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  1. Such innocence and makes you smile naturally.
  2. Got gandhar ipo in wife ac.. sold at 80% premium.
  3. skill level wise some of the bowlers definitely are. Its just that the batting conditions, bats, 2 ball rule etc favour the batsman so much that bowlers are hardly in the game. Yet still bumrahs stats are as good as any from the bowlers of yesteryear. Had he played in the 90-00’s he would have ended up as an all time great.
  4. No bhai it happened on different days/year. The first picture was for kz3 launch party and mahalaxmi one was when they showed first SP footage of medal of honor happened in 2010
  5. This was the KZ 3 event. Identify puspa and win 3 nights at his balcony.
  6. Despite the win problem still remains the same. Batters who cannot bowl and bowlers who cannot bat.
  7. Wouldn't that be more in line with getting a lower age rating than anything else. Like in the movies studios generally target for u/a rating than M or A rating so more people can watch it.
  8. Never knew lolson left Xbox. Whatever it is a guy working for an organization for 20 years shouldve kept his mouth shut instead of promoting a rival product and throwing shade at his former boss.
  9. yashaswi bowled good leg spin in u19 levels. Its the problem with our system if he has stopped bowling after that. More and more batters should bowl and bowlers should bat from the jr levels. 1 critical analysis of Rohits captaincy whether for mumbai or india is that he’s not given the bowl to part time bowlers like tilak, dube, iyer, shardul or even axar at times. Dhoni used to throw the ball to anyone and everyone and most of the times it worked even in big knockout games.
  10. Mukesh is a decent bowler. Can be useful in tests and perfect replacement for shami.
  11. stop spamming ffs. hardik is injured and out and not because he’s not having match practice. Shows youre just spamming this thread for the sake of it. take some time out man
  12. 1 bad day/hour/session like always and it costs us. Moving on to next WC. And despite their recent form I don't want to see either Rohit, Virat or Rahul in the T20 team. Plz go with a fresh bunch of kids.
  13. Also as much as you want to blame the batting it's the bowling that has let us down in main knockout matches. From 2017 CT, to WTC, to final test in England, last year's T20 semi final drubbing against England.
  14. 15 extras so far. We can't afford it.
  15. Head is the danger man and the man in form.
  16. We made 240. They need to make 241. Backing our bowlers for the next 4 hrs. Jo hoga dekha jaayega. 💙
  17. Surya Kumar ko bol ke out Kiya hai. Every ball was a slower ball and he still didn't know what to do with it.
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