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  1. Christopher Nolan calls it as art so that dialogues are not clearly audible
  2. Does any power meter help fir home automation which are available in India. Extract power usage and show on dashboard? Also are the mx surge protector good?
  3. Yes got the same PG08T
  4. Assam is one of weakest team and he is very good against average attack
  5. Any recommendations for nvme ssd 3.0 less than 500gb for using in 24*7 usage not lot of writes but longevity is must
  6. I agree not many but proportionately only 1 or 2 funds beat compared to at least 7-8 in large cap. I would invest in small cap in crashes and exit within a year.
  7. But could you predict it 2 years back? Take a look at small cap index for last 5 years and find out top performers and how they performed each year. https://freefincal.com/only-these-3-small-cap-mfs-have-outperformed-nifty-next-50-consistently/
  8. Midcap and small cap sip is waste of time you'll be wasting time and money. Since the problem is you cannot spot outlier especially midcap looking at midcap index
  9. Dont do sip in midcap or small cap. To be honest next 50 hasn't been that great having invested for 2 years doesn't seems to be working out well. It's very volatile invest only if don't check often. Why not uti nifty 50 instead of MO? Do check fund overlap as mirae would overlap others https://thefundoo.com/Tools/PortfolioOverlap
  10. Not sure whether you know or not but every fund has similar transparency with monthly disclosures emails. @KunjanPSD Which funds have you shortlisted? @rushab oswal I have invested in Quant for more than 1.5 years I had invested in bulk and it has produced very good returns of 17%
  11. My Amazon prime and sonyliv has expired which is best price I can get for?
  12. He is the most non deserving guy sitting at that position. He is one of them who got this position after applying coupon code amit shah
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