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  1. Yup! My hands are itching to get started.


    Got 2000 MS points so all set to get Bionic Commando coming Thursday as well.


    IMBender downloaded Braid using my account and was able to play the game on his GT. So we are assuming that if the same thing is possible, then we should be able to play Bionic Commando as well in co-op by buying just one copy of the game.


    Also, I am assuming Bionic Commando has 4 player co-op, right? So any one else here getting it for the Xbox 360?


    IMBender finished the game! I feel like starting an all out nuclear war now... for some odd reason.

  2. Caught the first-day, first-show of The Dark Knight with keyofx and Cody today morning. Great flick, one that I could have enjoyed all the more if the annoying bitch to my left would have just shut up with the running commentary and the schoolgirl giggles. I knew I should have traded places with either keyofx or Cody at the start. Damn! That, and half the people laughing at all the wrong moments. There's nothing worse than a lot of people laughing at something the Joker does when it's actually sending chills down my spine.



    As the Oracle said, let's get the obvious out of the way, shall we? All said and done, it was a great movie, even if it did deviate from the comics in its reimaginings with the Joker and Two-Face, and the abrupt, jumpy edits and random meanderings through the plot for the first half, but one thing that annoyed me to a good degree was the fact that instead of being the dark, steamy, foreboding place that's the trademark of Gotham City, it almost looked like something Clark Kent would be happy in. (By the way, was it just me, or does Gordon call Harvey "Kent", in a reference to the first comics featuring Dent?)


    Also, it seems like the characters by themselves actually got very little screen time and for the most part, with the movie actually feeling like a setup for something in the future than what's happening right now. Bruce Wayne and Batman clashing with each others' lives in some sort of an existential crisis, which we saw in the first movie, didn't exist here even though the issues between the two egos should have brought it up to the surface even worse than before. With the net result, it seems like Bruce is just coasting on the Batman bandwagon rather than fighting it as he is supposed to do. The Dark Knight seems to have addressed this only at some moments, after which it seems to blithely ignore what it would be best doing and switches back to the pyrotechnics.


    Better than Bale, Heath Ledger (and maybe even better than him) and Aaron Eckhart have outdone themselves and these are roles people will remember for years to come. The whole Joker vs. Batman in the movie seems to be playing with Harvey Dent rather than Gordon as it was in The Killing Joke, which actually worked very well for the movie, in my opinion, even if Dent's descent into madness seemed to progress way faster than I remember it, with the guy just rounding a corner in his Two-Facey life and becoming a murderous vigilante. But the whole "All it takes for the sanest man alive to turn insane is one really bad day" theme from The Killing Joke was done very well with Dent in the movie, giving him an excellent reason to hate the Batman, which kinda seems to work better than it does in the comics. And what do you know, it even borrowed liberally from the Joker's quip about him preferring his past life to be multiple choice. Awesome touch there!


    All in all, The Dark Knight seems to be a really mixed bag for the aficionados, but nevertheless a great movie for everyone, even if it lacks the punch that Batman Begins revival experience delivered, and honestly, the best part of Batman Begins was at the end, and that goes double for The Dark Knight. Definitely hope to catch it again next week.


    And for the record, I am HOPPING MAD that the whole taiko-ish drum beat theme that I loved from the first movie barely made it in here. WAAAAH!


    EDIT: And just had to mention, Two-Face in this movie - F*** F***ING AWESOME! This is the Two-Face I've always wanted to see, almost squealing with joy when I first saw him, even as the bitch next to me kept saying "Oh no, don't show his face, please!" Stupid bitch, that's pretty much one of the biggest reasons I paid good money to see the movie in the first place! Gah! Women!

  3. Yup, I am playing that right now... love those little guys. Its like LocoRoco meets Frank Miller's 300! Love the Miracle dance and the weird priestess Patapon, but this game is best played in spurts rather than in long sittings.


