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  1. Yea Not so useful now Min order 199, max distance is 10 kms
  2. Y the hell is shanaka not in IPL. Guy is absolute match winner and doing it consistently now.
  3. Its all great. No issues Happy New Year .
  4. Hey. Sorry, was busy and couldn't post. My wife says thanks. She grabbed it as soon as she saw it.. Thanks a lot
  5. No, something like prime stick which i can connect to tv and also has ability to play personal videos
  6. Guys is there any device which can be used for streaming and also play personal content through pen drive or hard disk ?
  7. I have it on my switch. But wanted it on consoles actually. The experience is lot better on consoles. Thanks a lot
  8. i received my gift Cant wait to boot this. My santa has not revealed himself yet though
  9. Sky doesn't fit in the test squad yet. Hanuma Vihari should be back. He played well in whatever opportunities he got. Never got a consistent run. He's proper test player. Need both Shami & Jadeja full fit for Aus tour.
  10. England whitewashed Pak. Aus won 1 - 0. Those were flat wickets though. SA looks like will lose 3 - 0 to Australia. If that is the case, we just need to win the series to qualify for WTC final .
  11. Jadeja is crucial. He n Pant has been saving our a*s from a long time.
  12. Jay Shah has nothing to do with all this. As a matter of fact, he was the one who stopped Ganguly from making even more stupid decisions
  13. We need to rethink about the team. Rahul doesn't deserve to play. We need to look beyond. So many openers in India right now. Rohit also gets injured. He has to give up 1 format totally. In most matches, its Pant, Jadeja & lower order is saving us from a long time.
  14. Ashwin is such a clutch player, specially in tests. Picks wickets when needed. So many 3rd and 4th innings. We should start picking players on performances. Iyer has been exceptional this year. Both in ODIs & Tests. Crucial runs throughout the year.
  15. There's absolutely no sync at all. Who's the captain ? Who's running the team ? Rohit dint play against SA. Now not playing against BD. Rahul came into eng series because Gill was injured. He becomes captain now. Get a captain who plays all the matches. No chopping and changing.
  16. Pant is no longer vice captain as well. Rohit is mostly unfit. Misses most of the test matches. BCCI & Saurav fked up. Virat should have continued as captain and groomed someone under him. We can even look at Jadeja for atleast VC. He's a certainty in all 3 formats.
  17. Rohit as captain so far is not working well He's mostly injured and having so many captains..
  18. I'm in My suggestion would be to increase the date of joining for a few more days. n increase the time to give gifts till new year. lot of people may not even know forums are back up. Lot of people might miss out.
  19. Shreyas Iyer is playing some crucial innings in ODIs Last 3/4 series, he's been very consistent. Deserves his place tbh.
  20. Watch from 1:20 Shitty attitude imo. Harsha Bhogle asked nothing wrong. He just praised his test records. n his T20i record is pretty poor actually.
  21. True. Multi team tournaments is good. Asia cup was fun. After this WC defeat, hv no interest in NZ series. Whats the point of winning bilaterals
  22. Butler got out quick. But he basically made the job easier for the rest of the team. Our openers would have gone at less than run a ball as it's a small target..
  23. So, Stokes finishing 2 WC finals.. What a turn around. 2015 they were a pathetic white ball team. 2 World Cups 1 lost final. Beastly white ball team now in matter of 7 years.
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