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  1. Agree. Elie- Dina relationship was forced and put in to the game just to please gay community lol. Dina was super forgettable and ND did a good job making me actively dislike Elie. She was basically murdering everyone good or bad and when she went back to Abby again leaving Dina and Baby alone, i was really mad. I was hoping to fight as Abby and Kill Elie tbh. There's a time when you just stop and move on but she was still obsessed with killing Abby. ND did what Game of thrones writers did in last season. Made everyone hate Danerys and made Cersei good lol. ND tried same sh*t with Tlou. Lol
  2. Ya so nothing wrong in Batman games becoming exclusive to MS after they acquire them and sign a exclusive deal. Anyway, MS holding few announcements for August event as well to counter Sony according to Venturebeat https://venturebeat.com/2020/07/07/xbox-games-showcase-what-to-expect-from-the-july-event/
  3. So i was wondering same then someone on other forums said this- Also DC will easily give rights to MS if Rocksteady under MS as Rocksteady expert at Batman games.
  4. Well good. Sony holding Spiderman hostage and not letting Xbox and pc owners enjoy Spiderman. Atleast with MS, you will get pc version of the Batman game. Hope this happens just to piss off Ponies. But knowing MS, i doubt they will acquire any of them. :/
  5. No check the link above video post. Guy in video just reacting to news. Also Rand is quite reliable insider. He has contacts but i guess you don't know that.
  6. So Batman license will go back DC after Sale. New buyer will have to re-negotiate license with DC. But main thing MS will get is Rocksteady and Netherlearms studio talent and Monolith as well. MK owned by Netherlearms and WB, so that will get transferred to MS if they buy them. MS hungry for quality studios and WB got some AAA HQ talent. I say go for it. 2-4billion is nothing for MS. Batman, Harry Potter and LOTR will go back to their respective license holders.
  7. https://www.theinformation.com/articles/microsoft-expresses-interest-in-acquiring-warner-game-unit?shared=6d76f7b39185556d Go MS f**king Go.
  8. PG created a 2nd studio full of people from Obsidian, Rockstar, Rocksteady, SSm, Bethesda n all. 2nd studio only full of people who worked on rpg games.
  9. PC version looks epic. Now imagine how good Tlou 2 will look on pc
  10. Keep your expectations in check please. Its f**king MS
  11. Spectra net nd all need to expand their coverage.
  12. No its Fable reboot from PG i think. Fable to use Horizon tech of dynamic seasons and weather .
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