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  1. Shadoken

    Yakuza 7

    There are not a lot of 3rd party exclusives in general. Off the top of my head Sony paid money to keep FF7R,SFV . MS did the same for Tomb Raider. Yakuza was exclusive because it used to sell 80% in Japan and Xbox is dead there. If you sell exclusively on PS , Sony charges developers lesser licensing fee. So obviously that reduction alone is more than how much revenue Xbox will bring in. But this generation Yakuza has become very popular in the west , almost 50% of Yakuza sales is from US/EU. So thats probably why we are seeing it on Xbox and PC. If Nintendo made a system that was as powerful as PS4,XB1. Sony would have either started paying for Yakuza or it would have gone multiplatform. Sony basically has no direct competitor in Japan so thats why you get a lot of "free" exclusives. As for Persona 5 , Sega wants Atlus to bring it to other platforms. But Atlus don't seem very keen on making ports of their games , and Sega probably dont want to force them. A lot of Japanese AA companies are kinda like that.
  2. Shadoken

    Yakuza 7

    Hmm thats true , I guess in that sense Yakuza makes more money for them than Persona. In the span of Persona 3,4,5 we got over 10 Yakuza games. Also Yakuza coming to Xbox now ...wtf!!!
  3. Shadoken

    Yakuza 7

    I think Sega wants to experiment because Persona 5 beat Yakuza in sales. But imo i feel like that is happening because Yakuza story is like a Japanese crime drama while persona is like an Anime. In the west Anime is more popular. I feel like its fine because we have got so much Yakuza games that I can give it a break. Maybe if they can find a new audience with it they can make the franchise more popular.
  4. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    Make sure to see my name in the guestbook of Chobu-inn I err... din know what to write so I just wrote some super generic sh*t like "yay shenmue 3 is finally happening" or something lol. Sorry to break your immersion
  5. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    Theres an ultrawide mod now..... Goooooooooooooooodamn this looks amazing. Was not expecting the game to look this good for such a small budget given the scale and depth of the world.
  6. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    Yea you gotta redeem on EGS.
  7. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    OMG the backer demo is here ... its everything i always wanted. I was worried about the combat , but that seems fine to me too. A bit rough on the animation when you hit them and stuff but its very responsive and quite fluid.
  8. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    Sega Japan have always been oblivious to the West and their interests. It is why they more or less sabotaged the entire Sega console line just to get success in Japan. The Shenmue III announcement hype far outweighed any other SEGA game announcement for the past two decades.
  9. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    Combat in Shenmue 1 and 2 were cutting edge for the time. Nobody could imagine having a fighting game system in a RPG/Adventure game. But playing it now it will show its age. Sadly if this game probably dont have the resources to make the combat that good. If this was made in house at SEGA , they could have used the Virtua Fighter 5 engine for the combat. Fkin Sega man , they shoulda just made this game. Instead we get DeepSilver,Epic games and a whole lot of other BS involved in this.
  10. Shadoken

    Shenmue III

    Damn they nailed the feel and atmosphere. I just hope the combat gets a little better.
  11. I don't get the complaints looks ok I guess. But I feel like this should have been an MP mode for RE2 or something. Don't feel like its going to be worth $60. Maybe a $20 or $40 title might be ok. And why use those freaking generic a*s characters , at least give a character creator or let us use existing characters like Leon,Claire,Hunk,Chris..etc you already have the models ready for them. Am guessing its going to be DLC bait. This game would be pretty damn cool if we could pick those characters as heroes and villains like Tyrant,Nemesis,Wesker..etc.
  12. Anyway back to the game discussion. The biggest red flag is that they are using Generic characters instead of the RE heroes like Chris,Leon...etc. That could mean they ain't taking this as seriously as their main titles. But on the other hand a Developer just confirmed that the trailer was in-game so graphics do look pretty damn good.
  13. Genres change over time as well. A game like Tekken 3 or FF7 were top of the line AAA titles at the time. With huge budgets that were way higher than most games. If you look at their budgets now it is lower than what it was when adjusted for inflation and their respective time. As for MH being bigger in Japan. You are absolutely right. In Japan MH would be GTA level in Japan when it came to marketing budget. The same applies for a game like Fifa. It is going to be huge in Europe and smaller in US. But ultimately the game is made with a budget that is according to worldwide sales. MHW didn't have 5 million expectation from Japan alone. So the game being AAA or not isn't fully determined based on marketing budget for one region.
  14. Monster Hunter is AAA. The game had a sales expectation of 5 million and a huge budget. Thats the textbook definition. Yakuza looks very good , but its budget and marketing is still AA. The reason Yakuza looks like a AAA game is because of heavy asset reuse. Persona is also definitely not AAA. Atlus is a very small team. The developers were very happy to even hit 1 million in sales. I don't get how this conversation escalated into AAA and Quality. Budget has nothing to do with game being good. The question was why Capcom games are the only Japanese games that look super realistic. Usually if you want to have a super realistic looking game you need a high budget. However just because a game is high budget doesn't mean it has to look super realistic. Overwatch and BOTW are still AAA games despite looking cartoony. As of right now Only Capcom and SE have shown interest in making AAA games. Sega and Bamco focus more on AA,Mobile and PC titles. Yakuza could win best graphics of the year award (A task thats super hard given their budget ). But that still doesn't mean it is AAA in terms of Budget and Marketing. Which is what the term is used for.
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