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  1. I was sh*tting on Avengers as well but my opinion changed after playing the game. I was behaving like Radical sh*tting on something without experiencing it. Lol
  2. It went on sale multiple times on both consoles and Steam before it joined Langar. I know coz i checked xbox store everytime there was a sale. You on other hand just do guess work all the time and post random sh*t without doing any fact checking. But it doesn't matter if i bought it after it went on gp or before. Fact is i liked it and i bought it. I didn't like just coz its game pass game.
  3. Two ponies who don't play any games or own nextgen consoles are always first to jump in with their dumb opinion compared to people who own nextgen consoles and played the game lol.
  4. Watch the video and listen to what that guy from Embracer group is saying.
  5. I own the game, it was on sale for 600Rs. Unlike you i don't sh*t on the games without playing the game. And stop turning everything into Xbox or game pass. Looks like game pass lives in your mind rent free 24/7. Lol
  6. I don't think Avengers that bad, i enjoyed it tbh. Whole world shat on it but imo gameplay is good in the game and fun. Don't let servers go down lol.
  7. Plus Avengers f**ked them good. Lol. All of their Marvel games bombed lool.
  8. Sony can have it now. Only cared about Western division games from SE.
  9. Western division not profitable division according to SE. They just wanted to get rid of it. Last TR ans DeusEx games bombed hard.
  10. PlayTesting started in 2021. So year old Build. https://www.google.com/amp/s/gamerant.com/forza-motorsport-8-test-play-how-sign-up/amp/
  11. So rumors are FM8 will have ray tracing and multiple RDNA2 feature sets. Details will be revealed once its announced.
  12. People call them our rightfully coz Sony said we believe in Generations. I will refresh your memory once thread opens. Now, lets stick to Xbox e3 stuff
  13. I will wait for official announcement. If its true then FM8 will become first Xbox game which was announced as nextgen and now being released as cross gen. People will call MS out on this, don't worry. Lets see what happens on June 12th. Playtesting started 2021 - "Playtesting of Forza Motorsport began in 2021 and players seemingly had the option to playtest on the Xbox One. The playtesting was only available for Xbox Series X, but other select players might have been able to play on the Xbox One. There were many comments doubting the legitimacy of the images, despite the moderator's confirmation, and one user even pointed out that everyone who playtested was under a strict embargo, so these images should never have been leaked".
  14. Theory from Era said its old build for testing purpose. Didn't they publicly confirmed its next gen only
  15. Just for testing purpose. Old build. Nothing to talk about.
  16. Wolfenstein 3 is in works according to Grubb n all. Rage, Dishonoured n all are not.
  17. WhiteWolf


    He only plays PS exclusives.
  18. Modern 2 Warfare? Is this really the name? Lol
  19. I hope Joe is back dor Starfield launch. He is biggest Bethesda RPG fan here. For years, he alone kept Skyrim thread alive lol
  20. One example of excellent quest mod with proper story and voice acting There are dedicated YouTube Skyrim and Fallout modding channels with million subscribers. So this sh*t is big. Nexus forum exist coz Bethesda games mods.
  21. Yes modders not only fix bugs but also add insane amount of gameplay content for free which increases the longevity of the game. Massive quest mods in Skyrim and Fallout offered 100s hours of gameplay content. Skyrim remains top 10 or top 15 most popular Steam games coz of mods even today. There are over million mods for Skyrim. Lol
  22. Every Xbox studios moving to UE5 but Todd wants to stick with his own Engine and MS can't force Todd to change unless Starfield ends up become complete disaster like Cyberpunk at launch then only you will see Bethesda moving away.
  23. He was mostly negative about engine. Game still going heavy QA every week, they will tweak stuff here and there till it feels right. They will never use brand new engine coz Creation Engine is extremely modder friendly. Game will fully support mods on PC and Xbox dayone. Modding community is massive and it keeps game active for years. One of the main reason i play Bethesda RPG on PC are mods I totally expect it to have bugs at launch but i also expect it to have less bugs compared to previous Bethesda RPG games. .
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