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  1. Unplayable due to reasons i already explained above. And unplayable doesn't mean you lose access. Games still in your library.
  2. He is clueless about everything xbox and still tries to argue just to make a fool of himself.
  3. On Steam almost all games wont launch if its freshly installed game unless you connect it once to steam servers. . I have experienced this with multiple games . I don't need to search internet for answer coz im using steam on daily basis more than you and have more games than you on Steam lol What's your Steam id? Lol GOG is different. No drm there. Iam not talking about launching games via hack n all.
  4. Let me explain when Xbox wont allow you to play games in offline mode. 1. If game is shared with other account then you can't launch it offline. 2. If you are using someone else account to play and its not set as home account then games wont work offline. 3. Freshly installed game that you have not launched even once in online mode most probably will also not work. Once its booted in online mode then game will work offline from that point. That's it. I have played countless games in offline mode on Xbox. My net was down for 2 days and i played Valhalla all in offline mode.
  5. You play on Steam, right? Tell me if you just finished installing game on steam for example Ori and moment you installed it, your internet is out and steam goes offline mode. Now tell me will Ori work, can i launch a freshly installed game without connecting it to steam servers once before launching it?
  6. PSN outage of 2011 was legendary. It was a epic 30 days outage with 70 million account information compromised compared to minor 24hr outage of Xbox lol. What a dumb comparison but hey its Radical, so its expected lol
  7. Casual gamers don't care what resolution they play games. Series S is for kids, casuals and budget minded gamers
  8. And you haven't played any of them. Tere jaise logon ko na langar mein kuch milta hai aur naa restaurant mein
  9. Ank was there when deal happened. He knows more about it. So i believe him.
  10. Yup. I played plenty of game pass games offline on Xbox (example Hellblade, Fallout4 and even Avengers) . People who complaining about this either using shared account or just lying without actually testing it.
  11. Its his opinion(i disagree with him). He owns PS5 and played the game, so he has right to give his opinion unlike some other clowns who declaring HFW Goty without even playing it.
  12. Yup really sad man. They defend PS5 with such passion and energy but don't play PS nextgen games or own PS5. :/ Atleast Xbox gamers who defend Xbox own Series X or S or a WindowsGaming PC for Langar service but same can't be said for ponies. Is there any Xbox fan who don't own xbox and defend xbox like Radical n Ank? I mean every Xbox owner also plays on PS5.
  13. I was hoping deal will be done before MW2 is out, so that i can try it on Langar :/
  14. Finally someone realized that Radical not a gamer but a bot planted by Jim Ryan to troll on IVG 24/7.
  15. Halo, forza 5, pyschonauts, ori 2 n all? Now not all AAA and everyone's cup of tea but they are 1st party games. Metacritic gave Xbox publisher of the year over Sony last year for a reason.
  16. Everyone knows my id. Ok give me your psn id and gamer tag and I will whoop your a*s in halo anyday
  17. He dont and its confirmed. I challenge him to prove me wrong by sharing his psn id and all lol. Ask him and he will never share it. He has gamer tag(which he also don't share) which he uses to play pc games via langar.
  18. Don't ask him anything PS related. He dont even have PSN ID let alone playing PS games or knowing about them. Radical part of new breed of fanboys who defend console and its games without owning that particular console or playing any of its exclusive games. Never seen such fanboys.
  19. So you don't have psn id ok
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