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  1. omg i know what the button does. i'm saying, you're using it at a particular moment - when enemies starts an attack, you do that move and then the enemy is not attacking anymore?? look at 2:33 exact same thing happens at later parts in the video too
  2. What's that move you're doing where you're turning 180 degrees . Is it a bug exploit
  3. Does anyone have any resources to learn about insurance? Everytime I try to understand it I'm overwhelmed with all the different terms and find it very confusing. Would like to understand it deeply so I have a good knowledge of it.
  4. How are the dual sense features??
  5. Finding combat ok. Entertaining enough. The flying enemies are a PITA though.
  6. Ok I've entered and scouted the Ares area. Lets see.
  7. Sahi hai! Was this a family trip?
  8. Almost done with the first area (Aphrodite). I feel like I've seen whatever the game has to offer tbh. Are the other areas good or pretty much the same stuff with different aesthetic?
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