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  1. What would you have them do instead when their pleas repeatedly fall on deaf ears? Trevor Noah had a good video on it.
  2. I've only played first 2 and this is already one of my fav franchises. I enjoyed TR1 but didn't think too much of it. Then I played Rise and it was just perfect for me. Perfect blend of action, exploration, story, platforming and crafting, rpg elements. Just hit that sweet spot. Avoided Shadow for a long time because it was too expensive. Bought it a week ago when it was 85% off on Steam. Will play it somewhere in the next month.
  3. Currently playing: - Overwatch - (my forever game). I have like 500 hours in it I think and I'm stil enjoying Probably will never get tired of playing, like how a lot of people play destiny, dota etc - Yakuza 0 - Enjoying the story and all the silliness. 20 hrs in and theres stil so much to do. Love it. Only thing is I wish the non-spoken dialogues were more succint. It gets tiring clicking through the many dialog boxes especially in the side stories. - Duck Game - very funny 2D shooter best played with 4 people. rounds last lesser than a minute. highly recommend. Lots of laughs, great to play after a tiring or stressful day.
  4. MS needs good exclusives. Nothing else will help. PS3 was saved by its exclusives. Nothing more.
  5. Where are you seeing mixed to negative reviews?
  6. Is this better with controller or keyboard? Has anyone tried both?
  7. I just hope they keep the nonsense story from the games lmao. It's amazing.
  8. Someone with muck on their hands shouldn't be using santiizer anyway lol
  9. Respect. Cant imagine myself collecting those ridler trophies. Wayy too many for me. I do like that the game rewards people who do this though. You get to see the proper ending or something I believe.
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