    And oh, for all those whose PSPs are freezing, upgrade to any FW higher than 3.72, because that's what is needed. If your OFW/CFW is 3.80 (I had to upgrade to 3.80 M33-2 to use this, thank God CWCheat is also compatible now, since we really need screenshots as well) then you wont have any trouble running this game. Oh well, expect a full review soon.


    ^^ no boring work than having to review some moron's buggy code :wallbash: !


    Yup, know that one all too well, since that's what I end up doing all the bloody time. We've got a module sent to Integration right now so I can sit back, relax (for the first time this week) and play me some Turok, Patapon and good ol' Oblivion and TR: Anniversary.

  4. For people trying to clear the Newsroom, the best thing to do is run in, and instead of making your way past the little offices in front (as you enter), just sprint to the right and take cover behind the last cubicle. If someone lobs a grenade, lob it right back and if you can't, there's a little room just near you to take cover inside for a few seconds. Get out, throw a couple of flashers and then run into the room at the opposite end to stop the endless enemy spawning. Just stay there for some time and kill anyone that comes after you (there won't be many) and lob any grenades back and the whole thing will be over in under a minute. Figured this out after dying a dozen times trying to make my way past the offices....


    And the best part about this strategy is that you wont / cant get a single RPG fired your way.. :(


    Now after staying stuck at the end of OSOK, I can't imagine how "No Fighting In The War Room" must be like.. GULP!

  5. Got to OSOK Ferris Wheel quite some time back on Veteran. I managed to survive long enough for the enemy helis to start dropping people off and save the game at the checkpoint and that's pretty much when things start to get dicey. Ran and camped behind the ticket booth and waited it out. Actually managed to survive till the heli landed and the objective was updated, got up, threw a couple of flashers and grenades and ran to get MacAsshole and promptly got shot.


    And then with a sickening feeling I realized that it doesn't have a checkpoint when the heli lands... Had to go through all that hell all over again. Actually managed to pick up MacDeadDick and carry him to the heli, where a stupid Marine blocked the path and made me go around him to try and get him inside and then got promptly killed. Tried it 10 times after that and some sh*t or the other kept happening. Have abandoned it temporarily for Oblivion and TR: Anniversary after getting extremely frustrated.

  6. Got my hands on the game, will have a detailed impression put up as soon as I can get more time with it today. But from what I can see, there is no sense of speed JUST because of your ride. Your Junker is rated extremely low on speed, pathetic on Boost, its a wrecked / used ride and is a Stunt class car which DJ Atomica specifically mentions is best suited for jumps and spins.


    Shouldn't really complain about the speed on such a low-speed vehicle without seeing what the other cars can do. I've got LOTS of other gripes with the demo, which I will put up real soon. For now, I'm just taking my ride online and seeing how the online system works.

  7. Got 48 hr. gameplay added into the account, but the Membership Information still says "Xbox LIVE Gameplay / Xbox LIVE Silver" so I still can't download the demo. Ima gonna go kill myself. Wouldn't be fair of me to ask someone to waste a Xbox LIVE Gold trial creation ticket on their console, so anyone, if you've created a Gold account to get yourself the demo or have a less-than-used Gold non-Asia account, please, help me out here before I start going on a killing spree before someone pulls the plug on my saddened rampage. :sign_offtopic:

  8. Dammit, I want to get the demo so bad. Does anyone have a Gold US GT account that I can use to get the demo, pretty please? I've run out of the number of times I can get free Gold trials, and desperately (BLOODY desperately) want to get the demo, but can't, thanks to the stupid new Silver restrictions.


    So, anyone with a US GT, loan me your account for one night Indecent Proposal style so I can get my Burnout Paradise freak on.

  9. The first wave is over and now the website registrations are opening up. If you can't get in now, don't worry, there's over 3 million beta tokens waiting to go up. There's more and enough of them going around, so all you need to do is wait a little longer.


    @Hahaman: Of course the PC version will be better, considering the PC hardware is much above what the consoles can offer right now. Of course you will see sharper details, but the edge is still pretty slight and for the most part, we'll be too caught up in the action to notice. And yes, the PC should obviously have MUCH better controls as well, since we have precision gaming mice as well. But this "looks better on PC" is the same as Oblivion's "looks better on PC"as well, sure it will. That is, comparing the STOCK copy of the game, without mods like Make it Pretty, etc.

