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  1. What happened to Shivam mavi? Used to bowl 140-145 in U19, used to hit 140 in ipl but is barely touching 130-132 over here.
  2. I think we all know who the management will adjust as the makeshift keeper during his absence. It's obviously BKL.
  3. Saw way of the water again today but this time with kid. Hall was filled with children and older folks. It really is the perfect family film during the holidays. Daughter also choked up during the climax so well done JC. Thinking of showing her Titanic next but need to find a censored version.
  4. Got this lovely official dualshock 4 themed mug and also a gift for my daughter which she absolutely loves. Thank you santa
  5. I hope Rishabh doesn't have any mental scars after the incident. Yuvraj was never the yuvi we knew after his cancer treatment.
  6. Looking at the cctv footage and the state of the car, Rishabh is very very VERY lucky to still be alive or get out with no major injuries.
  7. Going to be funded by epic and most likely ps5/pc epic launcher exclusive
  8. Samsung's One UI is easily one of the top 3 Android based launcher out there. The edge panels are alone are worth switching over.
  9. I also like how clean and crisp Cameron keeps his action sequences. Not shot unnecessary in darkness during heavy VFX scenes or quick cuts to hide imperfections.
  10. Ash plays spin better than our top order except Iyer.
  11. Rohit can and should be questioned for his fitness but he is a far safer catcher than virat ever was. Then again these idiots rejected johnty rhodes's application as fielding coach, we deserve these guys. Even the younger guys who are coming in aren't that great fielders. In the current squad Umesh Yadav is our best fielder and he is a tall fast bowler. Shameful
  12. Hogwarts ps4 version is already delayed and won't release day and date with the next gen version. Won't be surprised if it gets cancelled altogether.
  13. Pooran for 16 cr ?! KL Rahul ko ipl se drop karne ki saazish hai yeh.
  14. Virat and BCCI both have big ego's. He won't return as captain. Pant or jadeja are the only logical answers for test team.
  15. Hardik might be okay for T20 but he too is very injury prone. And for odi and test we need a fresh captain, someone who is younger, grounded and not a superstar in this lineup. And they need to make sure that the selectors have the final call in selecting teams and not have captain's and coches let their favourite players play while deserving ones keep grinding. I think shreyas might be a good pick or Sanju if he plays as the permanent WK.
  16. I watched the 2d laser show at Inox. Didn't miss 3d at all. Second viewing will be on imax 3d with hfr or 4dx.
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