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  1. Surprised people still dont like Xbox UI. Latest one actually better than PS5 UI imo.
  2. There was a offer for SX with warranty for 65k and with Special edition Minecraft controller and headset. Lol
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.trustedreviews.com/news/trusted-reviews-awards-the-xbox-series-x-is-2021s-best-games-console-4172245/amp
  4. WhiteWolf

    Back 4 Blood

    Game pass fodder game. Nothing about this game looks good. Beta was so bad that i uninstalled it in 30 mins after playing. And its 1080p60 only on PS5 ? wut.
  5. Im half way through my Ratchet platinum run. Very easy platinum.
  6. Good news for FIFA fans. Looks like about to lose license for FIFA
  7. Let him defend. He is defending coz he is enjoying AW and Crysis on his new PS5. Oh wait he don't own one :
  8. Screen tearing n all can be patched easily. Its just oversight on developers end. Lol. Screen tearing occurs very briefly during intense scenes and then goes away.
  9. PS5 drops to 50s as well. You will find drops even on PCs. So its not always hardware, devs are also responsible for these issues. Will you blame Nvidia if game runs bad on 3080? Lol Remastered job is not done by Remedy but a 3rd party contract studio.
  10. February next year will be so good. Forbidden west and SR same month 2 of my favourite games in one month
  11. You all will get bored within 1 week. Most people dont stick around for months when it comes to racing games.
  12. Lool new DMC got best combat. GOW got basic casual action combat.
  13. You should be the last person to say this to me. You also defend PS5 without owning one lol
  14. Dude. They get nothing by doing that. SX is fully capable of beating PS5. Its all depends on devs and how they use it. Also PS5 version looks identical and solid as well. So why people crying? Especially those who don't own PS5 (cough *Ank* cough)
  15. Hmm i guess i will subscribe for a month for those 2
  16. Its not common knowledge. There are multiple threads on Gaf, reddit and era about. Its an issue covered by even mainstream websites. Not all follow PS5 news like hardcore like you, so some don't know how broken Upgrade system is on PS5.
  17. They said Plus Ultimate edition will allow you get upgrade for free to PS5. My mistake was that i was not aware of adding both versions separately from webstore. I approached it same way that Xbox works aka common sense way. But that's not how things work on PS i get it. Lesson learned.
  18. I will let my game pass end this year. I don't care about Forza or Halo. I will subscribe again once Starfield is released or any game from new studios or Gears 6 till then i just buy what i want to play.
  19. No no nothing will happen. They just fixed loophole that's all. They want people to stay subscribed.
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