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  1. Started watching "The Americans". Watched 4 episodes. Seems good so far. Nothing super amazing.
  2. So no sign of that Harry Potter game at Fandome?
  3. Hope Epic wins this suit. At least they've brought to light how hypocritical Apple is with its own mission statement against IBM and what its doing today.
  4. Right now he's bad PR for Ubi and thats why he got fired. He's being made a scapegoat.
  5. Did you mean to say 1 year left? Because just 1 year of development time is pretty less
  6. I hope its more than just a CGI trailer
  7. Corsair is supposed to be good too. What was the model number exactly?
  8. I've heard of wayy too many anecdotes like this that it really casts a big doubt on the official numbers
  9. I dunno man, these old actors tend to throw away all standards and sh*t turds. Just look at Al Pacino's filmography. (Other than Irishman of course)
  10. It was Eidos that acquired the rights and chose Rocksteady after seeing their prototype.
  11. Make Dynasty Warriors style Superman game. Problem solved.
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