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  1. UE5 is compatible with mobile phones as well. So yes, it'll be compatible with PS4/X1. They can always opt for lower quality textures.
  2. Yeah, saw the Unreal Fest thing. It was a really nice look into UE5. Still doesn't mean the actual game and it's animations will have that level of fidelity though. Just needs to be good looking like the first game.
  3. Have you guys discussed the possibility of face cams? I think that'll be a great addition.
  4. That will not be a first, or second, or even a third for that matter. By now, most Xbox owners have swollen nuts the size of an elephant. 😛 Here's hoping this time it's genuinely good and not like the current-gen E3s.
  5. I was under the impression that Infinite was going to be a simultaneous launch on the X and PC. Maybe I'm wrong though. As for H5, the other characters were a major part of it. There were other reasons too. They also made the Master Chief look weak (or at least equal) in comparison to Agent Locke which goes against the lore. That pissed off almost everyone who grew up playing Halo. More stupid sh*t like that and you basically ruin the experience. H4 SP was much better though.
  6. All I want is a great Halo (Halo 5 MP was amazing but SP was sh*t) and a couple of decent story-driven single player games and I'm set.
  7. Their lack of effort this gen will take so many years to fix. Yes, some titles are good (my favs: Hellblade, Ori and Cuphead), however, other titles don't hold a candle to the quality Sony is producing. They'll really need to come up with some amazing games to win some trust back.
  8. That is their PR talk. Of course he is bullshitting. It is a given why they release their games on multiple platforms. They know their games won't do well as exclusives; which is why they're focussed on Game Pass now.
  9. -13-

    Cyberpunk 2077

    CD Projekt Red has ‘no Game Pass plans’ for Cyberpunk 2077
  10. That title is pure clickbait. Did you guys even read the original article? He actually never even mentions the PS5. He was just stating their strategy for Xbox. The original article is titled "Are Xbox Series X developers being held back by Xbox One?" That was him explaining why some of their games are coming to X1, XSX and the PC. Of course, you may not agree with his justification but that's another thing.
  11. Yes, official console threads have their fair share of idiots but those threads do tend to be way more civilized. Again my expectations were wrong and that okay. Sorry for bothering.
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