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  1. Western Digital, 22K. Baaki customs dekhte hai kitna chuna lagate hai. not gonna get earlier than end of MArch.
  2. Ordered a 2 TB nvme for the deck. Should come in a month if I am lucky. Then the tinkering begins.
  3. Damn. I got the short end of the straw. Its a delta fan. Maybe I will try to find a replacement fan if noise is too much.
  4. Got a 64gb version. Will be ordering a 1TB nvme and upgrade it manually in a few weeks.
  5. Now that a lot of IVG owners have started getting Steam Deck as their secondary console, its about time it deserves its own thread to discuss about various tips, tricks and games. Hope this is alright by mods. Kicking it off with a must have list of games for Steam Deck. Hades Vampire Survivors Persona 5 Royal Batman Arkham Series Mad Max Fallout NV/3/4 Cyberpunk 2077 Mass Effect:LE Divinity Original Sin 2 Control Ryse Enslaved Halo: MCC GTA V/IV Rimworld Stray Skyrim Metro Elden Ring Black Mesa Portal Spacemarine Death Stranding Shadow of Mordor Subnautica Against the Storm Borderlands 2 Deep Rock Galactic Minecraft Dwarf Fortress Cult of the Lamb Rage Days Gone Disco Asylum Resident Evil 2 & 3
  6. ZooZoo


    Felt like there is unnecessary hate for the game. Many other games get away with the excuses reviewers gave for this game. This game probably has one of the most innovative combat in years and graphics look stunning on PC. Writing is cringy but they let it slide for Immortals Fenyx by calling it funny dialogue and a fresh take other than assassins creed while Forespoken gets trashed for it.
  7. ZooZoo


    If they have slapped a Marvel license on it, replaced Frey with DR Strange then these same reviewers would've been singing praises for it. Granted that writing is pretty bad at times and cringy but in a game 80% is gameplay which is pretty darn fun and innovative and yet most of these pesky reviewers are ignoring it.
  8. ZooZoo


    Any idea when it will release on PC? Usually games go live on steam at 9:30PM and even google search regarding it suggest the same for forspoken but I am still getting the error that game is not released yet
  9. ZooZoo


    Maybe the guy just rushed through main story. If there is side content with decent story which makes it 20 hours game then I am good. But if thats not the case then it is a price too steep.
  10. Ya, I just wanted a leftie righty combo at top but Gill will play most likely and Ishan will be backup. Rest of the team will stay as it is unless its a turner then they will swap Shami with Axar/Washi
  11. Crazy to see how much Siraj and Axar have improved in last 1 year. Siraj is now bonafide world class bowler and Axar's batting has come a long way (still not as good as Jaddu but much better than how he was about an year ago). If Bumrah is fit, the we can bowl Bumrah and Siraj with new ball, Shami with Kuldeep/Jaddu/Axar in Middle overs and then Bumrah and Pandya at death. But we should seriously be looking at Washington as another spinning option as he is a proper batsmen who can bowl in powerplay. This lineup looks good to me: Rohit Ishan Virat Iyer KL Jaddu Pandya Kuldeep Bumrah Shami Siraj
  12. I dont believe for a second that Kang is the big bad they got for this phase. He is just a big flashy misdirection. MCU feels weak at this point since they are throwing a lot of branches out there with no common connecting pattern like past. Thor is doing his thing with his daughter, gaurdians are out doing some bakchodi about rocket origins, spiderman ka kuch ata pata nahi, Dr. Strange almost f**ked up universe and now dunno which dimension he jumped into. So the big hook will be the reveal of the real villain of this phase whoever is behind the scenes all along and the branching paths of all character will collide in the Avengers 5. So only in the movies closer to that Avenger we will start seeing some sort of common pattern. My bet is on Galactus.
  13. Sorry for late reply, had a pretty hectic day so slept off after sharing pic here. I did find Pratishod ki Jwala in the bundle, its all good
  14. Santa @AtheK, this is such a nostalgic trip. Thanks for triggering my childhood addiction back. I used to own many of these before I gave them away when I moved to college. Had such a wide smile when I spotted those comics in this bundle of joy. You probably started another collection chull in me. Will order few more now.
  15. Ye gurmeet ke popcorn bade fashion me hai, are they really good or just fancy packaging?
  16. How do you feel about this new design of Nagraj? I preferred the one they had during Surama, pralay, Rajnagar ki tabahi days. Naya wala design looks a bit feminine
  17. I hope we dont go back to Saha, that would be one walking wicket for us
  18. Bharat should get the chance due to consistent years in FC and he seems to be one of the top keepers in the country.
  19. I think I have figured out my Santa. Thanks to Zomato. They revealed the name but many people here have the IDs with random names so I just used X ray search on google to target IVG with that person's name and got 2 articles which are dated way back in 2008 that was good enough to crosscheck. Opened all the secret santa participant profiles who have not revealed themselves yet as a santa and checked their joining date. That allowed me to narrow it down to 2 people. I was wondering how to figure out between these two then just clicking on the author page from that old IVG article revealed everything thanks to the URL which had the IVG id instead of the author name. I know for sure who it is now Damn, I feel like detective Benoit Blanc
  20. Exactly why I avoid driving when I'm really tired or sleepy, I call uber instead. He could have easily rented a driver if he wanted to go in his own car while he was sleepy. Stupidity from him to take such risk.
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