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  1. 1660 Super and the cheapest 1660 Ti (galax) 22k
  2. Anyone else not feeling Westworld? Other than the 4th episode, which was amazing, its all been really meh so far.
  3. Best phone right now under 20k?
  4. Can someone please suggest a good all in one color printer at 15k?
  5. Thanks for the recommendations, guys! Good to see ya Joe
  6. hey guys can someone suggest a gaming PC build with a budget of 1.5L. It's for a friend. Building PC from scratch.
  7. Thanks. Any idea if it has international warranty? Cant find that info anywhere.
  8. Damn what did you exchange for such a steep discount? Planning to get a Moto Z Play myself. How is the camera?
  9. dylanjosh


    Loving this game Anyone else playing it?
  10. Thinking of buying a 1tb external hdd. Any recommendations? Should I wait for prices to drop? Do they drop during festival time?
  11. Really tempted to get the Moto Z Play. Checks all my boxes except for good camera. Reviews say it has an 'ok camera'
  12. Why aren't you going in for something with a mic?
  13. I need some help please. So I had an old external HDD 1TB that wasn't working. So I removed it out of the case and connected it directly as an internal. It worked fine for about a month. In between it just stopped appearing in windows explorer. I was busy and couldn't get around to checking what was wrong for a long time. I thought it was a simple loose connection. Today I checked and realized it wasn't.. I had a lot of info on the drive. Lots of backups, movies,tv, games, etc. It was about 60% - 70% full of stuff. This is what it shows in disk management "Disk 1" is the concerned drive. Ignore the other two rows. http://i.imgur.com/s9VMx3S.png It's showing all unallocated except for one part. But there's no way to open that part. This is what it shows on right click. http://i.imgur.com/MKV9Rt2.png Anyone have any idea about this? Is all my data gone? The thing is I can't pin point exactly when my drive stopped showing up. In the middle I reinstalled Windows thrice. And then there was the anniversary update. One of those things might have affected the drive.
  14. is this legit? http://www.ebazar.ninja/product/20800-mah-powerbank?utm_source=email&utm_medium=DGTG(VMS)_20800mah(Text)_04
  15. I mean Android version updates.
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