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  1. Such masterful innings cut short by pathetic umpiring.
  2. No yorkers, no bouncers, not 1 ball on stumps. Clueless bowling lol. Just wide deliveries with full pace.
  3. Oh I thought ill get a code to renew my existing plus sub. Will just renew directly from PS Store, there's offer going on anyways. Thanks for the heads up guys. Much appreciated.
  4. https://www.jiomart.com/p/electronics/ps-plus-deluxe-12-month-membership-read-product-info-full-access-playstation-a-video-game/604296028 Anyone bought this ? Looks too good to be true, any idea how reliable it is ?
  5. SA fked up big time in 1st 10 overs. Even if they were 25 - 2 they would have won the match. Dint assess the conditions properly and took way too many risks in 1st 10 overs.
  6. Rohit has been exceptional this WC. We are no longer timid to begin the innings. He's going on guns blazing and setting the tone. Middle order is also giving him the confidence to take those chances.
  7. English are known cry babies. They crib and complain about everything. But this WC, pakis have given some amazing entertainment with their crazy statements
  8. What a win, got tensed in the middle, but i think the game was never out of control, was always matter of 1 wicket. NZ were very lucky, they got lot of free runs, overthrows, wides, edges. But a total team effort. Literally everyone contributed.
  9. Aus look in total control Maxwell getting boundary or 2 every over. Cummins easily protecting his wicket. No real pressure as of now.
  10. Champion performance. Just need to get maxwell asap. Given him 2 chances already.
  11. Jadeja should have been Motm. 5 wickets and scored vital runs.
  12. True On the other hand we have mostly won chasing only. May be they wanted practice setting target. Good thing is everyone got to bat and mostly everyone did well
  13. Great batting effort this. Everyone contributed. The score is well ahead of par score. Dont think they'll come any where close. Ball is holding is turning as well
  14. Forget saving boundaries. There were so many over throws. Its pure comical. Their level of cricket is really poor. In Middle overs, they just let the game slip. They hardly get a move on. Spin bowling is different level. Cant contain and wont pick wickets..
  15. Pakis The team got their fans to ground What a win, flawless.
  16. Good win today. Virat should have just batted normally remained not out on 94 / 95. Good that entire batting got tested. I would still play Shami over Shardul even after Hardik comes back. We should choke all oppn with our bowling.
  17. So good to see our bowling doing so well. That yorker to mahmudullah from Bumrah Like a sniper.
  18. The WC is truly alive now. 2 upsets in 3 days. Expecting Afghans to go and screw few more teams. Hope they win in chennai
  19. Totally. Even if they bowl first it's okay. As long as the pitch is like Ind v Aus pitch Afg have great chance.
  20. The way crowd trolled Pakistani team My God. Next 3 matches are all hard for them. Won't be surprised if they implode
  21. He won a great match. Batted beautifully. He was MOTM. But he's more concerned abt century . He may be disappointed, thats fine. But openly showing it is pathetic Sums up how he bats in t20 and ipl as well.
  22. Masterful innings from Virat & KL KL batted better than Virat actually. Awful from kishan n iyer. The asking rate is so low, could have taken time, instead going for foolish shots. I really hope Rohit steps up and contributes in crucial matches.
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