  10. All versions look practically identical at the moment. That's been confirmed by IW ever since the PS3 SNAFU. Of course, PC controls are still the best, not to mention taking advantage of a LOT of custom maps and a lot more multiplayer richness than the consoles.


    The beta tokens are going out right now, if you can access the COD website that is. It's gone down AGAIN, oh so predictably.

  11. The beta starts tomorrow, don't know if the download will see regional restrictions or just be based on the GTs themselves. Either which way, can't wait. Obviously sent in the email for the first wave lotto, but no invite, so I guess I gotta wait another day at least.

  12. What you missed in the BioShock demo


    They forgot to mention hacking the security turret, picking up over a hundred and fifty dollars, triggering the security alarm and have drones sent after you, only to zap them with the ElectroBolt and hack every single one of them that it manages to send, picking up over a $150 dollars, getting out of the map and on top of the Giant Fist holding The Chain, or getting down to the first floor and beating the snot out of that guy banging on the door, or setting the Splicers on fire and when they jump in to the water, zapping them, watching the Big Daddy grunt and scream at the whale, the dead cats and the teddy bears that can be set on fire, watching the shadow that quickly runs past the women's restroom, watching the half-molten skeletal face of the ghost, LOTS more to do in the BioShock demo. Oh yes, I've been playing it TOO much. :(

  13. Confirmation mail? :) For what? You get to be in the beta for signing up while the rest of us who have set Opera to reload the page every 1 minute and have participated in all the promotion have to wait? :D Nah, I kid. I knew you meant the confirmation message for the board activation. Keep trying, the site is being hammered continuously. If you can't sign in, try to go through their help system or drop me a PM with your CharlieOscarDelta username and I will forward it to the Admins.


    If you want more information on the beta and how to sign up for it, read through this really, really carefully now:


    You must be 18 years or older to get into the beta. Or, of course, if you don’t give a rats a*s about the ratings and how this might affect you in the long run if you are a minor, you can always fake it.


    The tokens will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You need to head to the CoD4 website, and answer three “trivia questions” correctly. If you complete this task, you will receive a token, which you can redeem on Xbox Live Marketplace just as you would an Xbox Live Gold prepaid card to get access to the CoD4 beta. And no, just like a prepaid card, once the token is used, it can’t be reused. However, if you don’t finish downloading the beta and lose your token, you can retreive it from your account at the CoD4 website.


    The beta will be 1.7 GB in size and will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play. (Duh!)


    The beta will be rolled out first in the United States and will expand to include other territories later. No word on when this might happen, but we are guessing that changing your GT to US should fix this problem (or click here to get help with setting up a 1 month free Xbox Live Gold trial) unless of course, the Marketplace Regional Restrictions (you know, the one that snuck up on us with the Spring Update) are in place, making you see the “This download is not available in your current region” message instead of the CoD4 goodness that you expected to see.


    The beta will ship with three maps, Overgrown, Vacant and Crash, which should give all you campers with sniper rifles enough time to kick my a*s from here to Siberia in just two seconds flat.


    The beta will not feature split-screen or System Link multiplayer, but the feature will be present in the final version of the game. There will be no co-operative play in the beta or in the final version of the game. Bummer!


    The beta will allow you to invite and play with your friends with the Party Invite option. Or, if you wanna play a Lone Gunman and play with complete strangers (you naughty dog, you) , then you can always let the game pick the best game for you.


    The beta does score and track experience points, even though the beta rankings are limited to Rank 20, Master Sergeant. And yes, there are Leaderboards and extensive stats tracking for those of you that so love to show off your “l337″ skillz0rz! And oh, completing certain challenges gets you rank boosts, experience rewards and weapon add-ons, a la Rainbow Six Vegas and Lost Planet.


