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  1. Just putting it out there if this wasn't shared already. Next weekend should be an exciting one. Would see a barrage of PS5 hands on videos and possibly a look at the UI unless Sony decides to surprise everyone with a State of Play before the weekend.
  2. TBh, this deal is actually good for gamers. There is no way MS would let Bethesda release buggy and shitty games like Fallout76 anymore. So hopefully we will get better and more polished games. Anyone having a PC+PS5 combo for next gen shouldn't be worried as all of those games will land on PC but if you just own a PS5 then you might be in some trouble. Not all of the games would be exclusives but MS would keep few big ones for XBOX/Windows platform.
  3. Ouch! Not so next gen loading times, is it? When an oldass PS4Pro with SSD can still load a game faster.
  4. Yes, the number you see in the thumbnail of video is correct.
  5. Don't want to sh*t on the Series X boot-parade but just head over to Digital Foundary and see this 6 years old video of PS4 cold boot on a cheap Crucial SSD from 6 years back.
  6. Wait, so you are saying you dont like level-gated and grinding through useless fetch quests? Only if Ubisoft listens to this and stop making every other f**king game an generic Far Cry skin with RPG mechanics.
  7. Only if Sony will let you buy one in India. For now, Sony India's stance is: "Mai nai dungi"
  8. Two days of back to back nail biters. Amazing comebacks, even though it didn't end up as a win for Mumbai but what a spirited comeback. Wow. It would have been a fairytale ending to match if Kishan had smacked that one a little harder. Deserved a 100. Pant bhaisaab, job khatre me nai lag ri? Pahle KL, then Samson and now Kishan. Kab khaulega re tera khoon? Kab banayuega tu run?
  9. Called it. No total is safe with RCB bowling.
  10. Well, with no Siraj and Umesh, somebody needed to step up to keep the Dinda Academy going.
  11. So MI back to usual business of sleeping in the first half of the league. Looks promising for them
  12. I still wont trust RCB to defend this total. Even when you dont play Siraj or Umesh, someone always steps up to be new member of Dinda Academy.
  13. Looking at how Samson and KL are performing, why are we even bothering with Pant? He's a glorified slogger. KL should be first choice keeper in all formats with Samson as the backup. Pant should be nowhere close to the team.
  14. RCB atleast had heart. They went down fighting. There was an attempt to go for it. CSK just surrendered. It looks like whenever the total is beyond 160, it is just too big for them.
  15. TBH, its one guy on twitter who twisted this comment and posted as Gavaskar said this after Kohli got out: "Kohli ne bas anushka ki gendoon se practice ki hai". That went viral and probably that is what Anushka saw and reacted. Should've seen the real video first. It had nothing offensive.
  16. Disc version since my PS4 game sharing partner is not upgrading this year due to pressure from wife So the difference of 10K between disc and discless gets offset very soon. Within two launch games i guess. I can finish those in few days and sell off at 80% cost. Including shipping, Price came to 509 GBP which is around 47K. Customs would be about 15K. They will ship via Royal Mail so If I'm lucky, I might miss the customs. Anyway, mentally prepared for a 62K console This is just a backup. If India launch do happens on time, then i will cancel it.
  17. I got banned twice few years back, once for not agreeing with a mod in a discussion and second time abusing the same mod soon after the ban was lifted So don't know what it takes for someone to be perma banned.
  18. Anyway, locked my order from UK. Ready to pay bomb at customs now Now i hope India launch is delayed
  19. TBH it's not the Sony but the Sony in India. In other countries, they have been pretty good in terms of support and communication. India me hamesha ki tarah hagg re hai. Really need to hire a competent staff who actually cares about gaming.
  20. Bade besharam hai bhai. Ek number ke bakchod. They are losing goodwill and surely losing a few thousand preorders tomorrow morning to xbox.
  21. So after the acquisition of Bhethesda, Microsoft is publishing 2 Playstation exclusive titles Never thought i would ever put those words in a sentence together. 2020 is crazy.
  22. Making Dinda Academy proud. Such a topper student he is. Amazing dedication.
  23. Steyn cranking up 145Kmph even at this age. Legend!
  24. Padikkal has the flair of Yuvraj. Can see a lot of similar shots. This guy looks ready. Had a stellar domestic season. Scored loads of runs in every tournament.
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