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  1. im getting 20k voucher from cex too. was hoping to sell it for cash so that i could buy another Ipad air.
  2. multiple 15k offers. one guy wanted me to exchange with switch lite which goes for like 10-12k in used market. told him to FO
  3. thank god i didnt get a series X. that would've been even more difficult to sell.
  4. need to click multiple photos with name and date tag, console & controller powered on, fw screen etc etc. dont have the time or patience to do all that.
  5. my S is up for sale on olx since the last 2 weeks. no takers yet.
  6. my console is set to auto turn off in 1 hr if inactive. didnt pop first time due to that cause it went into rest mode when i came back in an hour. my controller is also set to disconnect if unused for 10 mins. so it didnt even pop the second time as it needs the controller to be active too. you can hear the cat snoring in the dual sesnse speaker. so second time failed too. got it in the 3rd attempt.
  7. No 37. Stray speed run took 1 hr & 53 mins. total time taken to plat around 12 hrs. 2 complete play through required + multiple chapter selects for clean-up.
  8. speedrun took me 1.53 hrs. sleeping for one hour took me the most time and effort. lol
  9. Gill is an ideal rohit sharma replacement when he retires in the next couple of years.
  10. nothing story related is spoiled so far (or atleast nothing big). its mostly just the weapons and other stuff.
  11. The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake has reportedly been delayed indefinitely https://www.ign.com/articles/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-remake-reportedly-paused-indefinitely
  12. no point stocking up souls before you kill the first boss (1-1) since you cant start leveling up.
  13. Director of uc 2, tlou and uc 4 announces his new studio after a break of 6 years.
  14. KnackChap


    Powerpyx guide now up. 3.5 difficulty for platinum. Speed run has to be done under 2 hrs https://www.powerpyx.com/stray-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  15. More than the batting we need another bowler who can sort of bat at the end. If jaddu or pant got out yesterday with 30-40 to get,we would've struggled to chase it coz we had zero batting to come. Right now shami, yuzi, bumrah, Krishna, siraj etc cant be trusted to score more than 10-15 runs combined. We need to try and fit shardul, chahar, Sundar, Axar or even harshal somewhere over there. If pandya stays fit and bowls in every game, this can be achieved.
  16. What an innings by rishabh. Only problem is whenever he plays, it's always heart in the mouth stuff doesn't matter if he's batting at 0 or 100.
  17. this whole thread is amazing.
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