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  1. According to a Analyst from IVG your posts will get even more nonsensical and dumb in 2022. There you go since you believe random analyst for everything.
  2. Also no more annualized COD. So i can finally get back in COD
  3. He thinks MS doinf hostile take overs. Boby went to Facebook to make deal before MS. He wanted to sell Activision to escape all that legal sh*t going against him. Colian Moriarty is dumb a*s. Deal is good for gamers coz we get all in game pass and PS people will still get COD. Its Good for devs as they not suffering under toxic Boby Kotic regime. Bad for creativity? - All Acti devs were making COD every year. Creativity died in Activision long ago Its actually a blessing they under the charismatic leadership of Uncle Spencer the Savior of Xbox.
  4. KC said someone reported me. Lol .Who reported me and over what? I abused who?
  5. Ofcourse MS will honor all agreement and contracts, but once they all expired then we will see. Also, its MS they never will say openly anything negative till acquisition is complete. Lol.
  6. Which will come first Sony developing a good shooter or you buying PS5?
  7. It will but not this year. Once deal closed then it will come 100%. It will be huge boost for game pass.
  8. WhiteWolf

    Dying Light 2

    Twitter is full of lies and bs man. No wonder Radical post stuff from there all the time lol
  9. MS got steam for some extra sales. They don't need PS whatsoever. So delusional fanboys can keep dreaming. WE HAD SAME f**ckin DISCUSSION WHEN BETHESDA WAS ACQUIRED LOL. You all still at it again. Sony poke the beast. MS not some tiny company that Sony can beat and easily kick them out as competitor. They here to fight and win. War is now beyond console gaming
  10. Max sales of all Bethesda games were also more PS4 last gen Multiplatform games do sell more but MS don't care about PS sales. If they did then ES6 will not be announced as exclusive
  11. Sony forcing people into their ecosystem by making big mass market IP like Spiderman exclusive to PS. Spiderman used to be multiplatform but not anymore. Now same goes for mainline FF games. Its MS time to play dirty.
  12. People said Its not financially sound not to release ES6 on PS either but here we are today where ES6 is exclusive to Xbox. Biggest COD cash cow now is Warzone, its not going anywhere. All active COD games will be supported but 2024 onwards COD will go exclusive. MS needs big name IPs to push game pass otherwise how else it will grow if people continue to play COD on PS? How force those PS users into their ecosystem? COD mainline games gotta stay within ecosystem from 2024 onwards
  13. Phill destroyed pony brains. They can't think properly now
  14. Activision agreed to sell themselves, they wanted to sell themselves coz of all legal trouble they were in for past few months. Its not like MS can buy whoever they want. Both parties comes to an agreement and then deal happens. People think MS just goes out and buy everything forcefully. Lol. Kotick went to FB first. Someone would have bought it regardless . Company was not interested in staying independent
  15. Tu daily ye Langar se khata hai. Halo infinite your most played 2021 game.
  16. Its fine, let him sh*t talk. Little kid got triggered coz truth hurts. Lol
  17. Its time for you to get a pc or Xbox and get into game pass. Save your money, be smart.
  18. Its MS money not Phill. Satya giving approval to deals. And no MS never running out of finances. Lol.
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