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  1. Know a person who got presented with a puppy. Said person was not a dog person, and the dog spent 3 months in a paid kennel before it got adopted.
  2. Safe to assume at this point that this exercise didn't work
  3. Didn't read thro all the points, but did anyone mention the April's fools joke you guys pulled on us?
  4. A day one game after a very long time. I hope the bugs are ironed out and it's turns out to be a classic.
  5. Salmon Carbonara - Not enough sauce though
  6. Made sushi yesterday. First time making it, and was happy at how it turned out. Made apple crumble cookies earlier which got burnt because I left it in the oven a bit too long.
  7. I am starting a blog / website for travel specifically targeting Indians and encouraging Indians to travel more. How we look to be different from the 1000s other blogs out there is that we will be focusing on educating the interested Indian public on the whole economy of frequent flier points, how to use them and claim them right and how high end credit cards fit into this. Please check it out and leave comments here. Yes the content is sparse, but will be updated frequently. Filter To Flat White I am especially proud of my analysis on the AMEX platinum
  8. TBF Ozil was sh*t under Wenger as well, and has been pouting for years now.
  9. Yup, still ours! First goalie to get three Golden Gloves in the same year.
  10. If you're not looking for a sedan, you're left with only i20 and the baleno as proper choices. Ecosport is not designed properly, and is uncomfortable to drive in. I'd suggest the i20 if you want a sporty feel, but the baleno for mileage.
  11. Oh sh*t [emoji23] https://twitter.com/philippecrols/status/1002652509964562433?s=21
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