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  1. Feels like Sony India keeps finding new ways to show their incompetence
  2. It's MKBHD. With how rich he is I don't think he even checks price any more Its just a number that you ignore like Product ID, Mkfg ID etc
  3. I look out of my window and I see how many people are being "careful". Stricter enforcement is needed
  4. dylanjosh

    Gaming PCs

    dont consult amazon for prices of PC components primeeabgb vedantcomputers itdepot check these sites
  5. So many backlog games. Dishonored 2 one of those. Will get to it for sure. One day. Dishonored 1 I loved so much.
  6. Not even Doom 2016? It's literally one of the best games I've played. Highly recommend finishing it.
  7. Somebody mentioned that SD and HD looks really bad on 4k screens. How is true is that?
  8. There are people on fb groups who are reselling that 1tb 970 evo plus for profit
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