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  1. Mad respect for managing a full time job, Twitter dumpster-diving and IVG shitposting while also still having maybe some time left to play on your PS5/PC. Elon has nothing over you!
  2. I really really hope this was a joke on your part because the rumour is so obviously fake that anyone could see it coming from a mile away. For humanity's sake, I hope you didn't believe it like every other sh*t you post in the thread.
  3. Hasn't that always been the case though? Isn't there like a 53% tax on these things?

    Hi-Fi Rush

    No two ways about it. The game is just so beautiful!
  5. This is really the best case for 343. They need to re-think their sh*t. Just keep doing a good job supporting Infinite MP in the meantime.
  6. He only tweeted that they're being removed from the 360 marketplace. However, the article quotes that Resetra has come up with a list of games that are on 360 store but not on X1/XS store. This apparently includes The Orange Box. Is it because the 360 version is the original one and the X1/XS version is enhanced?
  7. I'm really early into the game. Just got parry. Don't get much time to play.
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