    Multiplayer Perks in the beta include Bomb Squad, C4, Claymores, RPGs, “Special” Grenades, Juggernaut (extra health), Sleight of Hand (faster reloads), Sonic Boom (Increased explosive weapon damage), UAV Jammer (undetectable on enemy radar), Stopping Power (increased bullet damage), Deep Impact (deeper bullet penetration), Last Stand (pull out your pistol with a full clip for one last stand against your enemies), Steady Aim (increased hip fire accuracy), Extreme Conditioning (sprint for longer distances) and Martyrdom (drop a live grenade when killed). A lot more perks, including the newly revealed Dead Silence perk, will be available in the final version of the game.


    The beta will feature voice chat over Xbox Live and it is highly recommended that you turn it on and use it. However, the only way to listen to enemy conversations is by triggering the Eavesdrop perk. It cannot be said for certain if Eavesdrop will be included in the beta or not.


    Four gametypes will be included in the beta: Free-for-all (6-12 players / 300 score limit / 5 pts. per kill), Team Deathmatch (6-12 players / 750 score limit / 10 pts. per kill), Team Objective (6-12 players / 150 score limit / 5 pts. per kill), which involves Domination and Search and Destroy, with CTF in Domination (with respawns) and destroying and defending objectives in Search and Destroy (no respawns) and finally, Team Tactical (4-6 players / 500 score limit / 10 pts. per kill)


    More info and screenshots here: http://theangrypixel.com/blog/2007/08/04/c...4-beta-details/

  14. Hey Bender is Badri still managing SKOAR!


    Yup, I think he is. Haven't had the time to check up on them in a while.


    EDIT: Emails have been sent to 2K Games' PR contacts. Let's see what their official response is. Should get something by Monday evening, when they start working. We're also trying something from our end to see if we can do something about this BioShock embargo, we'll have more info soon.

  15. Heyyyy !!!


    Nice job Bender.


    LOLZ :D. A quote from you preview:


    "While it’s still unclear as to whether the game will take advantage of Aegia’s recently launched hardware physics processing solution, the fact remains that Bioshock will be quite demanding on the system requirements front when it launches, requiring a fast processor and a GeForce 7xxx or RADEON X1xxx to deliver the optimal experience."


    LMAO :D :D


    Yeah, like I said, I wrote that in March or April 2006, long before the current crop of the GeForce 8 / ATI 2x series was even known as anything other than G80 and R600 and were ages away from release. But even then, it's still pretty right, considering you would need a higher end 7 series card from Nvidia to be able to play decently, and by decently, I mean 1024x768/0xAA/4xAF/Medium Settings. Sure, you'd get the best experience starting with a dual core CPU and an 8800 GTS 320 MB at least. :) That article, along with the Assassin's Creed preview were written at a time when there was virtually no information on the games. :)

  16. Shameless plug, I admit, but here's the preview I wrote for BioShock for SKOAR! in April 2006. Damn, it's been over a year and I still don't have my game yet. :(




    But DAMN, I just hope and pray (and I know this will most probably happen) that they will pay homage to System Shock 2 and Thief 3's Shalebridge Cradle. Considering how PC people who are preloading and going through the preloaded files are saying there are levels named sub-base and cathedral, I am sure there will be a submarine base and an underwater cathedral that will pay homage to these games. Heck, we've already seen a SS2 "Ghost" reference in BioShock's women's restroom already, complete with the static on the screen as well. Aww, I want my BioShock!

  17. Nah, not blowing my top at all. If I blew my top, you'd know it from a 2-page long post. :wacko: It's just that I got the feeling that after the movie, the only thought in my head was "18 years waiting for THIS?" After having religiously followed every episode from the first season, and becoming seriously upset with Season 18, I wanted the movie to be a lot more "grand movie-like" return-to-form rather than a 1.2 hour continuation of a Season 18 episode. Let's see how Season 19 pans off. I hope it gets better, I really do. There's no show on the planet I like more. :D

