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  1. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/microsoft-says-the-activision-blizzard-acquisition-is-moving-fast/
  2. Happy Birthday beyaatch. Ab toh lele
  3. No ban from PS5 thread not this thread. He had plenty of opportunities to get PS5. He himself said that he not interested since he has backlog of PS4 game something or some other excuse he gave i don't remember. Guy just intersted in bashing xbox nothing else. He dont enjoy or like playing games anymore. His favourite hobby is sh*t talk here about xbox and those who play on xbox. Same goes for Radical
  4. We need that rule. No entry in PS5 thread without PS5. Same goes for SX thread
  5. You clearly didn't read my posts.
  6. Ubisoft Netherlands. Ubisift plus on game pass soon. EA +ubi on one service to rule them all.
  7. Its remade using UE5 afaik. If true expect to be significantly better. But still i don't want it Coliation showed their prowess with UE5 with Matrix demo. They worked on it with Epic.
  8. Pony without a PSN id let alone PS console.
  9. Just like nobody asked for Dead space remake or Tlou remake. No body of asked for Gears 123 remakes coz Gears 5 is best playing and most fun Gears game for me. I dont want Gears remakes and i will not even buy them just like i will not buy Dead space and Tlou remake. I know why Coliation is doing this, they gonna use these games to Unreal Engine 5 capabilities as it will be used for Gears 6.
  10. Are you really asking a guy about Xbox games who played last xbox in 2010? Ank and Radical clueless about anything Xbox.
  11. I was making general statement 1st that there are many people who will like game pass for same reason that he mentioned in his post. I agree with him that plus extra or premium is quite good offering for someone like you who literally never played a PS4 game (since you don't own PS4 or PS5). If you buy console now then getting Plus not a bad deal for people like you and Ank. And 2nd point i made was about myself personally. I was telling him why i don't like plus offering that much atm. I have platinum almost all exclusive and played almost all 3rd party offerings already. What will i play there? I like game pass for new day and date offering thats my main reason for liking it. If plus offers some new stuff that i like then i will get plus premium as well.
  12. Same goes for game pass. For new xbox owner who never played any Xbox games can find plenty of stuff to play both first and 3rd party. I played plenty of games on game pass. List includes 1st party games like Gears, halo nall, 2nd and 3rd party games as well. Now you don't like any game pass then thats on you. I like it coz i get to play new games day n date whereas on PSN plus all games are old which most people have already played. Plus service not for me coz i have played almost everything in that mentioned list. I own all consoles and PC every generation. I don't miss out on any good games.
  13. All old and not all worth playing. And almost of the multiplatform games already on game pass
  14. They are total shameless. They were bashing subscription services till now and now they are going crazy off to PS plus extra or whatever its called lol.
  15. This is good. Lets see what games they put on PS.
  16. So? Abey log Xbox ka kuch bhi karey tujhey kya. Why you concern about something you don't like or care ? Lol
  17. Maine theka liya hai ponies ka?. Lol. Ank had plenty of opportunity to get one but he didn't. So ask him. He only interested in posting bs here. Also,my point was why these ponies make a big deal about xbox game delay all the time when they have no interest in Xbox. Lol
  18. I want to know one thing why ponies without any nextgen consoles are so worried about Xbox exclusives. People who own Xbox consoles and pc have enough games to play I don't see any Xbox fan making huge deal about when PS games delayed but ponies without nextgen consoles just keep rambling about same sh*t l every day lol.
  19. Yes we will play it. But, will you and Radical play it?
  20. Phill blocked Jaffe almost year or so since he keeps trolling and saying nonsense to him on Twitter. So no wonder he talking crap about him so much lol. Most funny part is even many Sony executives have him blocked. Lol. I think Neil and Yoshida both have him blocked as well. Lol. And guy does podcast with crap gamer type people.
  21. All shareholders voted yes for the deal afaik based on reports. Only last big hurdle is FTC related stuff. I say again there's high chance of it showing up since they wil not have any big 1st party AAA this fall apart from FM8 maybe. Lets see what they show in June. Now if there's a marketing deal placed with Sony for MW2 then i can understand it could be difficult for them to put it in game pass, but again we got Sony 1st party game on game pass already, so you never know
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