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  1. Keyboard warrior, you can type all you want. We all know what kind of discussion you do here. Fact you use topics like sexual harassment to start console wars should tell everyone about you and your thinking. And You have friends here and they know you're gamer id? Right? Bisch you have no friends here or nor life. So tell that to someone else. I challenge anyone here who can come out and call you his friend. No one here is dumb ebough to embarrass himself by associating with you. Lol. Anyway, after Rushu. I will have to put you on ignore list also. Im sure almost half of forum will put you on ignore soon. You will only talk to your imaginary ivg friends, who know your imaginary psn id and who play with you on your imaginary console lol
  2. Anyway, i don't want to drag this sh*t here. He not worth replying. Back to gaming discussion.
  3. He loves it too much. This love getting on people nerves lately. He posting crap daily at frequency we have not seen on this forum. Almost every hour you will see some random sh*t from Twitter he post here. Guy spends hours creating spencer and Xbox memes to post here, follows Twitter threads of hardcore toxic ponies, so that he can post here and searches years old IVG posts to start fresh sh*t with someone on IVG. Lol. I have not seen a single post from him in what games you playing thread coz he dont own any console or play any games. He just post in versus thread nonstop lol.
  4. Lol What you talking about and what are those dumb quotes from other ponies? You and your fellow ponies can post whatever nonsense you want. That doesn't bother me. Let me tell who you are. You are a pathetic low life and no life pony(without any playstation console) whose main job is to just come here and start console wars every day.You trying to post something here and start drama every day. You easily the worst fanboy in history of ivg. Lol As far as Frank o connor drama concerned. Idc. I will not go out and post random Twitter nonsense on such serious issue without any proper evidence on gaming forum. 343 garbage studios anyway. Fact you spend hours of your day searching for old dumb posts, shows you have no life outside IVG
  5. He defend PS 24/7 but don't PS4 or PS5 lol. He is unique type of ps fanboy Ask him his PSN id and watch he will stop replying and start ignoring you.
  6. Post in Halo thread not here. And Radical don't give two shits about about any of these serious issues. He just posting to start console war in every thread. Nothing he post can be taken seriously.
  7. Guy crapping this thread with most irrelevant sh*t. This thread is about Xbox SX/S and its related games and features not about someone's personal life. Who gives sh*t what Frank did on Reset era. He dont care about any of those sensitive issues. All he cares posting crap about xbox lol.
  8. You need to shut your mouth now. Admins bought Series S now. So you insulting them and their purchase by crapping on SS.
  9. Still hearsay. If we end up getting reveal next year then he and everyone who blindly believe him will end up taking L.
  10. No. People were curious coz its by Arkane but i don't remember people going crazy for it. Stop making sh*t up. People were curious/intersted in the game coz of Arkane pedigree.
  11. Rumor Stop jumping to conclusion without actual evidence lol. There are lot of fake insiders spreading FUD on Twitter and it sad you all follow them and post their crap here to start sh*t lol
  12. I don't see any Xbox gamer complaining then why you crying?
  13. Man i got FF remake installed on my ps5 and stll i don't feel like playing it. So boring. Xbox people needs stop crying over FF. Its overrated imo
  14. I enjoyed Halo infinite campaign but man343 is easily the most shittiest and incompetent Xbox studios. They completely killed Halo name with their shitty support. Its time to disband studio and hand it over to Id games Even Rare bounced back and made Sea of thieves great with constant updates but 343 just keep f**king up.
  15. Bollywood dead. South Indian movie industry is now India's main movie industry. Bollywood putting out nothing but crap.
  16. I can't believe CC and KC both got Series S lol. Now S will get less hate on forum.
  17. ^That's not PS5 footage?
  18. WhiteWolf


    I posted in versus thread already
  19. Yes its confirmed RT reflection only during races. Dictator just assuming stuff there. He thinks its not possible to do it in real time in races. GT7 looks so last gen in graphics now in comparison lol.
  20. Parts i hated in Showcase were Riot games stuff and that shitty looking Obsidian game pentiment and Fallout76 and ESO parts were also sh*t. And also few indies like As Dusk Falls. No thanks. Games im gonna play and lookingforward to are Redfall, Flintlock, Plague tale 2, Diablo 4 and Starfield. Games im gonna try is Forza and Overwatch 2. Im gonna check Forza out for eye candy and Overwatch 2 just coz its free to play.
  21. WhiteWolf


    Thats why said people who comparing Starfield and NMS are mostly clueless and never played BGS RPG or understand how Bethesda RPG works. BGS doing procedural generation way before NMS and its also far more in depth BGS games.
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