  18. I wasn't really much about the plot rather than the shift in the character's portrayals. The main people that I care about, Homer and Bart have had their characters substantially shifted from their previous personalities. I don't care too much about the plot, in fact, the plots have been nonsensically funny in the previous seasons, including the Amores Perros inspired time-spliced plot, which Homer himself, in a perfectly true, yet enjoyably funny way said, "Pfft! That plot made no sense at all!" and I LOVED IT! But when a mischief making Bart, whose very CHARACTER was built from the first episode to be a "10 years old, underachiever and proud of it, miscreant" as said by Nancy Cartwright herself fundamentally transforms his character to become a pained kid who goes around moping instead of designing elaborate traps to anger Angry Dad Homer, it's a bloody insult to all that the character has stood for in all these years. The I-Didn't-Do-It-Boy who fills out a psychometric form in a way to land his Dad in a mental asylum is now a broken husk of a kid who just trudges along from the beginning to end, apart from a few laughs at the obvious physical humor.


    I could do the same analysis for all the characters and point how how the movie and the last few seasons have practically changed their personalities enough to actually make those Simpsons-look-alike actors in Burns' mansion in Burns' Heir seem better by comparison! I am a true fan, which is why it pains me so to watch the characters I have come to love morph into these... things. As for "WWHD?", that's the point exactly. Is what Homer does in the movie what the old Homer would do? :D

  19. You like this new cruel Homer and the direction which Season 17 and 18 are taking? Mindless physical humor as filler space while nothing gets said from beginning to end, with plots running around in circles with no point? What was the point of including Bart's and Lisa's angles in the Simpsons movie? Bart never comes to term with all that's going on and actually makes the viewer feel SAD for him, which is SO unlike the Simpsons and Lisa's plot with the "I am not Bono's son" plot is thrown in because they couldn't have Lisa as a side character, as was Marge even. What was the point of the decidedly unfunny references to Harry Potter and Prison Break? It looks like everyone's favorite dysfunctional family just got a little TOO dysfunctional for comfort in the movie, which is something we REALLY don't want to see in the Simpsons. Never mind the absolute death-by-dull episodes that were the hallmark of Season 18!

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  20. Yup, there are a lot of hot buttons that are pushed in The Simpsons which are conveniently overlooked in Futurama, but then I find that there are more memorable moments from the Simpsons than Futurama, simply because there are more episodes for the former. But when it comes to the quality of each and every episode that is aired, Futurama comes out on top, once again, probably because it, sadly, only ran for five seasons, and the writers had a lot less pressure going for them.


    But to its credit, a lot of Futurama was pure satire on the political and socioeconomic aspects of modern day society as well, especially episodes like A Big Pile of Garbage, I Dated a Robot, Three Hundred Big Boys, and some overtly anti-US-warmongery sentiments in War is the H-Word. Plus, the first 10-12 seasons of the Simpsons were spectacular, but then, it started going too slapstick and too crude when it cames to its jokes and Homer transformed into a whole other person who was stupidly spiteful, even though there were a smattering of episodes where his sensitive side did shine through. Frankly though, I wish they get all the old writers back on board, including Conan O'Brien and then start fresh with the formula that made them great in the first place, instead of just going with the celebrity showoffs that's going around in the last two seasons, although I admit the Mandy Moore segment was the Simpsons at their funniest best, at least for that season.

  21. Just want to set the record straight here. This is NOT a wake-up call for Microsoft India. The status quo will be preserved until they face some serious competition. In an ideal market, the only thing that drives people to really pay attention to their target consumer is the persistent threat of them migrating to the rival camp. And as far as Microsoft India is concerned, they don't have that problem. The PS3 scene in India isn't as much a threat to them and Nintendo ain't even here. Besides, Microsoft, with their annoyingly frustrating hardware (whose failure rates are the WORST among ANY consumer electronics product in the entire world) has the advantage of having some of the best damn games available on it. So as far as Microsoft India is concerned, we can scream for all we are worth without making a dent in the boat. If the Wii were here, and like the US, was mopping up the other consoles and laughing all the way over to the bank, you can bet MS India's reactions will be different.


