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  1. KnackChap


    Depends, a lot of it it so far arcade stuff , so u play for high scores rather than a proper sp experiences. It's still early days and there are lots of concepts that would traditionally never get made. Like I played a figure skating game where the MC was a cyborg. Interface is very good, it's sort of YouTube meets Netflix and so far everything is organized, intuitive and user friendly.
  2. KnackChap


    Played the intro and first small tutorial. That MM magic is there is every single frame. This truly can become the YouTube for games if Sony & MM do it right. Firstly they need to put it on other devices, PC and mobiles is a must ASAP and then have dross sharing content between all devices. It's crazy that a team so small as MM has put out what might be the biggest new game this decade & def the most groundbreaking. The real magic is when you jump into someone's dreams (creations) it starts in just a few seconds unlike LBP where it could take minutes.
  3. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Nice. The game is very Nolan'esque in terms that kojima goes for a crazy weird concept but doesn't settle with an indie like approach like nolan but takes a big summer blockbuster approach backed with a big budget.
  4. Excellent batting by both openers. Very 90'-00's type, both have solid techniques and try to play the ball straight. Yashasvi is def made for the big league. Good to see the porkies get a hammering, all sort of anti India sloganeering was going by their ppl while we were fielding.
  5. Because of the conflict of interest issue no one wants to be in it ( including selection panel)
  6. Yes, he's out till March-April
  7. Apparently Saini hasn't recovered from the jet lag
  8. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Use the sticky gun. I never used it once during my play through but goddamn it's awesome for picking up that far flung cargo
  9. Too good to be true even if everything sounds do'able.
  10. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Use auto arrange everytime you pick up orders. It's not just extremely helpful at the start but even towards the end. The UI is very confusing but you'll get used to it. There is too much information at any given time to streamline it. Holding L2+R2 continuously is not a good way to play the game. Again, manage your load, and hold only when Sam loses balance or you can quickly press O and Sam will crouch to regain balance. You'll keep on unlocking stuff right till the end that helps you with balance. You can get new/print boots at distribution centres or any location that has chiral printers once you unlock it. Timefall areas are sort of random but you know youre approaching one if the whole area is devoid of any obstacles or stuff. You can pretty much guess it by the time u reach chapter 3. I dreaded going through them tbh will all those BT's. Story is crazy but well done and most importantly complete. Almost everything is answered by the end. The ending both has a nice twist and almost makes you cry(first in sadness and then happiness).
  11. KnackChap

    Days Gone

    Can't even begin to imagine the hordes on ps5.
  12. How. It's 1800 with 50% off. So 900rs Didn't renew my membership this year cause they removed a bunch of my fav restaurants.
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