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  1. Just cause it brings out pony tears, posting it here Mod - don’t delete this thread too 😂
  2. lolz what a joke How can MS published game be indie 😂
  3. i found this - https://x.com/nextgenplayer/status/1717295478511923705?s=46 he mentions section 1201.. this is section 1201 - “The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), codified in part in 17 U.S.C. § 1201, makes it unlawful to circumvent technological measures used to prevent unauthorized access to copyrighted works, including copyrighted books, movies, video games, and computer software”
  4. thanks but the Bloomberg article is paywalled.. can you post the relevant parts ?
  5. Interesting 🤔… can you post the link for the source ?
  6. Atleast there is acceptance … that’s the first step 😂
  7. @AnKany more reviews which got posted ? Don’t slack of .. journalism ain’t going to improve itself 😂
  8. There is too much to do… first I need to get a powerful ship !
  9. lolz.. should have posted one picture after 1 review was added.. are you new to this ? Do you know how reviews are added and how this happens after every game ? And how it takes time for review score to settle ? I thought someone who has played more games than @SaiKOhas lived on this planet would know such things 😂… but alas… but keep up your effort to improve journalism … Nobel cause 😂 also keep posting every review.. it’s fun seeing your hopes getting squashed for sub 80 on opencritic 😂
  10. Ja Oye.. Twitter pe jaake fenka kar aise😂… It’s taken a mighty fall from 88 to 87…😂 while you kept crying that it will see a massive drop once the real reviews come …Kahan geya Tera drop ?
  11. Now opencritc isn’t reliable? 😂 saltfield indeed 😂 This is too funny
  12. yup… it went down from 88 to 87 on opencritic… massive tumble 😂 ponies rejoice! You have succeeded .. lmao starfield sure was destroyed pony minds .. fun to see 😝
  13. Don’t remember them having VATS.…
  14. VATS is in fallout series… they didn’t “remove” it from starfield because it was never there … I am personally glad it’s not there because it would have slowed down the combat..
  15. This isn’t fallout… combat is great in this
  16. first person in combat and third person while exploring… combat feels too floaty in Third person … it’s great in FP mode
  17. hmmm .. I am playing on pc and havnt had any random restarts yet
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