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  1. Remember when you were told to f**k off for not liking the Switch? I guess it only applies when your hate on some particular consoles.
  2. Forge has never been this good! Damn!
  3. Bazaar looking sooo good!


    It'd be weird if the remake wins GOTY.
  5. Pretty much. Stick with it though and it won't matter eventually.


    TLOU2 with a user score of 5.7 says "Hi, anything is possible".
  7. I actually quite liked the visuals -- the art style is well done. Regardless, you're spot on with your observations. Such a hidden gem.

    Gears 5

    Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos can be selected under Windows sound settings. See if that makes a difference?

    Gears 5

    Didn't face any such issue on Xbox -- audio is pretty stellar. Are you playing with Dolby Atmos On or Off?
  10. I'd say the latter since the article served it's intended purpose.
  11. Like @SpearHea:D said, the normal difficulty is average though the hard difficulty is pretty hard.
  12. Don't get a lot of time these days but I'm currently playing this. Such a beautiful game -- have probably taken a million screenshots. Too bad they're not the correct aspect ratio for wallpapers.
  13. Think of journalism and fake news -- you're halfway there. Rest of it is just licking a*s all day long.
  14. You'd think a veteran forum member like you would think twice before believing what fanboys post in this thread. Miss Joe Cool sometimes.
  15. That and the weird stutter. Should be able to finally play it now.
  16. Didn't they say GP had 25m+ subs earlier this year?
  17. 749 + GST. International transactions are enabled on all my cards. Still didn't work.
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