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  1. dylanjosh

    Diablo IV

    Was playing Barbarian. Not that good. People are saying other classes are better
  2. That was the assumption. But after seeing this it was probably to give them more time to fix sh*t
  3. I think they have nixxes working on something else, more important (?)
  4. Iron galaxy who have a string of bad ports to their name
  5. The fact that they didn't give out review codes was very sus.
  6. dylanjosh

    Diablo IV

    The polish was very good. Game looks great.
  7. dylanjosh

    Diablo IV

    Guys what to do with old armor and weapons ? should i hold on to it? wil i get a chance to sell it somewhere ?
  8. John Wick 4 was fun. Liked it. If you enjoyed the previous movies you will enjoy this
  9. dylanjosh

    Diablo IV

    Played a bit. Defeated the first boss. Having mixed feelings. What classes are you guys playing? I'm playing Berserker. How do I change weapons to use dual handed? Do i need to do it through skills?
  10. dylanjosh

    Diablo IV

    Is there any way to play this without spending 5k, other than the beta
  11. Yeah i also love the kidnapping animals feature lol
  12. Insomniac are the only (or one of the only) AAA game studio that doesn't do crunch
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