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  1. Yeah. I am on it. Like the reports said, I saw about a 50Mhz gain. I think there's a videa by Hardware Unboxed which shows the same AMD CPU tested on various motherboards shows different max boost speeds. And the B450s definitely dont hit max advertised boost in any case
  2. LaughingMan777

    Destiny 2

    I havent played them before and now as I am going through them, I actually like it. I didnt want to buy them because of the negative reviews and the Activision pricing, but for a free game, it's not bad at all. Plus I guess with the 750 power level, there's not much of a grind.
  3. LaughingMan777

    Destiny 2

    Same here. Also PSA: If you want to play the story quests from Destiny 2, Curse and Warmind, talk to Amanda Holliday in the Tower and get the quests. I couldn't figure out where all the story had gone
  4. Nope. This is game streaming from the cloud. What I want is streaming from my PC to my Android TV. Like Steam Link and Nvidia Gamestream.
  5. I am actually surprised with the pricing for XBox PC Game Pass. They have been adding games to their catalog very regularly. And the games are good quality stuff. Not the lame assed stuff EA decided to start adding to their Games Vault. My major problem with XBox Gamepass for PC is I cant stream any of the games from the PC to my Nvidia Shield and play in my living room. And it doesn't look like MS is planning any such option in the near future unless you buy an Xbox. So Steam still remains my store of choice for purchase.
  6. Go for AMD with a bit of caution. Intel charges a premium, but gives reliable performance as well as higher headroom to OC. AMD tends to drive their hardware to the limits, which is why they are not fun to OC at all... plus you gotta get good memory to squeeze the value. But they offer best bang for buck any day over Intel. I recently upgraded my rig from an old i5 3rd gen to a Ryzen 3700x. Unfortunately, I have to admit that there were some missteps. Here's what I bought and what could have been better: 1. Ryzen 3700x (Rs25k) -> Great performance, but I realize it's overkill for my gaming and creativity needs. I could have used a Ryzen 3600 for the same real world performance. But no real regrets here. The stock cooler with 3700x does perform better and the RGB is pretty great. So that's about 1500-2000 bucks saved on the CPU cost compared to Intel, more if you were thinking of watercooling. Ryzen doesnt really need an AIO because like I said earlier, it's not that great to OC. 2. MSI Tomahawk Max B450 (Rs8.9k) -> The idea was to go for an economical last gen chipset with good features. But turns out a lot of performance for Ryzen is not only dependent on RAM, but also the motherboards. Based on online reviews, it looks like some of the new X570 boards not only provide PCIe4, but also push Ryzen closer to their max boost speeds, while others can max out at 100-250Mhz lower than rated max. Mine is on the bottom of that pile. Things may improve with BIOS updates, but I am not holding out hope. A Gigabyte X570 board would probably be the best value vs performance. 3. Corsair Vengeance 3200 (16-20-20-20-38) 8GB RAM x 2 (Rs6.6k)-> Since you need to get good RAM for Ryzen (clock speed>=3200 and low latency), this can be a challenge to find. Most places in Nehru Place stock 3000Mhz RAM with latencies like 20-20-20 or something. Anything above demands a premium. I managed to get a 3200Mhz set from one guy without paying a premium. But it doesn't OC well. Anything above 3200 or latency lower than 16-18-18-18-36 and the PC fails to POST. Also, don't buy a single 16GB stick if your motherboard has 4 mem slots or you will lose dual channel performance benefits. 4. WD 500GB NVMe SSD (Rs8.5k) -> Oh my gosh. The performance improvement from my old Hybrid is massive. I've read that in most cases NVMe is overkill compared to a good SATA and performance will get bottlenecked if the other parts don't match the speed, but I am pretty happy with it. I could have opted for a 1TB SATA for the same price, but my current system did have sufficient space, so I wanted the fastest boot drive I could get my hands on. Boot up speed is like 5-6 seconds on W10. On the whole I think I managed to get potatoes when it comes to the silicon lottery for CPU and RAM, but only in a relative sense. Real world performance remains amazing and I don't feel like I need to upgrade my Gigabyte GTX 980 this year either (I game on an ultrawide, so 2560x1080p gaming). So that's about 56k after taxes. A good 2070Super or Rx5700xt card should get you comfortably under the 1.1L margin with the remaining components combined. Lower still if you go for a Ryzen 3600 and a good X570 board.
  7. The balls on the little guy who pushed Brock
  8. Its funny that the exact same segment they did here was what they tried with Roman and Triple H (when Roman goes berserk on him) and even that couldn't get Roman over. But this segment was pure gold. On the other hand, looks like there's no Rousey for next few weeks. Btw, anyone notice ho good Corey's commentary has become over the year. Hidden talents I guess.
  9. Rhonda va Nia match was the most entertaining women's match I saw in a long time. But that ending loved it
  10. Everybody is harping about MT and lootboxes, and I am sitting here wondering why this game is being considered better than the original even if those issues never came up. The story is weak and badly directed at least based on the first few missions. There is no character development, barely any background and zero coherence between chapters. The space combat is nothing special. The MP is actually worse for me since whoever did the sound did not give it the loving care that Battlefront 1 got. Cards are stupid. Average lifetime is probably worse the CoD. Graphics are on par and not that much better than the previous version. This game, for 3500 bucks is a rip-off even without the stupid lootbox/microtransaction controversy.
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