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  1. So you found it convenient to blame "professional media" instead of the culprit who created debacle? How is this relevant to what you said previously?
  2. You are kidding right? You are blaming "professional media" for their might instead of the culprit which is one of the largest MNC, pretty much had complete control on these things and chose this debacle anyways! Surprisingly, this incident shows the game was good enough and "professional media" could not reduce score for the sake of it or because they were pissed off!
  3. That was good match. Bowlers really did well despite not getting as much assistance as SL bowlers under lights.
  4. I tried but didn't get them. The ticket delivery will start 7 days before the world cup in box office.
  5. And once again lower middle order fails! The pitch became easy to bat as the time progressed so it's baffling to understand the decision at toss (even Babar wanted to bat first). The funniest thing was 'Ram siya Ram' song from Adipurush being played on the ground whenever India scored a boundary.
  6. Thank you everyone for the response. Since it is the leisure trip and we have enough days, I will be going for 7 days at least. Is Singapore visa easy to get? Can I do it on my own or is it better to go through an agent/service?
  7. Thank you for the information, apologies I did not provide enough information in my previous post. I am from Bangalore so we have covered most of places of south. We have also covered most of north tourist places, Sikkim from NE, and Rajasthan & Maharashtra from west. My son like cold weather (he managed -5 in Bhutan when he was 2 years old). Few questions I have is: Is Thailand a good place to visit with 5 year old kid? Singapore visa is easy to get considering less time I have for travel? Will Meghalaya have enough water in falls during mid October? Any other recommendations will also be appreciated.
  8. Hi, Any good Asian country or place in India to visit during October for a week with family (with 5 year old kid)?
  9. nitinveer


    Realistically, you don't have to have an opinion for all games!
  10. Prasidh Krishna also seems to be in the groove. His ability to force issue in middle overs and take wickets will be key for India in WC.
  11. 1. Assassin's Creed II (The first platinum in PS5)
  12. Seriously! It is blatant misuse of money power BCCI has over ICC (it is one thing to do this internally and another thing to do it in open) and not caring for cricket fans. And what about match on November 12 between India Vs Netherlands? Isn't that on the same day of the biggest festival people of India celebrate?!?
  13. I'm also sure there will be more controversies during ticket sales and facilities etc over the course of next few days till end of world cup.
  14. It is such a disgrace really! BCCI never cared for fans really. The fact that the batches are being rescheduled for an ICC event 45 days before the event begins, speaks volume about how BCCI treats the fans! I wonder what sort of analysis they do ( Dharamshala test match for Aus series and now religious activities)? Didn't they already know about these dates and activities? Did HPCA lie to BCCI about ground condition? I'm sure they already know and still did it anyways.
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