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  1. Seph is such a badass. And that theme...
  2. Can't wait to hear some Arijit Singh song while scaling up a cliff in death stranding 2
  3. Rebirth is remake part 2. Crisis core is prequel
  4. #noxbox was trending yesterday after FF snub on gaming twitter. Lmao
  5. 2024 means insomniac skipping 2~2 1/2 years between games something that would be first for the studio.
  6. Agreed but the alt timeline/multiverse in part 1 ending, her lines in this trailer and the title rebirth all point towards it. Might even turn into a love triangle in chapter 3 if zack also makes out alive.
  7. It's a remake with switch hw as the top ceiling and other versions are a remaster of that. 😛
  8. 5 actually & 2 mobile games. One is that shooter (first soldier) and other is a remake ( ever crisis) for mobile like ff15 pocket edition. Ever crisis will 100% come to consoles
  9. I posted it that way cause it's easier to search in future.
  10. Aerith is not dying in this 100%
  11. The journey continues in.. Coming 2023 on PS5. Part 2 of the 3 game series. Trailer.
  12. I'm around 30 hrs in in FW and just reached the 2nd tall neck. Lol. In 30hrs I must've platinumed zero dawn..
  13. Yeah the VFX while decent looks strange in that trailer. The fire has some sort of pinkish tint throughout. It looks like green lantern meets Dr strange.
  14. If it was remake 2 he would've shown cloud not zack. Given the way remake 1 ends, I'm not sure how crisis core could work. let's see.
  15. This happened earlier too in the late 90's when they sent 2 odi teams. One to the sahara cup in Canada vs Pakistan and another to the Asian or commonwealth games. Both teams lost miserably.
  16. A few games did have the tag running on PC with ps5 comparable specs like FF 16 and Hogwarts (not sure)
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