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  1. Rahul should continue to bat like this. Just go for it from ball 1. So Hardik is no longer a all rounder
  2. This is so true. I think he should get longer stint for this to happen. Most of these players will play easily till 2023. Dravid's stint will also end then. He will have to build the team from there. But i prefer Dravid at u19 n NCA, thats where real talent can be nurtured. If Dravid is made Indian coach, then i hope they get in Anil Kumble or someone good as Dravid to take care of NCA, U19 & A side.
  3. Ashwin's been pretty poor actually. It makes sense y the team backed Sundar over him. He was constantly underbowled and Axar was goto choice for DC. Out of the top spinners, Ashwin had least impact.
  4. Very poor captaincy. Tom Curran is playing his 1st match, if i'm not wrong. Expecting him to him restrict 12 runs is stupid, specially with Rabada having an over left.
  5. Definitely. Than KKR match, this is worse. We would have won easily.
  6. Irrespective of how we play in playoffs, this has been a good season. 9 wins out of 14. Not bad at all. Hopefully can go all the way.
  7. What fked up batting order. BC AB hardly got to bat and others are trying to hit sixes. Totally fked up batting.
  8. Looks like Battle Royale
  9. 4th place will be KKR mostly. There nrr is great and are playing very good cricket actually. Its mostly b/w RR & KKR. Both have their destinies in their hands.
  10. Great team effort from RCB. Not 1/2 players performing. Everyone chipping in. Maxwell has been revelaton for us. Harshal n Siraj top class. Both delivering constantly when needed. AB looked solid today, We would have got 5-10 runs extra had he not got run out in last over.
  11. Ashes 2021 i guess. Anywayz there's Ashes in december. Guess the game will release in december,
  12. Not right now. But he can improve and can play all 3 formats in 2/3 years tbh.
  13. Really impressed by Yashaswi Jaiswal. He always had good technique. He has improved his big hitting ability.
  14. Yea. He has to work on his fitness though.
  15. WTF is wrong with SRH Dropping Warner is 1 thing, but asking him to stay at hotel is really disrespectful.
  16. Awesome bowling performance. Harsha & Chahal were excellent. The way Harshal nailing those slower yorkers is brilliant. Siraj, Harshal & Chahal we can get 12 overs. Still feel rest 8 overs still is an issue. Jamieson not good enough for T20. But great win tonight. AB should bat up. Its not easy to come after 15/ 16 overs and strike from ball one. Play Maxwell at no 3 & AB at no 4, specially when we are chasing.
  17. Since the Australians dint turn up, we are seriously lacking options. We had Daniel Sams & Kane Richardson as backup in 1st phase.
  18. Looks like end of the season for us. I think we are missing Sundar a lot. He would bowl 4 handy overs and even in powerplay. Navdeep Saini is absolute sh*t. He had decent pace and was formidable. Now he has become really pathetic.
  19. WTF is wrong with Hardik man FFS he has hardly played anything and is injured. When will he get fit, when will he gain form.
  20. Y is Hardik not playing ? He was not even in England. How can he be unfit ?
  21. Y is Hardik not playing ? He was not even in England. How can he be unfit ?
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