    And as far as the distribution logistics go for hardware and software, most of it is handled through Redington India, their channel partner, while MS oversees the whole deal. But the problem is that most of the people who are working in this job are doing so without any prior knowledge of how a game related industry works, ESPECIALLY one where the market analysis is done by comparing number of units imported vs. number of units sold and polling the hip crowd that seems to hang out at the gaming cafes, playing NFS and CS religiously. How else do you explain the fact that while PGR3 is a contest title for this year's WCG on the Xbox 360, Gears of War is not? It's a Microsoft title, it's one of the most happening titles in the world, practically a system seller and a flagship game, so why PGR3, a launch title that has since lost footing to Forza 2, even as people wait for PGR4? Most of the gamers who really matter and who will buy your games are probably busy at home, ignoring their girlfriends, wives and friends so that they can post at places like here and keep playing online with their friends, not hanging out at the local Reliance Webworlds waiting for the next idiot to peek around the corner in CS so that they can be box-sniped by the AWP wh0res.


    That is the fundamental problem working with a nascent field like the one that exists in India. Sure, this is an emerging market, and we are talking about an almost-niche market here, considering the consoles cost tens of thousands and each game costs about 2000 bucks, so there aren't that many people who know which are the titles that should be sold and to whom. Or basically, we have a lack of people who have their pulse on the gaming scene, locally as well as internationally. How many people, even here, see beyond the hype of Halo and look at other innovative titles like Kameo, Viva Pinata, Mass Effect, BioShock or Fable 2. Sure, Halo 3, Stranglehold and Medal of Honor: Airborne are great games and will be awesome fun, but what's there in them that hasn't already been done to death before? That's the problem plaguing Indian game markets here, not enough knowledgeable people who can balance local demand with the international pace.


    So, babyzelda, while your intentions are right and noble, your data is fundamentally flawed. I do not doubt your capacity to work with the premium automative market here in India, but I assure you, as someone who is intimately familiar with the gaming scene here in India and abroad, it's just not the same. It's like trying to compare selling bulldozers with FMCGs, they just aren't done and the target demographic is completely different. Of course MS India will have trouble with the VGA HD Cable and the racing wheel, since they will be branded as Consumer Electronics and will have to undergo testing and certification. Yet, if you can manage to get the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, the Xbox 360 Elite and the HD AV cable here, you should have started the process on getting the other accessories tested and certified through the proper channels in due time as well!


    Not all of us are naive, young and innocent. But flamebaiting the Country Manager on their own forums is like slapping the barrel of a loaded gun that's being pointed at you. You are the one that will, and ultimately, did get hurt. MS India will not change unless they wake up to the fact that they have a fundamental flaw in their business model, wherein they decide what the market wants, nay, they TELL the market what they want to buy.


    As for subsidizing the console, I am afraid that is out of the question. All console manufacturers except Nintendo have had to bite the bullet and swallow some of their production costs to gain market share, and unless there is a way in which the consoles are manufactured right here in India, I don't see how they will be able to keep costs down further. They have to manufacture the consoles and then clear them through customs, not to mention the costs of handling repairs for broken systems, etc. The only way they can make enough money is by selling the Core for 20k, the Premium for 28k and the Elite for 35k. Nope, if you want to bring down the costs, then you need to look at the budget constraint assignments for consumer electronics, especially in the premium entertainment sub-class under which these videogame consoles fall. I don't see that happening any time soon in India.


    As for Live's launch here, I'd be sorely upset if they didn't keep their word. Besides, there's no freaking point launching a game like Halo 3 which is built around co-op and competitive multiplayer without a Live backbone. Sure, they did the same for Gears of War, but you can at least claim that they needed time to assess the infrastructure and get the support system in place. Now its been a year, so they should have their act together by now. If not, I am going to do what I can to rally support every which I can.


    I can already tell that I've ranted on for too long, but this thread needed some perspective and a right direction to proceed in. I don't know if this is one, but it's the best I can come up with at 12 in the morning, sitting here not answering my GF's call, pissed off that BioShock won't be releasing here until October 4th. Kindly excuse, I am like this only! :D

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