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  1. But but Sony is always upfront with everyone. They never flip flop or do 180
  2. Jio controller Works on PC and SX? Any reviews out there about the quality?
  3. Ok finally you know i used to sell sh*t on TP thanks to Radical lol. I remember you saying, you never saw me selling anything on TP But its funny, i asked him simple question tell me your gamer tag or psn id if you have one, instead he goes on to search 12 year old post from TP that he bought a game for someone else
  4. 2011 post from TP? Lol. Man you sure you have lot of free time for dumb sh*t. And my question remains same. So what's your gamer tag? Or PSN id? You have anyone in your friend list from IVG that can say - Yea, he has gamer tag or PSN id? Dont tell me what you bought from TP for someone else. I just want to know your game tag or psn id. Buying a game for 500Rs for someone else doesn't prove much. If you have played Gears 2 then show me your gamer tag or psn id if you own ps console.
  5. You trying to put fuel to fire now with your dumb post. Person who needs to be ban from this forum is you. I rather have Hope back atleast he plays games and own PS4 and 5. You don't play any games, you don't have any console. You don't even have psn or xbox id. All you do is post Twitter bs or dumb memes all the time to start console wars. Atleast every other fanboy here plays games on their pc or consoles. If you not a gamer, you have no place on Indian Video gamer forum imo. And if you think iam wrong, then post your xbox or psn id?
  6. Agree. And Overlord was talking about refund for a subscription service. He made no personal attack first. Ank made a personal comment towards him. So that triggered him and made him say dumb sh*t as well.
  7. Well Ank started it. I don't blame overlord to react like that. Ank getting nasty, so he will get nasty reply. People with no next gen consoles should be ban from entering gaming threads.
  8. For Radical it is gotg since he has not played the game.
  9. Will Horizon Forgotten west get any new game plus?
  10. Bisch you xbox owner too. So you waiting like everyone else
  11. Hope they trim down backtracking
  12. So for sony ponies video games more important than life and health of developers? You seriously expect devs from Ukrain to release a game when they getting invaded by Russia? Someone who never played a console, you sure worried about xbox and PS games alot? Buy console then worry about PS or Xbox games and their release date.
  13. If i bought a code from prepaid gamer for cheap then how Sony knows i got it for cheap?
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