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  1. That tweet is probably talking about the MS in general and not just their gaming division. What you're referring to is a completely different issue specific to their gaming studios which I agree with. But attrition is IT has been really since Covid anyways. People are leaving their jobs for much higher pay because they can and it takes a while for companies to adapt to that considering it's happening on a very large scale. I'm talking from experience.
  2. lolwut? Not sure what industry you work in but the attrition in IT has been really high since Covid hit.
  3. Countries need to be enforce an age limit or at least perform cognitive tests for all important positions in the government.
  4. Playing Tunic right now; at the Boss Scavenger level.
  5. Haven't been playing much lately. Some work at home. Catalyst was the only 4v4 map added to the rotation. Shame of 343. Would've loved me at least one more map. However, Indo love Catalyst; probably my favourite.
  6. Yep, you should be able to fix that at least for Halo Infinite. Get it repaired locally. If not, DIY...
  7. There's always a risk, yes. I've had that happen to me though my Xbox booted just fine but, of course, had to do the update all over again. I've seen cases online where people have bricked their console during an update but have revived it by flashing the latest firmware via a USB stick.
  8. Yep, that would be it. It takes like 2-3 games minimum to get into the groove.
  9. Inb4 another article to justify how toxic bots are. Oh wait, that already happened, again. Seriously, you guys have lost the sense of morality in these console wars. It's one thing to fling casual banter at each other but people are going out of their way to paint one community as toxic just because why exactly? Because you don't like the other console? That's immature AF! This is what happens when the forums goes unmoderated. Please get rid of this dumping ground.
  10. Unless, that is also delayed.
  11. Fraudulent is a bit too harsh but sure, I agree with you.
  12. What did you play though? I tried Last Spartan Standing and I was like...
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