pant sucked so bad today. Out of 3 boundaries he got, 2 were dropped catches which lead to boundaries.
  10. What a masterful innings Missed this from so long..
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