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  1. What BS is this ? If you want him to retire, have some balls and tell him. What transition period ? The transition period is already over. 80% of the team is set for the Next T20 WC. We dont have any challenging series this year tbh. Isn't it a coach's job to groom players? Get a better set of coaching, even a wicket keeping coach if required. This makes no sense
  2. Man this is just sad. Gotta feel for them.. Tie and lost.
  3. England have enough. Even a tie in super over will get em through
  4. Neesham has 1 over. Stokes should keep that in mind..
  5. What a spell from CDG. So far Kane has utilized his bowlers well.
  6. Yea.. Sorry. Shankar Basu.. Could have extended his tenure though..
  7. Even Sidharth Basu has left. Fitness coach. He's very good. Wonder y he quit?
  8. Team misused their review has been a lame excuse for shitty umpiring.
  9. f**k all decision wow. umpires helping Aussies lol
  10. England are fkin the Aussies. This is just humiliating
  11. Things just dint go our way. Hard Luck The best team had 1 off day and we are out
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