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  1. How are they deciding who gets it? Did he get a call?
  2. Yeah it was a real WTF moment. S3 is off to kind of a slow start
  3. dylanjosh

    Sea of Thieves

    Tried this game. Seems difficult playing solo. Is there no way to see the map marker in the real world (during sailing)?
  4. Refund is usually very quick
  5. Saw WandaVision, liked it. So good to see that Marvel logo after so long.
  6. dylanjosh

    Cyberpunk 2077

    sshhh guys reporters only say good things, not bad things. reporters who say bad things are anti-national / are fake news / have an agenda etc etc
  7. dylanjosh


    Finished the game today, sans side quests My thoughts + Enjoyed the combat, especially the launch ability. The game becomes a lot more fun once abilities unlock. If I had the time I would have grinded and upgraded my guns and abilities more. + Loved the visual effects and art direction + Ashtray Maze level was cool - Really disliked the story is told: the way they keep cutting to Jesse's blank face and her stilted inner monologues. - Jesse is a really meh protagonist. Barely shows any personality. Felt very robotic. Even watching a video of the actress Q n A felt so refreshing. Jesse just didn't feel like a real person - In fact, except for Ahti the Janitor, didn't like any of the characters.
  8. You guys should really play Genshin Impact. It's a good game and they've nailed the anime art style.
  9. They should just go ahead and start giving settings for all this stuff on consoles too. They already have to implement it for PC, so not much extra work.
  10. I watched a video recap and read a summary on reddit. Rewatching the whole of S1 is quite the big time investment. Should I really?
  11. dylanjosh


    Have only encountered one of those till now
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