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  1. On 10/29/2021 at 2:25 PM, dante77 said:

    It is insane how much these stores in malls charge for these items. They were charging full MRP no discount on any of the titan watches. Glad I bought from online store.


    I think malls dont care to make sales anymore. 

    There's a different ROI picture they have for their physical store compared to online. 

    When do you listen to audiobooks? i'm either working or watching something on tv or playing vidya games.
    So my attention is always taken. Used to listen to podcasts and stuff when travelling to and fro from work but that time is gone with WFH. 

    I don’t understand Amazon’s local pricing approach with Audible. 199 bucks a month is weird, although negligible, for audiobooks in this country. Masses ain’t going to sub to this at this price.

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  3. You should wait. You will be stuck with Intel years down the line. M1 is the way to go and sooner or later Apple will make it the 100% priority. 3rd Party soft. devs will do it sooner.
    As far as the price is concerned, I don't seem them costing more than the current line-up for the same specs. It will put the people off and, air and 13" were of almost the same price.
    Wait a few months.

    Thank you. I had the same thoughts. Thank you for the validation.

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  4. Calling Apple fanboys.

    So my old 13inch macbook died.

    I want to move to a 16inch pro one now but do you think it makes sense to wait for the 16inch m1 or should i just get the 16inch intel one now. I’m also concerned about the pricing. The current intel one is 2l and i don’t know what the new M1s can be priced at.

    Anyone has any idea what to do and if I should get one where could I get it at the best deal?

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    if you ever get a second controller, buy eneloop charger and 4 rechargeable batteries for it. They come highly recommended from all the users here and would allow you to stay wireless even when you run out of charge during a play session. 

    I most definitely shall. I’m waiting for that red one to drop.

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  6. Dude, can you post some proof of speeds yo got like 800-900 mbps.. Me and [mention=705]Jigsaw[/mention] had a tug of war today with your settings but nothing worked (wire/wireless) so before Jiggy talks to Spencer he wants to validate your claim :fear1:

    Looks like I made a boo boo and didn’t realise.

    I got the 800 speed for downloading just G5.
    I tried to download madden 21 and I’m stuck at 50mbps since morning.

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    How much of your gig pipe is it actually utilizing now with these steps? Because I've done 3 & 5at launch. No go. 
    Also cloudflare dns gets me the worst dl speeds out of all the big name dns providers. Stayed with Google eventually. 

    I tried Google first but the latency was shyte. CF is giving me better latencies and a substantial increase in dw speed.

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