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  1. Developer: Bandai Namco Publisher: Bandai Namco Platform: PS4/PC/Switch Genre: Sports Release: 2020
  2. Bloodborne didnt even get a Pro Patch to get 60Fps and non laggy levels.
  3. Nothing like a good ol fanboy warring to bring people back
  4. I woulda never dreamed that the definitive DMC3 Version would be only on a Nintendo console Free style weapon switch all weapons maybe ? Possibly some hidden levels left behind in development. Vergil Boss fight against Mundus. Online Co-Op with Vergil on Bloody Palace
  5. Maybe we should do an official Goty thread like Era does. Pick your top 5 games and points go towards each pick. I remember it being a thing back then @CarbonCore
  6. Shadoken

    Devil May Cry 5

    The thing is its not really extra stuff modders added. Its just a hack to unlock stuff thats already in game. I just don't understand why Capcom didn't add this to the game officially. Coop Bloody palace would have brought way more people to the game. Vergil is sort of incomplete though so i can understand maybe they are saving him for DLC.
  7. Shadoken

    Devil May Cry 5

    https://www.nexusmods.com/devilmaycry5/mods/353?tab=description This mod is godlk. Co-Op 2-3 player in Bloody Palace and Certain levels Playable Vergil I don't know why Capcom didn't put this in the game. Its insanely fun to play co-op bloody palace.
  8. Just watched this today. -Amazing movie -10/10 would recommend. -Just right amount of water.
  9. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    Unless somebody gave them GTA budget , it would literally be impossible for them to finish the entire story in III. For adding the number of cities required. Shenmue I and II were just 25% of the story , especially since Shenmue 2 expanded on it like crazy. If he just compressed the story in 3 , all the build up they did in Shenmue 2 would be such a waste. I would rather have the franchise dead than that. Shenmue 3 gets it up to 40%. They would need to at least two more games to finish it. And yes if the game doesn't get funded , he will probably finish the story like a Visual novel like it was originally intended for Shenmue 3's 2m Kickstarter goal. He actually already revised the story to 11 chapters from the original 16.
  10. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    Idk why people keep thinking Shenmue was going to get massive critical acclaim given its budget. TLG and FF7R are actual AAA games. Even a game like Control has nearly 3 times the budget of Shenmue 3. A lot of people are going to be put off by the weird unpolished Animations,VAs..etc. Most of the fans who backed the game are super happy with it and thats the primary reason it exists anyway.
  11. Maybe 10 years from now VR and sh*t might get so advanced that you can remake RE4. Like there are controllers for walking in game and they become cheap and mainstream. That way the Stand still and shoot mechanic still sorta works , since if you move you will actually lose accuracy IRL.
  12. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    That IGN review reads like a 7 but then he gives it a 5.9...what? My favorite line was "The combat would be enjoyable if the enemies didn't block all the time" , well gee idk maybe just stop attacking for a bit Reviews seem mixed as expected. People can't play games without the AAA fluff these days. IGN Japan - 9/10 DualShockers - 85 Gamesradar - 8/10 Eurogamer - Recommended IGN Italy - 7/10 Destructoid - 7/10 USGamer - 5/10 IGN - 5.9/10 A lot of the reviews seem to be criticizing it because it doesn't live up to AAA standards. But everyone knew this was gonna be a KS title with 1/10th the budget of the original games. Seems like an unfair comparison. Reviewers have no issues handing out 9s and 10s to JRPGs that literally still look like PS2 games and voice acting from the 2000s. But when it comes here all of a sudden its super important because the original games were technical marvels. like no sh*t it has bad english VA. AAA games probably spend more on VA alone than Shenmue 3's entire budget. But still its good to see that the issues mostly come from a budget standpoint and not the core gameplay. All this could have easily been fixed if Fkin Sega just made it themselves using the Yakuza engine.
  13. Shadoken

    Death Stranding

    Times are different now. Most reviewers now keep bashing old GOW games after new one came out. But yea I guess you right. Only Cinematic Third Person games or Open World RPGs can win. In fact for the past 20 years only these 2 genres have won , Goty has become a joke. Watch it not get even that :/ Jump Force being there is hilarious tho , just proves these guys don't even play that many genres.
  14. Shadoken

    Death Stranding

    Xbots are a dead breed on Era. The real salt is actually from us DMCV and Fire Emblem fans . Both those games got robbed hard. They got way better ratings than a lot of the Goty nominees. What gives.
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