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  1. Monster Hunter World : my first MH game and absolutely loving it.
  2. Never got to play the first one, so does the story continue?
  3. TouchyFever

    Destiny 2

    Apparently the raid is releasing on the 13th...
  4. TouchyFever

    Destiny 2

    FYI GuardianCon is not a Bungie initiative..It was started by Goth and Broman to meet and greet their viewers/subs a few years ago which escalated very quickly and culminated into GaurdianCon. It was really good that they were able to raise 1.2mil for charity
  5. I have killed sh*t tons of Lynels by now and have fully upgraded Also cooking 4 lynel guts with a critter creates a food that sells for around 2300 rupees and not to mention you get some powerful weapons from them as well. So it's pretty important to learn how to fight them as they are harder than actual boss in the game. Hard mode is also introducing gold lynels as well..
  6. Man the amount of things you keep discovering even after 120+ hours of game play is astonishing.. Hands down one of the best open word games ever made. The freedom to go anywhere and climb any thing is soo good..
  7. +1 to this, in Amazon I trust. One of the best customer friendly sites out there.
  8. Man the prices are crazy..weekend ticket is Rs800..will have to pass a couple of weeks before the prices come down to normal..
  9. TouchyFever

    Persona 5

    Thanks for the heads up Tyler, will try to level her up. She's the one I have ignored it till now too. At October end now.. Anyways came across Reaper in Mementos...one hit KO'ed my whole party
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