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  1. Don't worry they'll come out with the standard "played it at my friend's place"
  2. Damn sure that the fake "og xbox fans" didn't even see a og xbox in real life let alone owning one. 🤭
  3. You're wasting your time here. Some people don't want to learn and are setting themselves to get spanked once the inevitable downgrade happens. Deep down is another example btw
  4. Not just xbox sex but it's also for xbox 1, 1s, and xbox X.
  5. Agreed but atleast the specs should be in the same ball park to get similar sort of visual fidelity and performance otherwise you might end up like this.
  6. The only deciding factor (initially) is the price. Remember PS3 $599.. Or like how the expandable storage on ps5 will be custom sony ssd which will be plug and play like old memory cards (Actual rumor btw).
  7. When the ps3 released and for the next 2-3 years xbox was at its absolute peak and sony at its absolute low and evn then ps3 was leading in almost all territories except us and uk. They need to fk up on a gargantuan scale to let xbox come anywhere near them worldwide. Their popularity is not just because of the brand but because they have actually put in effort in smaller regions. Like most sony games come with full voiceover in multiple european languages, they recently started doing that for arabic too. Whereas other games dont even have local text option let alone full audio voice acting and stuff.
  8. new beloved console is announced by their overlord and still have to keep crying. You want a list..... here is one about their bunch of internal ip's 1. Halo and fable. Bought the IP and team after it was announced for other platform. 2. Gears. Bought the ip after it was super sucessful. 3. Minecraft. Same as above. 4. Project Gotham racing. Same game and team as MSR with name changed. 5. Forza. GT ripoff. 6. Hellblade and others to follow from new aquisition. None of the ip funded by them but bots will act like it all exists due to them.
  9. When i woke up and checked my twitter feed (before watching the show) someone posted that xbox announced a fridge. I started watching the trailer and legit thought it was a smart fridge with current box combined until the release date was mentioned
  10. People are not complaining about the name because it's bad but because it doesn't tell you that's it's a generational leap over its predecessor. The Wii u faced the same problem
  11. Looks like they're desperate to get some sort of momentum going.
  12. KnackChap


    Third parties devs are already announcing ps5 exclusives even before the console is revealed. Lol. Looks like some f2p crap tbh.
  13. Yup. These guys don't know how to cut a trailer. Nothing much is shown anyway. Expecting this to get delayed and launch with ps5 if there is no big ps5 launch title
  14. What a stupid name series X. So what will it be called in short Xbox sex.. 😂😂 Also calling it now the gimped console will be called xbox series S
  15. Yup. Rahul as keeper and get Manish Pandey or Surya Kumar Yadav as the big hitter down the order
  16. And it won the IGN user's GOTY. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  17. When Krazy ken came on screen i was hoping that he would announce some sort of hardware (a ps4 portable, special edition or anything) but it's good to see that despite their differences Sony is giving the guy his due & gave him the center stage at this SOP. This is what differentiates companies like Sony and ninty from their rival.
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