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  1. Looking to upgrade from my core i5 3450 to something newer. Budget of 35k for the processor, mobo, and RAM. Will reuse most of the other components like SSD etc from existing build. Suggestions pls. Don't plan to overclock it. Usage will be general computer usage and light gaming (already have a 1650 gfx). Common consensus seems to be a Ryzen 5 3600/2700 paired with a b450/550 motherboard and 16GB (8x2) DDR4 3200Mhz RAM.
  2. Any good CPU coolers in the 1-1.5k range? My Core i5 3450 runs hot @ full load. It hovers around 80-85 deg. I currently have the stock cooler installed. The thermal paste was applied a couple of months back so can't be just that. @ALPHA17
  3. Got a Geforce 1650 4GB at 8.3k in the Amazon sale. Good deal? My rig is a i5 3450, 16GB DDR3, Seasonic 520w SMPS and a Benq 27 1080p monitor.
  4. Where? I don't see it listed anywhere for that price.
  5. Planning to get back in to PC gaming. I have the following config: Intel Core i5 3450 16GB DDR3 RAM 500GB SSD Crucial Benq 27" 1080p monitor Seasonic Bronze 520W power supply What would be the best gfx card for me around the 10k price range? 1050ti 4GB? I play mostly single-player games like Assassins creed, Tomb Raider, sports games etc. I don't plan on gaming in 4k etc.
  6. Bumping this up since i might have to give my PS4 for repair. What's the policy nowadays? I bought my PS4 at launch from Landmark. It boots up but there is no display. Do they still have replacement policy or have they started repairing now?
  7. quoted the wrong guy. Meant to quote @Walker
  8. Log in to your router and change the channel on which the Wifi is broadcasting. Older laptops can't detect above channel 10. If it is set to channel 13 or something change it to one of the lower channels. Also, check and see if it is set to broadcast in 20mhz or 40mhz or combo. If it is set to 40mhz mode, change it to 20mhz
  9. Well, there are keys available on Ebay for less than $5. They say they've reclaimed those keys from old PCs etc and can only be tied to one system. Might be MSDN keys for all i know but gets activated and is working without a hitch for quite a few guys on TE.
  10. Purchased locally with Indian warranty. Bought it from Landmark in 2014. Am i still eligible for half cost replacement?
  11. Ya, wanted to know which one of them is reliable. Most of them just rip you off...Called one of them and they quoted 3k to change the HDMI port. Don't know if it actually costs that much
  12. Anyone know if there are any places in Bangalore where i can get my PS4 repaired? The PS4 switches on and the indicator changes color from blue to white like normally but i don't get anything on my display. I've tried the following so far: Changed HDMI cable Changed TV tried booting in to safe mode removed the HDD and tried booting
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