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  1. What's the use of locking ps v xbox thread when people are continuing here
  2. Hitman trilogy Deaths Door Nobody Saves The W orld
  3. Saw The Lighthouse on Netflix. Snooze fest. Felt like a snobby arthouse thing. Wasted my time.
  4. Not everyone plays games as soon as they come out. Lots of us have backlogs that we go through whenever we get the time.
  5. No pc date still. I have a feeling it's ready but they want to space it out since gow just released
  6. Traditional RTS genre feels like its dead. Now its MoBA and little bit of 4X stuff.
  7. dylanjosh


    I'm hoping for Skyrim in space
  8. Yall are making big predictions wrt Starfield. I would stay away from that tbh. We've seen big developers fall easily with Fallout 76, Andromeda, Anthem, Cyberpunk etc. Better to wait and see. This is going to be new tech for Bethesda. They've been re-treading old ground for a long time before this .
  9. Wow she's also Chloe from Life Is Strange and Sasha from Attack On Titan (eng dub)
  10. She used to be a youtuber way back in the day. She had a series called "Hey Ash Watcha Playin" that I used to watch.
  11. He'll be searching for Riddler trophys in the whole movie
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