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  1. I think the XSX is about 2/3rd the volume of the PS5. PS - Actually 27% more volume.
  2. Agreed. I wouldn't mind paying $699 for next-gen consoles. It's just that you're comparing apples to oranges. All those devices listed above have different use cases, business/pricing models.
  3. Yeah, the profit margins on the digital sales are really good. Sony will be hoping people will get that version. If they price it well, they can easily (comparatively) recoup the losses on it.
  4. The 360 boot-up animation used to be so good! More than that though I liked the OG Xbox one.
  5. Well, technically speaking, it is more compact than the PS5 and the black makes it more subtle. PS - It was actually 6 secs.
  6. And here I thought liking something is subjective. People getting triggered at what other people like. IVG, never change. PS - Probably haven't said this yet but I don't mind the design as much as the color. I do prefer the look of XSX over PS5 because it's simpler and feels minimalistic. Of course, that's my opinion. Please feel free to have your own.
  7. The rumours weren't kidding when they said PS5 has a patented cooling tech. It doesn't just cool the internals.
  8. Even I miss E3. But I'm only talking about 2020. You know, stuck at home and all.
  9. I never quite liked the X1S because of It's all white design. X1X on the other hand... 😍
  10. Boxes are timeless; never out of place. Yes, they could be boring though. 😛
  11. Isn't it obvious by now why they did it though? They wanted to do bits of information every month so that people always have something to look forward to. The reason they failed is because they hyped it way too much. If they hadn't, it would've been a different story. I personally prefer some news every now and then than a gigantic sh*t of news once. That is especially true in times like these; with the pandemic and all.
  12. Do you guys share your digital collection with another person? I do that on the X1. I just hope they still allow that on the XSX. Will have to spend twice the amount on games otherwise.
  13. Ah! Which means there's probably another (backup) Type C port at the back as well. Nice!
  14. What's that other port though? Looks similar to a USB-C port but what purpose would that serve?
  15. IGN: PS5 Size Comparison: How It Stacks up to Other Consoles
  16. Can you please refrain from using such derogatory language?
  17. Ideally, it should take twice as much time, not 5 times (since it's twice as fast). Realistically though, 2x speed doesn't directly translate over to loading time. A lot of things contribute to that. So, there's no knowing until the developers get used to the systems properly. I'd give it a couple of years or more. Edit: At the start of a gen, optimisations, a lot of times, are determined by how well the high-level API is written and the raw throughput of the H/W.
  18. If it has the same SSD/CPU as the XSX, I don't think it'll matter much honestly. From what I've read, they're mostly skimping on the GPU and taking a hit on the price. Personally, I'd prefer they don't release Lockheart and instead do what Sony has with their 2 SKUs.
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