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  1. Got mine in the 1st raid clear last season and was put in the vault as it was just a shadow of it's former self. But in season 15 after all the buffs to fusion rifles, it's a beast and melts pretty much every thing. This is without the catalyst and seasonal mods that will buff it to insane levels. Definitely will be sticking with me this season just as Anarchy before it.
  2. Had tried this Elder Scrolls V Skyrim upon release and for some reason had found first person combat janky and low FOV put me off. Not sure how it would have aged as far as visuals go but hopefully FOV is increased now and completed MOD support might make me give it a try again.
  3. Man the like to dislike ratio on that trailer clearly shows what the fans want or don't want. Never learn boobisoft Tom Clancy’s XDefiant: Worldwide Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft [NA] - YouTube
  4. Really want to get this game, but not sure I will be able to dedicate 60-90 mins at a stretch. It would have been better if there was a way to continue without loosing process instead of starting over. I know its supposed to be like this to preserve the way it's meant to be played but unfortunately some of us will miss out on it because of it.
  5. On GP, not able to connect to Outriders Servers is the error I am getting since yesterday. Not sure if this is launch day issue or something specific for my set up
  6. I just subscribed to PS Now for a dollar and it says after a month 9.99$ will be charged to renew the sub. So it looks like 1$ is a promotional offer for new subs for a month only
  7. So regarding this drifting issue with PS5 controller, will turning off haptics feedback help or no matter what you are f u c k e d ?
  8. I had an audio issue on PS5 while playing control, the audio was delayed by 3 secs or so. This was from a fresh boot up of the console. I closed the game and started it again to face the same issue. Eventually had to restart the console to fix the issue. Something strange is definitely going on with PS5 audio after seeing a few people reporting these kinda issues. I am using Sony X90E tv.
  9. Really happy to see so many of you guys receive the PS5 finally after waiting non stop for 4+ days. Congrats to all. For those who are still waiting, hopefully you all will get it soon as well
  10. Quick update: Had ordered spare PS5 controller from Amazon and it finally got dispatched at 12.30 AM. So maybe they are finally shipping now, please check. Also got PS5 delivered by Flipkart yesterday morning itself.
  11. So I was thinking of downloading Halo MCC and start with Halo 1. It looks like it's not aged well. What do you guys think, should I start with Halo 3 instead and skip 1 and 2. Probably just youtube the story bit. Also PS5 ki aane ki kushi me I am not able to game on XS either..Still sitting in dispatched to Mother hub status from yesterday..Kab aayega pta nahi
  12. What's the status of peeps who ordered from Flippy? Mine is showing dispatched to nearest hub (Bangalore) from Bhiwandi for more than 24hrs now. Any one else received from Flippy? In the mean while extra controller from Amazon is still "preparing for dispatch"
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