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  1. You dont understand. Realism is very important* *when women and black people are involved
  2. dylanjosh

    The Invincible

    graphics sure look good
  3. Bad optimisation like all AC games. Its tradition at this point.
  4. do i need to watch the previous movies? have never watched any of these prey/predator movies
  5. Try it out for yourself. I myself didn't like the last season but i know people who didn't mind it.
  6. Oh boy that Better Call Saul episode 😉
  7. I might just install Arkham Origins and give that another go. I got bored of it last time and stopped after few hours. Getting Those Riddler CCTV things were annoying af.
  8. Looks nice but who are these people? I don't recognise anyone. What is Andor? Planet? How does it connect to the main movies?
  9. Looks very meh
  10. Is it just me or have graphics taken a step back after Arkham Knight
  11. dylanjosh


    they wont give GOTY to glorified remaster at least hope not anyway
  12. Been playing Deaths Door. Really like the concept and visuals, presentation. The combat is so satisfying! Only thing I don't like its Metroidvania-style. Which means backtracking and sh*t. And there's no map either. So that makes it even worse.
  13. dylanjosh

    Gears 5

    Is there any in game setting to tweak? I dont have Dolby Atmos. I switch surround sound on/off from logitech software. Made no difference.
  14. dylanjosh

    Gears 5

    Started playing this game today. PC Game Pass. Playing with headphones - logitech pro x. why is the audio such garbage?? the dialogue is SUPER low. I can barely hear anything and I wouldn't know what was being said if it wasn't for the subtitles. All audio bars are maxed out in settings. The gun sounds and enviorment sounds are fine, only character dialogue audio is really low.
  15. Really enjoyed the music in that show!
  16. The movie is so deep on so many levels. I remember reading through this reddit thread and having my mind blown by all the small symbolic details and foreshadowing. Please go through it! https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/5vv1qh/official_discussion_get_out_spoilers/?sort=confidence
  17. It's pretty comfy. I've worn it for hours at a time and had no issue but I didn't wear it when it was hot out
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