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  1. 3 hours ago, Mysteryman said:

    VR has been a thing since RE7 and confirmed for 8 as well so it is pretty much expected for 4. As of now, we do not know what format it will take but I would like TPS like the OG. 



    Remaking RE4 like RE2 would feel just like a graphics upgrade. 


    Also while RE7 VR is great. It is fairly basic when compared to the newer VR titles on the market. I meant something like Half life Alyx where you can use the motion controllers. 

  2. On 12/4/2019 at 12:32 PM, Shadoken said:


    Maybe 10 years from now VR and sh*t might get so advanced that you can remake RE4. Like there are controllers for walking in game  and they become cheap and mainstream. That way the Stand still and shoot mechanic still sorta works , since if you move you will actually lose accuracy IRL.



    Wow .... I fkin called it.


    RE4 VR 



  3. 21 hours ago, adity said:

    Why tf would anyone play this game at 30 fps?


    Most people buying the game dont really care about great combat and stuff. 30 fps is fine for them.


    Even for a game like DmC sold millions which was at 30 fps.

  4. 9 hours ago, lithuvien said:

    Thanks for the inputs


    I'll see if I can grab an Xbox controller since I dont have a PS4 and any XBOX stuff should have full compatibility with PC


    The Xbox D pad is quite bad tho. I would recommend DS4 or some fight pad.

    PS4 controllers have full compatibility on Steam. Just set it up and it should work just as good as Xbox.


    Also for Fight sticks , I'd recommend asking on the Facebook group "Indian FGC".

  5. 1 hour ago, lithuvien said:

    So I picked up this game (base version for 499). I am getting my butt handed to me in pvp matches. I have tried to go through the training modes and all but it seems that a keyboard is not a good choice for fighting games. 

    Any suggestions for a decent controller / arcade stick that I can buy in India? 


    The best players in the world play on regular a*s Playstation controller. Wouldnt really say its a requirement to get an arcade stick.


    The game is also 5 years old , so most people are more experienced.But since the game is becoming free on PSN Plus next month , there should be a huge influx of new players to play with and balance out the field.


    Id recommend looking at tutorials on youtube to learn the game rather than in game stuff.  Far better at teaching the fundamentals than In game sh*t that just teaches you combos , but not really how to land hits.


  6. 14 minutes ago, NitroNeo said:


    1 and 2 i get, please explain what is AC and SG, also if weapons are carried over will they revert to L1 i guess it seems like that and if the game has rarity tiers will they lose a tier ?

    Also if no progression is carried over is there any point starting now, when is it releasing ?



    1. If your character reaches max cap of lvl 100. Then they will still be lvl 100 in PSO2. But PSO2 : NG you will be Lvl 1. 


    2. Meseta and FUN is currency you earn in the game. You can use this to buy items other people sell on the market. But prices will keep changing based on the in-game economy and player trade. Because PSO2: NGS is a new game , they don't want currency from the previous game affecting the economy.


    3. AC and SG is currency you buy by paying Real money. Its usually for buying some stuff that Sega directly put like buying more inventory space,buying a bigger room and cosmetic lootboxes. They never sell stuff that affects gameplay though like weapons or armor.


    4. Weapons/Armor..etc will transfer. but their stats will be different. So if you have some super rare weapon you might not be able to use it till you reach a high enough level. But chances are the weapon will still be very good and we don't know if it ll even be obtainable in NGS. There are hundreds of weapons and armors so its cool to see all of them being brought over.



    Main reason to play current game is that Rare Weapons are still going to be good in the new game. They may or may not be the best though. Another HUGE reason is cosmetics , this game literally has like millions of cosmetics from various crossovers with different Animes and even other games like FF14 and Monster Hunter. All those cosmetic items will transfer over. 

    I think they are doing the compatibility thing so that people who spent years on the current game don't get screwed over.


    That said the current game is still a very fun game and arguably has the best combat out of any Online game ( Maybe tied with MHW ). And its free so you don't really lose anything by trying it out. Might take a little while to get a good understanding of the game flow.

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  7. 1 minute ago, NitroNeo said:

    Thanks shado, can xbox one IVG players for PSO2 post a reply, so I'll know if i can play with someone, going solo would it be fun ?


    The game by itself is quite fun. Its like a Multiplayer DMC game. The community is also very friendly , so there are a lot of active discords and clans to join. 


    The only issue i'd say is that , since the game is 8 years old. It has 8 years worth of content crammed into one release. So the systems and mechanics can be very complex. I'd reccomend following some Streamers or Youtubers like Anamana to get started.


  8. 13 minutes ago, NitroNeo said:

    Which region will i be able to play with, will i be limited to NA or can i play with asians, i ask this since ping/latency might pose some issues in a smooth gaming experience


    You will only be able to play on NA servers. If you want to play on JP server you would have to get the PS4 version , but that is entirely in Japanese.


    A lot of people i know who are playing in India dont really face lag tho. The game runs its combat on the client side. So you might see other players lagging , but your own experience shouldn't be affected.

  9. 4 hours ago, NitroNeo said:

    We have a community for this game ? Sign me up.

    But i can't find the game on xbox one is it not there for indian xbl members ? any way i can play on ps4 indian account?


    You need to make a NA Xbox id. I think once you download it , you can play on your regular Indian Xbox ID.

  10. EdoEfLqWkAES7uw?format=jpg&name=medium



    Developer: SEGA

    Publisher: SEGA


    Release Date: 2021

    Genre: F2P Action RPG/MMO

    Platforms:  PC, Xbox One/Series X (NA) , PS4/5(JP),Switch(JP)


    Reveal Trailer:  



    " Celebrating PSO’s 20th anniversary, PSO2: NGS is the latest entry in the series, updating PSO2’s game system and graphics engine. We’re planning to release this update on a global scale, including Japan and North America. "







  11. 13 minutes ago, GeraltOfRivia said:


    Ok.. didn't realised that. Hopefully next-gen, RE7 and RE2R will keep selling better than remastered versions of 5 and 6 , and cross 10M mark. I want Capcom to stay focused on survival based gameplay without even thinking of developing another action based entry.


    I dont think they will. 


    Even if they dont pass RE5/6. The newer titles have proven to be far more profitable because of their lower budget.

  12. 17 hours ago, GeraltOfRivia said:

    It makes me happy that sooner or later, both RE7 and RE2R sales gonna surpass the RE5/6 sales

    Mar 2009  Resident Evil 5  -   7.6M

    Oct 2012  Resident Evil 6 -  7.5M

    Jan 2017  Resident Evil 7 -   7.5M

    Jan 2019  Resident Evil 2 Remake - 6.6M


    RE5 and 6 are actually way over 10m each. The Capcom website listing is only for the initial SKUs. It doesnt include the Gold Edition or other discounted SKUs. 


    However ever since PS4/XB1 gen , Capcom have started combining all the SKUs of their titles. Thats why RE2,RE7..etc are moving up so fast. Thats why you see SFV on their top 10 titles lol.



  13. 14 hours ago, Joe Cool said:

    Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollection for $60...


    No reason to buy fighting games at launch anymore. 


    Omg I just saw this random AAA game become $40 a few months after release , then became $20 by the end of the year.


    No reason to buy video games at launch anymore.


    I finally figured it out. WOW.

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