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  1. Apparently only documentaries die on Twitter… free speech baby!!
  2. 22 minutes dedicated to lord phail! mans a pony magnet! 😂
  3. 2023 is going to be amazing! All hail lord Phil (Saviour of xbox, destroyer Of ponies)
  4. Havnt played hi fi rush.. but that’s not a high bar to surpass anyways
  5. Phail killing it in Japan .. amazing number for series console compared to xbox one fiasco ..
  6. Elden ring demolishing the competition!! Rabbi Bill Clinton FTW!
  7. but what’s in it? What is universal knowledge ? Who made it ? Why only Atreus could find it? It’s all too vague
  8. What is the mask and what is its purpose? What’s the knowledge ? They didn’t explain the central point of the story…everything Odin did was because of the mask
  9. done!!
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