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  1. Year with amazing games like dmc,Sekiro, Re remake nd plague tale n all sh*t?
  2. Don't blame mother nature blame those corrupt BMC and ppl who run BMC.
  3. Modi is now best PM in history of the country.
  4. Fuk them. They supporter of Pakistan and don't want any peace in Valley
  5. Yessss ARTICLE 370 & 35A of the INDIAN CONSTITUTION to be scrapped.
  6. I know year is not over and there are lot of high profile games coming, but still i want to ask great IVG community about their GOTY so far? My GOTY so far is Resident Evil 2 Remake. I already completed this masterpiece 12 times now and got 100% completion.Absolutely loved everything about it. I doubt any upcoming game will beat RE2:R as GOTY contender for me. Runner-up so far is - A Plague Tale: Innocence. Game was huge surprise for me. I was not expecting it to be this good. What about you guys? Please share with everyone. Thank you
  7. Bloody Spell on PC as i bought GTX 1050ti for 10k. It's Chinese early access game inspired from NG and Souls games. Saw Tyler and Spin playing it on Steam plus reviews are very positive as well. Very cheap on Steam only Rs 595
  8. WhiteWolf


    It is good but not #fun game to play but story good. Try Monster hunter, DR4 and other stuff. Keep trying new games.
  9. SJW making deal about white phosphorus use in multiplayer forgetting the fact old COD games used Nukes nd all lol
  10. Lion king was not liked much and still made so much.. Marvel name is more than enough to sell a movie today
  11. WhiteWolf


    That way is the Chinese way . Suck PS4 version is getting exclusive sh*t.. I don't want to play this on PS4 :|
  12. WhiteWolf

    Borderlands 3

    Sucks. It comes same week as Gears 5. I skip it till next year coz after finishing Gears 5 campaign, im jumping into multiplayer and destroy some n00s in arcade mode.
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