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  1. Australia with a 100+ lead in the first innings will be very difficult to beat. Jason Roy is not a test match batter, I think they'll drop him down in the 2nd innings
  2. They said that a multi year deal was signed during the first game so it's definitely not a one and done deal.
  3. 1. Quantic dream contract is over with Sony and let them go. They even allowed them to release their games on pc. 2. Team ico was never officially a studio and are part of Sony Japan. Fumito Ueda new studio is small and most likely sony already signed them up. 3. Remedy acquisition is doubtful. Exclusive ps5 game under wws is most likely happening 4. They're waiting for kojima to show them proper gameplay first. 😂 5. Not happening
  4. It wasn't just Geoff. When he came on-stage the front row audience and many others went near the stage and started taking selfies. 😂😂
  5. Holy crap that's the most craziest thing i've seen. How did kojima even convince them to greenlight it as a big AAA title.
  6. They wanted to stay independent but money.... 💵💵 Insomniac is a huge studio with multiple teams working on proper AAA projects simultaneously so this is a big big get for them.
  7. Lots of inside stuff in today's episode. - Kohli got Sehwag to apply for the post of head coach before CT 2017 and then used him to remove Kumble and get Shastri at the last moment. Virat literally pissed off viru, kumble, dravid, zaheer, and the cac (sachin, Saurav and vvs) - stuff like if you don't follow orders (like a certain diet or something else) you're dropped from the playing 11 - after the test series win in Australia someone in the dressing room (vk or bewda) said don't show respect to senior players and say we did the impossible. - lots of other stuff which they didn't say openly like someone in the team saying "15 catch, 5 century i" which i think is directed towards rohit. Etc etc. Lets just hope virat doesn't destroy the team with his confrontational attitude.
  8. Infinity ward is doing both sp and mp. Maybe they'll get some help from Raven and high moon studios now that acti has disowned destiny
  9. Historic day indeed but it's shameful to see how some lawmakers are behaving in parliament.
  10. U mean modern warfare (2007) ? nope it’s a completely new campaign with new story and characters. Captain price is returning but he is not the same guy from the earlier games.
  11. Dravid is a nice guy, i don't think he'll bother with him if what is written is true. They made him meet Sachin and that apparently resulted in nothing. Still remember watching a video during their u19 wc win where someone (Shaw or shubman ) was referring to dravid as just Rahul as not sir or anything. The golden generation was so much better than this current era of arrogant sobs.
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