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  1. Okay, I take my words back, he was definitely speeding. There is a cctv footage of the crash. Looks bad. He is really lucky to be alive.
  2. People from other parts of India who have never driven in winters in Haryana/Punjab area during December will blindly accuse Pant of drunk driving or speeding. I've lived there while growing up and fog is notoriously dangerous in winters, we can barely see anything beyond 5 feet so you will eventually get into accident even if you are driving under speed limit. Could be that he was a bit sleepy driving at that hour which is a recipe for disaster indeed.
  3. needless to say he is out for complete 2023. operations in leg take hell lot of time to recover and then getting to athletic fitness is another ball game.
  4. WTF. Hope everything goes well. Due for operation later today. Seriously unexpected and sad
  5. Wallet works but only for Bookmyshow
  6. Siri doesnt like Indian accent. Google on the other hand, loves it.
  7. yes. Same for me. I get the option to choose either
  8. Sala tera history ko stalk karne ke chakkar me mereko Blu-Ray ka chaska lag gaya. Added few to my wishlist and will get them once I manage to swap my Digital PS5 for a Disc PS5
  9. I've been a lifelong android user who switched recently to iPhone and I can't be any more happier. Everything just works. Battery life is stellar, there is literally 0 idle battery drain whereas android will keep on sucking up battery for random stuff even when it is idle no matter what power saving settings and background access you disable. I was using S22 Ultra which is a great phone for multitasking and customization but it sucked in low light videos and pics. Even in day time the shutter lag meant that you are bound to get blurry pics when you quickly want to snap a moment. Switch over to iPhone and 99% of time I take one snap and it is good to go. Then comes the lag, even though it S22U is a flagship, it will randomly be laggy as hell when you switch between too many apps or you have just started your phone. You need to let it warm up a bit before you can use it. Nothing like that on iphone, you boot it up and it is ready to go, no lags. Just like you yourself said, if you are at that age where you do not spend too much time customizing stuff and need a phone which just works great out of the box and does basics right (Battery, music, camera) then iPhone is no brainer. Regarding the model, if you want the latest features and best battery life then get the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro max, lower models are basically iPhone 13 which are being sold as iPhone 14, all internal hardware is same down to the chipset. So if you are looking for VFM deal then try to snag a 13 Pro.
  10. As if you didnt knew it already Stalking you was tough. P.S: Did amazon messed up the boxes like that
  11. Thanks. Yup, I'm in South Bangalore so Jayanagar is pretty close. Will check Devi out.
  12. Sky may not fit in Test squad but in current form, he going to give us more runs than BKL and Kohli combined.
  13. Looking to buy LG C2 or C1 48 inches at a good deal locally in Bangalore. If anyone has some contacts, please do share. Planning to use this as a monitor for my PC.
  14. You already got gift from your Santa
  15. ZooZoo

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Got it on steam. It is indeed much better than console version. trying to figure out if my save can load from PS5 to PC or not. Should be possible i recon.
  16. Anyone got this on PC? How is the optimization?
  17. ZooZoo

    Dead Space

    Hmm but you have a 3080, I have a 3080 TI, they should be enough to run most of these games comfortably. Waise bhi, PC pe games nahi lega to vo card kya room heat karne ko liya? Sell it like you sold you series X
  18. Ban him for breaking IVG rules mods. Multiple accounts.
  19. My Santa stay mostly inactive and jumps in from month to month to help people out and provide suggestions. Imagine stalking someone like that
  20. ZooZoo

    Dead Space

    Are you guys getting this even after playing Calisto Protocol? I have just started that one and releasing it soon after Calisto doesnt make sense. Though I am interested as I am a sucker for Space and horror setting.
  21. ZooZoo

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Now that it has stabilized, I feel like getting this on PC as well. Haven't played much since I bought it on PS5. Can't sell that version either as my PS5 is digital so I end up buying digital games and later buy them on PC lol
  22. Got my Banta. Time for some stalking .
  23. I dont know why are we persisting with this failure of a fraud player for so long. I have never seen anyone else being given such a long rope. Sala aise c*** player ko captain bana diya jisko team me bhi nai hona tha. Prithvi Shaw performed badly in one or two matches and he is shunned forever from the team. Jaiswal and Sarfaraz have been making truck loads of runs but not getting even a single chance.
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