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  1. me and my friend will be moving to Apple music so getting out of a 6 people spotify group. If anyone want to replace two of us, ping me.
  2. I'm playing it like a explorer. We dont have any major games before Calisto next month so will take my sweet time to finish this. 16 hours in and I feel I have made like 20% progress in story. Doing every side quest I can see.
  3. Why is he not instabanned yet? He is casually dropping info about certain sections by watching youtube videos. He doesnt care about the game or story is pretty clear as he is spoiling it for himself and doing for others too. I'm 14 hours in and I do not want my game to be spoiled by some idiot.
  4. Waiting for the accolades trailer
  5. Paid Reviews
  6. Kiski cherry? Reviewer ki?
  7. Eyes too big. Men too masculine. Face not triangle. Guy sounds too guyish. Too much face hair
  8. As the title says, I'm planning to start a Apple One Family subscription in a day or 2 so I have 3 slots remaining. It comes to 91.5 rupees per head per month and you get the Apple TV, Apple Music and 33 Gb of cloud storage. Interested people can PM me.
  9. check offline stores, they usually have a lot of stock. Just look them up on google and call them to check.
  10. We are just wasting Shaw in T20s based on few bad innings in Test matches on good bowling pitches. Guy is an absolute monster in T20s and should be playing every match for India without doubt. He wont waste balls like KL if its not his day and get out, when its his day he will finish the match in 6 overs itself.
  11. Prithvi ko le aaye aur vo perform kara to apne Rohit Babu aur Kumar Lodu ki jagah khatre me padh jayegi. Nation ka interest kaise soch sakte hai hum, apne senior players ka interest dekhna hai na. Prithvi ko chance denge jab vo hoga 30 ka
  12. Joined the cult now Had it prebooked at Apple store for about 10 days and they asked me to wait till end of Nov but I saw Ambani ji getting loads of stock suddenly overnight and grabbed one from there, delivered within a day. Amazon was also doing shadow drops but bots are picking it up in seconds, scalping game is strong in this one too. Wanted to get the midnight blue but that wasnt there in stock but in the hindsight, black is sexy af. Goes well with the green leather case i picked up.
  13. not just rumor, Prime has a big banner saying that on their website. right not its up for rent on prime
  14. A quick question for people who buy stuff often at applestore, if you prebook by giving 5K but decide to buy the product elsewhere then do they refund?
  15. jo log location pe gyan chod rahe hai use kare bina, please dont. Spotify is not really strict about location. I've been using family plan for 2 years now where 6 members are from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kerala and Delhi (x2).
  16. So Zimbabwe did take revenge for Pak Bean.
  17. at one point, he was legit destructive while being damn consistent in T20s. He is one of the few people to cross 900 points thats why even in bad form, it is taking so long for him to get out of top 10. He is an all time T20 great.
  18. It unfair to judge a pitch based on how Surya plays. Guy is in form of his life, it doesnt matter what pitch it is. Bhau Maarega
  19. and how was the hooting in your theatre on the post credit
  20. Also, Irfan is aging like a fine wine. Man looks damn good
  21. Irfan is good and ads excitement to commentary. He was on air when Nawaz bowled that full toss no ball and Pathan just shouted "Freeeeeeeeebieeeeeeee" That was such a wholesome raw commentary. No other commentator would react that way. Maja aa gaya.
  22. Vivek Rajdaan, yeah he is a bit decent.
  23. Axar has a deep relationship with stumps. Something like that he said na
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